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03-14-2015, 10:50 PM
Yes, I couldn't wait until it was released, I already have some suggestions to make LOL... (you didn't think I would sit this one out, did ya?)

I'm so glad to see this new game coming from Spacetime. Over a year ago I posted the following suggestion post in the AL forum:


The video link in that post is now dead, but it was referring to this HBO "Real Sports" episode about eSports:


As you all know, I'm a huge fan of Spacetime and I have loved and become addicted to every Spacetime game I have played. Currently I'm a regular player of both AL and BC. But I find myself wanting something more mainstream, something that many more people would recognize. I think this game could be the answer to Spacetime making a more mainstream game that attracts millions of players instead of the usual thousands they have gotten with the MMORPGs.

Now for my suggestions:

1) IMO, the main draw of Spacetime's past games are their simplicity. So keep it simple and easy for a new player to begin playing without feeling lost. I personally have never played a MOBA, although I've watched some League of Legends YouTube videos. I understand the basic concept of the game, but the specifics are confusing to me and I have trouble following the game. I think Spacetime needs to make some YouTube tutorial videos where the game is explained in some detail for the average noob who may not understand what a MOBA is. Trust me, this would do a great deal to both encourage someone to download the game and try it and also for them to understand what is going on and not become confused easily (which usually will cause most players to quit and move onto another game).

Cool video game trailers will encourage someone to download the game, but easy assimilation into the game is what will keep them coming back after the first time trying it.

2) I saw the following tutorial video that they released a couple of days ago:


This is excellent and I think you need to do this with every class that exists in the game. It will go a long way to helping someone choose the right class for them. Back when I first started playing Pocket Legends, another player (can't remember who) had made a tutorial video I found on YouTube and he explained some of the details of the different characters and the game in general, and it was a great help to me when I began playing.

3) More of a question here, but being that many of us have played past Spacetime games and understand the battle system that has been implemented in those games, do you think that gives us any advantage in this new game over players who may have never played a Spacetime game before? Are there going to be many similarities in the skill and battle system to other games like AL or PL?

03-15-2015, 09:23 AM
1) Agreed, ive never really played MOBAs before but when i saw my friend played dota it looks fun but confusing i still dont get the controls and wat to do. I hate other MMORPGs cuz its complicated, sts should make things simple as usual.
2) Yeah i love reading descriptions in game xD i read every sentence in clash of clans and other games, its cool and makes u wanna try that class.
3) i dont think we will have advantage as this is different genre than other sts game (this is MOBA, prevs are RTS and MMORPG) but i think if they use similiar controls and UI, we will understand and master it faster.

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