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02-27-2011, 10:23 PM
Hi thank you for taking the time to read my post. I am looking to join a powerful guild that is very team orientated. A guild that is not so much worried about pvp but more into leveling and rare hunting. I have been playing pocket legends now for about 3 months but recently just became hardcore about it.

I am a friendly guy who just relocated too flordia so at the moment I am unemployed and have alot of spare time to play. My main charecter is level 53 and he is a attack bear (credit too ely for help with my stats and skills). My stats are posted below.

Str 173
Dex 136
Int 1
Hit 87%
Crit 43
Dodge 33
Health 686 regen 5
Mana 400 regen 0
Damage 189-209
Dps 221
Armor 112

The stats above are before using skills

The stats below are after using my skills
Str 173
Dex 136
Int 1
Hit 87%
Crit 73
Dodge 48
Health 686 regen 5
Mana 400 regen 0
Damage 249-269
Dps 287
Armor 142

My skills are
Stomp level 6
Super mega slash level 6
Vengeful slash level 1
Criplling slash level 1
Beckon level 6
Ironblood level 6
Evade level 6
Rage level 6
Hellscream level 6
Crushing blow level 6
Taunt level 2 (getting lvl 5)

Stats before equipment posted below
Str 133
Dex 136
Int 1
My equipment set up is
Level 53 bellow set ( level 51 axe cant find lvl 53 sword)
Acrobats fine platitum band (2% dodge 10 damage)
At level 56 i will ad 15 more points to dex making it 151
And will weild level 55 bellow set.

I need a guild that is focused and ready to grind hard. I want to be one of the best therefore I want to be with the best. My main downfall is that im not rich in fact I have 90K after equipment im good at manageing my gold though I always use exliers when needed (bosses etc).

If you feal ur guild will be good for me please pm me or post on my thread thanks.

02-27-2011, 10:41 PM

Might be a good fun place to start :) It will be community oriented and dedicated to helping each other out. Guild section also to check out and apply to join one, especially once Guilds are released in-game.