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03-01-2015, 07:50 PM
This is the story of warriors, A tale not for the faint of heart, so I shouldn't read this.
OK back to the story.

This tale takes place in Enigmatic where 5 members were in the guild hall talking. But unbeknownst to them someone was watching them.
Clueless to what was about to happen. The hidden being struck knocking out all 5 and whisking them away. When they woke they would realize they had entered their worst nightmare.

Xorrior as ramborrior
Overweightank as tank
Swagwithagun as coil
Chuck norris as no one
Enizheuci as snake

"What hit us" Ramborrior said rubbing his head."No clue" said snake.
"I did" said a mysterious voice."You all my survive the gauntlet and my goons"
"And what happens if we fail" said coil.
"If you fail I will kill all of tindirin and target your settlements" the voice replied creepily.
"Rest well champions you shall face the gauntlet in the morning". When the mighty warriors went to slumber all they could think about was surviving this challenge. When the heroes woke they found armor weapons and resources awaiting them for their journey. As the heroes sat down to a meal of haggis and tubers they discussed a strategy of besting this gauntlet of danger."I say we stick close together and watch each other's back" Tank suggested. While Rambo thought all of them should split up and try each area alone. But before they could decide the voice announcede the begining of the challenge. "Your first challenge is to best the mighty Krunch the 2nd and his horde of skeletons" the voice announced wickedly.
Quickly the heroes sprang into action slashing dicing and blasting the skeletons ino a pile of bones. Shortly the skeletons were bested which left only Krunch leader of the treacherous skeletons. Being cocky Rambo quickly charged Krunch with his mighty broadaxe, but Krunch was quick to block and slice him and cross the chest, stunning him instantly. Rushing to their comrade's aid the heroes quickly powered an axe launch to defeat the mighty Krunch. But before the heroes could arrive to help their comrade the platform in front of them quickly collapsed splitting all of the heroes except for Rambo and Tank. "Oh no no no heroes I can't have you working together" the voice cackled," you must beat each area split up as a team." But unbeknownst to the dark lord, Rambo and Tank were still together and Tank was quickly carrying Rambo to the next area before the lord could see them. "Snake your challenge is to best the spider clan and their matriarch Oa'kan.""Good luck hero, you will need it" the voice said with a wicked smile. Quickly Snake summoned his powers to blast the spiders into oblivion until Oa'kan webbed him to the ground. The hero thought he was a goner until OA'kan fell with a sword in her back, quickly he looked up and Tank and Rambo had quickly reached his area to help him. But poor Coil had the worst challenge,facing the mighty ten-thousand eyed dragon in it's rocky lair. Using his wits Coil quickly pulled out his staff and.........TO BE CONTINUED

XD I am evil I will continue the story and srry about the mispelled name lol