View Full Version : Stunner Slashes

05-23-2010, 12:26 PM
Like stunner shades.... yeah. Not saying that again :rolleyes:

ANYWAYS, with the big deal of PvP, I was unsure of whether I was to post this in the PVP section or this section, as the topic is how warrior skills do in PvP situations... dunno.

But yes, with the upcoming feature of PvP that many are excited about (although the excitement has slightly died down due to late approval of updates, courtesy of Apple), we will be facing both our fellow grizzlies and ranged brothers (and sisters) in combat.

Against these ranged opponents, would it be viable to take one or two points from a few select skills and place them into crippling slash for a secondary stunning slash? First one being SMS, then if the opponent chooses to run, instead of stomping to stun or chasing them down, crippling slash?

Thanks for the replies in advance,