View Full Version : Looking to buy two items.

Epic Unicorns!
02-27-2015, 08:27 PM
Looking to buy red dragon as either a set or pieces. I'm not looking for the insane offers like 8.5m for the set or 6m for an armor.

My offer for the armor is 3m.
Pm me or friend me in game on Cuddlylilbear. If you send a friend request, please attempt to message me so I know to accept.

02-27-2015, 08:52 PM
Add ilvlupfast I'll sell u helm

Epic Unicorns!
02-28-2015, 01:43 AM

02-28-2015, 10:40 AM
4 mil armor

Epic Unicorns!
02-28-2015, 10:44 AM
No thanks, offering 3-3.1.