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Background: I've been playing Legends games since the end of 2010 now. I love writing stories and using my imagination to create something people enjoy reading. One day, I was sitting in class and realized, I haven't done any works for any of the Legends games. So here it is. My first story in hopefully a lot of stories. Please leave constructive comments and feedback on these stories. I hope that I can make this into a series of short stories. Thankyou, and I hope you enjoy.

Introduction: The first Story in the Great Rift Series brings us to the land of Alterra where we meet our first hero, Jhawk, in his quest to become the greatest mage in the land. Along his way he runs into some peculiar sightings and some even more peculiar friends. There are, however, those forces that wish to keep Jhawk from accomplishing his mission. He must persevere through all the hatred that exists in the land to gain the dragonstone ring, the most elite of elite items. With this item, Jhawk will have abnormal strength and become the greatest warrior of his kind in the land!

Part 1

We join our young Jhawk in the afternoon. It's a wonderful day today, the young wizard was going out to home in on some skills his favorite wizard had taught him. In his backyard he'd practiced on some old tractor tires. He liked the way the freeze spell was working. He had no idea why Marubia had taught him the spell as this spell was meant for a Lvl 8 wizard. He was just Lvl 4 and started training only a few days ago. Either way, he'd already almost mastered the new skill and was in search of smaller monsters. Ever since the rift opened, monsters were a daily sight. They were everywhere and it was up to valient heroes, like he one day hoped to be, to keep the monsters at bay. Jhawk traveled through the woods quietly until he came upon a goblin. Now this little goblin was peculiar, for, on its back, it carried a large bag of coins. Jhawk just had to check this out, for he was curious and this often got him into trouble. as he got close, the goblin looked up. Jhawk stopped in his tracks. This was weird. He'd never seen a creature such as this.

"Hey!" Jhawk called to the goblin. The goblin immediately sprinted into the woods. It was way too fast for Jhawk to follow. His short stubby wizard legs would not support the speed needed to catch it. Thinking how bizarre the strange creature was Jhawk continued on his way to a spot he knew weaker monsters gathered to feed.

Jhawk walked through the sullen woods until he reached his destination. There he saw his targets. Small wooden creatures that made easy prey. Jhawk picked the smallest one and did his magic. He put all of Marubia's lessons to work, freezing here, blazing there and completely slaying the monsters in his path. Jhawk was amazed at how great the power felt surging through him, and this was only the basic stuff! Imagine what he could do when he reached higher level wizardry!

As Jhawk began to tire, and he felt himself getting drained, he decided to call it a day. He sent the last fireball at the wooden creature, instantly killing it. Jhawk then made his way back to his house where a very worried mother was waiting on him.

"Where have you been!", she asked him hysterically.
"Nowhere mom, just out in the field practicing my magic", he answered in a frustrated manner.
"I'm so used to you telling me where you are! You were supposed to be home waiting for me! Not out on one of your dangerous adventures!"
"Mom, I'm ok. I'm just a little tired. Maru-"
"Ohhhhh so you've been hanging around that Marubia! No wonder you're going Rogue!"
Jhawk's mom loved saying he was going rogue when he was being disobedient. She knew it frustrated him so much. To be a mage, and called a rogue, a people who beat his kind at everything was the highest of insults for a wizard trying to become a powerful mage. His mom, however never took note of this because to her any wizard on a quest to become powerful was a sneaky rogue, and she was determined to keep him from becoming a powerful mage.
"Mom, please don't call me a rogue"
"I'm sorry J, you just know how I feel about all this running off to become a powerful killer"
"Wizard mom, wizard"
"Whatever you say, go get ready to eat, I'm sure you're hungry after all your foolishness."
"Yes mam"

Jhawk went and washed his hands. He couldn't believe his mother called him rogue again. He never wanted to meet a rogue, be a rogue or be called a rogue. It was that he hated most. But he loved his mom, she took care of them while his dad was away. Jhawk's dad was involved in all the "wizardry mess" as his mom liked to call it. It was a mission assigned to him by the highest council, to see what the rift was. So far, noone sent on the mission has come back, and that was over a year ago. Jhawk hoped that becoming a powerful mage would give him the ability to go figure out what happened to his dad, and close the rift. Not only would he be honored, but his broken family would be reunited. Jhawk was an only child and he was all his mother had. That's why he couldn't blame her for not wanting him to do something so dangerous. He knew that she loved him, and he loved her.

Jhawk ate dinner, and went to his room to meditate like he did every night before going to sleep. The meditation helped him to focus his powers, so they would be at maximum efficiency the next day. He wanted to learn everything there was to learn about magic so that he would be the one to save the day. He would bring his father back, and there was nothing that could stop him. He loved his mother, but he also loved his father, and he would't let his mother hold him back from completing his family. He would rather die than live knowing he gave up.


I hope you guys like that little Intro into the Series! The title is wrong. I have no idea how to change it. This is actually The Great Rift:Intro:Part 1.

Stay tuned for The Great Rift:Story 1: Part 1!
Its going to be an epic story filled with adventure and some concepts that you will find in AL as well as the other Legends Games and some non-legends games!

This shall be the most epic story on the forums! STAY TUNED!

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Nice, I'll be reading this. Please keep it updated good job!

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Nice, I'll be reading this. Please keep it updated good job!

Will do. Thanks for the support. I'll be finishing the chapter today. With work and all, I didn't have enough time to finish it the day I started.

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The First Story Part 1 coming soon!

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Worth the read. I love this and waiting for the next part!