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06-06-2015, 09:05 AM
If you haven't read these yet, I'd read these before reading this.

"Grampa, quit messing around and tell me how it really happened."
JustG sighed. "But that's how it happened. They all DIED in a pool of blood by Dragkins."
"That's it, gimme that book."
"Wait, fine! Fine I'll tell how it really happened."

"We need to look in Tindrin," said Justg, "we will have to bribe the Dragkins. They were the people who attacked the Elite 5 Legends last time, and they might have some information.
"Wait." Said Juke, frightened. Tindrin? Bribe? Dragkins?"
"You'll be fine, I'm sure."
They progressed through the jungle keeping a cautious eye out for giant spiders and crazy tourists begging for gold. After a few hours, none of the three missing warriors could be found.
Justg sighed. "This is desperate." he started doodling pictures in the dirt beneath them with a stick. "I'm not sure if we'll ever find them."
A voice suddenly appeared. "You won't need to."
Samhayne appeared from behind a tree, carrying a dead body with him.
Justg and Juke looked up. "Who is that?" Justg realized who it was. "Oh no..."
On the ground there now lay a dead Delphina, with two holes coming from her arm.
"One of the giant spiders..." Samhayne felt he didn't need to say anything more.

They trudged on for days and days, and days...
and days,
and days,
and days,
and those days turned into years and then they all DIED!

"Grampa... I'm going to kill you."
"Look, here's the last page, see?"
"'...and those days turned into years and they all di-' well that's a sucky ending!"
"Yeah, but didn't it hit you in the feels when Delph died?"
"Uh, YEAH!"

"Hold on, someone's at the door."

JustG opened the door and was met by Justg, Juke, and Samhayne.
"Hi, we're looing for three missing warriors."
JustG stared at them. "Oh, so that's why they didn't finish this book." He threw the book at Justg, realizing who he hit.
He gasped. "JustG..."
Samhayne stared. "Just... wow."
"Question," said Juke, returning from his state of shock. "Why are there two Justgs?"
"Excuse you," said JustG. "There's one JustG -me- and one Justg -that loser." Justg punched his shoulder after he said that.
"My brain hurts now..." replied Juke as if he were drunk on hooch from the Crocodile Fields.
"Anyway," said JustG, "come in, make yourself comfortable."
"But, we need to get going to look for-"
"Nonsense!" He spread out a cheaply made plastic table cloth on the table, then smiled nervously to hide its value. He ushered them to the table, then called for his grandson. "Son get over here! Some visitors are here! Come and say hello!" During this whole process, the three smiled awkwardly, and JustG felt obligated so smile back, however lightly.
"Anyway," said JustG, setting his grandson onto his lap, "why haven't you visited in a while, Justg?"
"Because," he explained, "with the recent seminar overload and the recent death of Delphina-" (he pointed outside to reveal her dead body covered with sheets, what was supposed to be a make shift coffin) "I haven't been able to visit lately." He scratched his neck nervously.
"Well," said JustG with a smile and a wink, "I might be able to help you find your missing comrades." He led them up to an elevator and all the way to the top floor. "Behold, the map of the entire Spacetime!"
Juke looked around in awe. lush trees in Arlor, bloody streets in the Vampire District, deserted spaceships in Blackstar, forgotten weapons in Alterra. Except something caught his eye.
"Hey look, there's that one panda guy! Actually I think his name is Snowfu, but I digress."

Suddenly, In popped Shazbot, covered in blood and tears.
"Help! I think I just killed my son!"
"You THINK?" asked Samhayne. "Either you did or ya didn't."
"Well, I'm leaning towards did, but I probably did anyway."
"Well then," said Juke. "Your son is Snowfu, right? Also known as Killerfu?"
"Well yeah!"
"All right. where can we find this 'Killerfu?'"

The End..? (Dum dum duuuuummm)

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Just started reading this from start to end and this is awesome! Why didn't I read this before?

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Lovely! You are pretty much the only person who still does stuff in the Fan Stories section.