View Full Version : Can we have custom controls for the computer?

03-10-2015, 06:45 PM
In most online games that I play, I have the option to change the controls. I'm still struggling with the keys on chrome, but why can't we change it? It wouldn't give anyone an advantage, and the controls that STS's uses are pretty annoying.

03-10-2015, 08:41 PM
Hey obee... I don't play computer anymore as mine decided to throw a hissy fit and lost the fight with me a year ago....

However there are many key mapping things that you can add... Try giggling them and I'll also ask some my friends which ones they like the best and update post when I get response

03-10-2015, 08:45 PM

Better controls or options to map yourself in game app without an extra download would be nice...

Also getting a lot of requests from people that use phone game controllers now... Would be nice to have some support from sts rather then having to jailbreak and map them.

03-10-2015, 10:06 PM
It will be great to play on joystick

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