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Okay, I'm new to the community but not to the game, so now I'm trying to write some stories for the game. Hope you like them :) Next One: The Power of Arcane

Long time ago, Arlor is ruled by giants, it was just once a plain full of snowy mountains, and the giants shaped them. The giant's skin are made of hard rock, and it is unknown who made them, but in this time, they are the most powerful beings of the world. They started to advance on thinking, and battle came into their minds. Gort, the leader of the giants started ruling Arlor in cruelty and he killed others who opposed him. Lesser giants and other beings started to hate them. Glas was one of them. He is an ice giant, compared to Gort who is fire.

Glas created smaller beings of himself, the Vikings, large barbaric creatures with strong bodies but they mortal and have flesh, making them weaker than giants. Gort on the other hand created the Demons, evil creatures that has the power of fire like their creator. They are weaker than giants but are stronger than vikings. The Demons outnumbered the Vikings on their first wars, and Glas' forces start to lose.

Glas never gave up. He started to find allies, one of them was Viora from the Southern parts of Arlor, she is a female giant with the power of shadows. Her descendants, the Kolga are like Vikings but they are less durable but are faster than them. They are led by Himingleva, Viora's favorite descendant. Glas then set to find more allies. He found Shuyal, and it's native race, the Notts. They are powerful sorcerers that are creations from darkness instead of the giants. They are led by a powerful mage, Vili. He then returned to Arlor together with his allies and together they faced Gort's army. But because of his absence, many of the Vikings got controlled by Gort, so Glas searched for a remaining Viking and created more of his kind.

The one he found was Uller, a strong barbarian that led the remnants of Glas' army during his quest. He was rewarded of a strong armor together with Vili and Himingleva, and the final battle of Giants begun. They went to the grassy mountains of Fordr. At the beggining, Glas' side defeated a lot of demons. Gort never cared. He just burned the Vikings that get near him and crushed them by his tree, Ygdrenklubba. But it came to the point that almost all demons were defeated and Glas reached Gort in his throne, sitting in glory. The evil giant laughed evilishly and burned Glas' hand, they he followed by hitting the ice giant's head with his tree. That killed Glas, and his corpse crushed almost everyone in his army. The shouts of war turned into silence, and Uller went into his head and cried for a moment. Then Gort started burning everything on his way, until he reached the mourning Uller. The Viking touched Glas' heart and got the his powers, power of frost, then the remaining vikings, notts and kolga tried to weaken the flame giant while Uller runs to him. With success, the Viking Warlord reached Gort's head and plunged his sword and killed the giant. But because of Glas' death, it snowed in Fordr and became Nordr.

After a lot of years, Uller became the king of Nordr and together with Vili and Himingleva, they became the greatest heroes of Arcane.

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Wow! Impressive! I would like to see more! You are a true storywriter :)

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Awesome :D Id try to write one too xD