View Full Version : token vendors in new city and elondrian mythics

06-15-2015, 09:26 AM
Hye all,if played true the campaign of the new expansion.A friend gave me his elondrian gun but i saw it was grey,is this a glitch?cuse i have seen elon bows also grey.In town i found 2 tokens vendors but cant buy anything from them.Are those story tokens vendors or what?Or maybe special tokens from new maps.Also i think the way to the bosses are a bit too long.And the town is also too big or just too empty.An an hole new expansion with only 3maps?or are you guys just giving us peaks of the expansion.But thrue al the 'problems' i really like it good job sts :)

06-15-2015, 09:32 AM
First of all, the colour of elo guns and bows is a bug, it has been confirmed by a dev. Second no, they aren't story tokens, they will be a different type of token, probably something new, and finally you re build the city, so after a while it will get bigger, what I mean by re building is something like w event but I'm not quite sure on that one.