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Ram's consciousness slipped away from his corpse. He could hear muffled sounds of Babrax's laughter. he couldn't see or feel, but somehow the bitter taste of the tea lingered with him. Seconds later, a vibrant tunnel of light appeared in front of him. Then, a strange voice echoed at the tunnel's end. " Come, hero! Be respawn-I mean, reborn!" Ram's essence got sucked into the tunnel, like a vacuum. "Since you died for noble purposes," the voice said, " you are granted another chance at life." " I died from poison, you idiot!, Ram exclaimed. The voice didn't answer back. Then, a intense, stinging glow engulfed Ram's body.

Ram awoke, finding himself exhausted. He could feel a cold stone floor. It was dark, only illuminated by flickering torches. He stood up, and realized he was back at the entrance of Barbrax's castle. His rusted axe was next to him. He wondered what was that voice during his resurrection. The voice obviously said respawn, but it switched it quickly to rebirth. He would have to ponder this as he retraces his path.

At least the monsters didn't respawn. He hoped Airrie got reborn, or respawned, because he really needed some comic relief right now. The halls felt gloomier than before, and there were mysterious skeletons scattered. He found the giant door, with the intact THE BOSS ROOM sign pointing to it. The door was partially fixed, with many splinters and cracks. He readied himself the second time. he smashed to door with a vicious cry.

What he saw was NOT what he expected. A dead fat demon was laying on the smashed table, blood leaking from his almost nonexistent neck. The whole room was chaotic. A fight must have occurred here. Blood, puke, boogers, and ashes were everywhere. He saw a door hanging from it's last hinge, revealing another corridor. A ray of sunlight could be seen. Ram was glad he didn't have to fight Babrax, but the killer was a mystery. Suddenly, a small shadow darted behind him. Then a loud howl freaked Ram out. "Sup, Ram?" a familar voice said.

"Airrie!" Ram cried. "Yep! I'm still alive! But not as Airrie anymore." Airrie said. Ram turned around, and gasped. It was a handsome he-bear with chain mail and some goggles. "Umm...what happened...to your body?" Ram asked. " I am Jefferson, the guy the prisoner told you to meet. It's a weird story how I was Airrie." the bear said. "Let me start from the beginning." the bear said. " Our world, is actually made of data. Everyting, me, you, monsters, trees, ground, Everyhing is coding created by a team of Devs." " Devs?" Ram said. "devs are the overseers of this world. They check for mistakes, hackers, and update it to remove and add data. But since last year, the Devs haven't been watching Alterra. The inhabitants are getting angry, and soon they will leave. I wasn't supposed to be Airrie, but my programming got messed up and changed me into the murderous feline. This caused me to move away from my usual post at the end of this tunnel. " Jefferson said. " Somehow the poison removed some of the bad data and turned me back into Jefferson. It wasn't Airrie who fought Babrax, but the malfunction in this room. It is strange how you aren't affected by the malfunction. " "I have a immune system to it" Ram lied. He didn't want to reveal his true identity. Jefferson continued. "Anyway, only tiny sections in Alterra are experiencing this. But eventually, like a virus, all of Alterra will become a wreck of data, unless the Devs pay attention to this." Jefferson sighed. " But the Devs seem to be busy. But in Forest Haven, there are a small band of heroes who are fighting for the rejuvenation of Alterra. they call themselves the "PL Loyalists" I suggest you try to find them, because they could be important. Forest Haven is a 10-minute walk from where you exit Barbrax's castle. I must stand here, to greet new adventurers who fought their way to this point! Bye!" Ram said farewell and went to the entrance that lead outside. He ascended the stairs, and his DESTINY.

Continued on Episode 2

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