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01-16-2015, 08:27 AM
I am just making up this story as my head start so hope you like it,

The mighty onyx was feeling too much proud that he can beat the alterra Heroes easily but after a few years he was getting defeated by everyone. he was very sad because of it and he was annoyed that now the heroes are lv70s who are too over powered. Then he got raged and went to BSM(blacksmoke mountain). There, everybody insulted him that he's too weak and didn't accepted him. He got too angry and he thought its the time to revenge but he got defeated by everybody and he got sad. So he thought to go on weaker dugeons and he found Mount Fang. He travelled all across it and he found the no mercy vampire, Aunt Emma. She was annoyed from these lv76s too and wanted to jump to blacksmoke mountain. Then Onyx and aunt emma started to plan up that what to do so that they could make their spot in the blacksmoke mountain and aunt emma got a evil thought. She asked onyx to bring up his crystals so that she could use her dark power to make the crystal to DARK CRYSTAL! Onyx did the same and the dark crystal increased onyx power too much as well as Aunt Emma's power. Onyx digged his way in the bottom of Blacksmoke mountain, Red dragon lair and aunt emma was protecting him.
They were making up a good partnership and they got really powerful that one day a team of Legends found the elite eye! A group of scientist studied on it and made dark costumes that was a part of elite set. Wearing dark costume and elite eye they went to onyx palace and defeated him. After defeating him they got some extra odinary powers to make more powerful things. One dayelite onyx and emma found the scientist and attacked on them. They stole their inventions and hide them in blacksmoke mountain. Then the legends who found the elite eye, they announced to every lv76 to find their things by the help of the miner.
Elite onyx and aunt emma patnership was going great that one day.......

Too be continued. Please show your interest by the way of post so I could release the part 2 soon :)

Russel Dapat
01-27-2016, 06:12 AM
more pls my mind wants moaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar