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Guide still in progress...

Can't See Any Images?

This is an important Note for the folks reading this guide, If you're unable to watch certain images simply go to the end of this post and you will see the button "REPLY WITH QUOTE". Hit the button named "Reply With Quote" then hit the "Cancel" button. If the problem still persists...Then i dont think i can do something.


Starting off on how to get to garetta village. Find "Merek the Miner". This NPC can be found anywhere around arlor's towns.

References to find him:

Expedition camp - Northwest [Upper left corner of the town]
kraag - North east of krobox [Close to the shuyal planar arena, near the fountain]
Kelys - Before the quest drop, near the portal
Paradise Pier - Near the portal, next to the Elixir NPC
Windmoore - Right before the Statue

Accept Merek's Quest, and he tells you to meet his brother Jerek in Ydra Forest.
This is where Jerek is found
Jerek asks you to meet his brother Merek, he awaits you at the end of the forest
Find derek.
Derek will ask you to meet stallon.
Get the quest that stallon gives, then find fribbel(below). Then follow all the quests fribbel gives.


First quest requires you to Kill shaman pakuna in Misty Grotto
Second quest requires you to Kill Thumper
Third quest requires you to kill Kogar Goretusk in Gnomish Ruins.

Daily Quests & Other quests...

Stallon's daily Quest + Elvene's daily Quest

In order to get these daily quests, Ensured your Character is Lv46, and you have completed their previous quests, then the NPCs recognize you and give you the daily quests that grant orc tokens upon completion.

Stallon's Daily Quest: The fight continues
Objective: Kill any 3 Bosses in the Glinstone (Any rengol map boss)
Reward: 8 Orc tags

Elvene's Daily quest: More gems!
Objective: Collect 8 more gems
Reward: 6 Orc tags*

In order to get these gems, you need to find a gemstone and interact it to so you can retrieve it and complete the quest. Do as i did in the screenshot. These are found in Cryogem mines Dungeon. There are approximately (total) 4 cryogems in the dungeon.

* = Elvene's Quest reward says you recieve 5 orc tags, but upon checking your stachel, its actually 6 orc tags.


Artificer Rovohn

You again need to be lv46 to be recognized by this NPC. The first part of the quest is that you have to craft a "Nomeritre helmet". To create one, you require 4x Nomerite Ingots and 30x Legionnaire's Insignias. Once you have crafted a Nomerite Helm, go to the blacksmith nearby Artificer Rovohn and then turn in the helm. Then go to The Artificer and complete the quest, you should have the Orcslaying helm.

Helm of orcslaying:

You require 4xNomerite ingots and 30x Legionnaire's Insignia.

Armor of Orcslaying:
Pending Data

Ring of Orcslaying:
Collect 3x Nomerite Ingots and 15x Legionnaire's Insignia. Then visit the blacksmith and then to rovohn.

Pendant of Orcslaying:
Pending data


Thinning the herd - Kill about 20 Wolves/Pigs in any of the Ren'Gol maps.
Mystics Managed - Kill 20x Shamans (Doesnt mean killing shaman pakuna 20x times)
These quests have a reward of 1,250gold. So i think 2,500gold isnt a bad reward...

What are Orc Tags?

Orc tags are tokens that are collected by doing the daily quests. Unlock them by doing previous quests of stallon and elvene and you MUST BE LEVEL 46. These tokens can be used to buy stuff from the Orc Tag Token Vendor.

Orc Tag Token Vendor

Nomerite Ingot [30 Orc Tag]: This ingot is used for crafting the Orcslaying Set. Legionnaire insignias can be obtained by killing bosses in rengol maps only. Nomerite Ingots are not tradeable sadly, but Insignias are tradeable.

Gold Orcish Chest [25 Orc Tags]: These chests drop 1item per opening, and they have epics and legendaries of course. These chests drop Ancestral Rune, an ingredient used to craft the mythic "Glinstone set".

Boris [125 Orc Tags]: This is directly recieved as a pet, and this pet has an AA that stuns enemies and pushes them away (it scatters mobs).

Padded cap [55 Orc Tags]: These can be acquired from drops in rengol maps. Rogues: Brutality, Warriors: Will, Mages: Assault

Scavenger's Tunic [65 Orc Tags]: These can be found in rengol maps. Rogues: Tactics, Warriors: Will, Mages: Warfare .

Legendary Weapon [75 Orc Tags]: These also drop from the rengol maps, the weapons differ according to classes. Rogues recieve the Stoneford Daggers of Tactics, Mages recieve the rootforged staff of Assault, Warriors recieve the rock destroyer of riposte

What are Crate Tokens?

STS has removed Locked grand crate of the watch and replaced it with Locked crate of Ren'Gol. Ren'gol crates drop from Ydra content above, that means you cannot loot these in brackenridge.There are three types of these locked crates. Ren'gol crate, Large Ren'gol Crate, Massive Ren'Gol crate. Each crate drops tokens, Ren'gol crates drop 1Crate token, Large Ren'gol crate drops 2 Crate Token, a massive one drops 3x tokens. These are 100% drops, and each has a specific amount of Platinum to open.

Ren'gol crate - 5 Platinum to open - 1 item + 1 Crate token
Large Ren'gol crate - 10 Platinum to open - 2 items + 2 Crate tokens
Massive Ren'gol crate - 15 Platinum to open - 3 items + 3 Crate Tokens

You can buy the following items with certain amount of crate tokens.


Drops from Maps

We all are curious about what drops and what doesnt. The market seems to be OK. I think ill just post them. They drop from locked crates too, however i dont open locked crates anymore, so i think ill appreciate any locked opener's opinion on what drops.

Mage items
Rogue items
Warrior items

Sorc helmets:
Padded Hat Of Force
Padded Hat Of Lethality
Padded Hat Of Assault
Padded Hat Of Brutality
Padded Hat Of Warfare
Padded Hat Of Poise
Padded Hat Of Fatality
Padded Hat Of Force
Rogue helmets:
Padded cap of Brutality
Padded cap of Lethality
Padded cap of Potency
Padded cap of Warfare
Padded cap of Will
Padded cap of Prowess
Padded cap of Force
Warrior Helmets:
Padded Helm Of Tactics
Padded Helm Of Prowess
Padded Helm Of Will
Padded Helm Of assault
Padded Helm Of Potency
Padded Helm Of Lethality
Padded helm of Warfare
Impressive ring of Lethality
Impressive ring of Assault
Impressive ring of Brutality
Impressive ring of Potency
Impressive ring of Warfare
Impressive ring of Poise
Impressive ring of Tactics
Impressive ring of Prowess
Impressive ring of Fatality
Impressive ring of Force
Impressive ring of Will

Sorc Armors:
Scavenger robe of assault
Scavenger robe of Brutality
Scavenger robe of Force
Scavenger robe of Lethality
Scavenger robe of Poise
Scavenger robe of fatality
Scavenger robe of Security
Rogue Armors:
Scavenger tunic of potency
Scavenger tunic of Brutality
Scavenger tunic of Will
Scavenger tunic of Prowess
Scavenger tunic of lethality
Scavenger tunic of warfare
Scavenger tunic of Force
Warrior Armors:
Scavenger chain of Assault
Scavenger chain of Potency
Scavenger chain of will
Scavenger chain of warfare
Scavenger chain of tactics
Scavenger chain of lethality
Scavenger chain of prowess
Prospector Amulet Of Force
Prospector Amulet Of Assault
Prospector Amulet Of Brutality
Prospector Amulet Of Potency
Prospector Amulet Of Will
Prospector Amulet Of
(More coming)

Jewel System

With the introduction of he Crafting and Upgrade system by SpaceTime Studios, they have now introduced the new jewel system. Jewel allow players to craft and upgrade and gears with a variety of jewels. Essences and gems have been removed, I do not think gems are lootable, especially the arena gems. However, vials are still lootable. Jewels have their own variety. Jewels have certain levels. Jewels can be removed for a certain cost of gold.

Jewel's Levels:

Cracked jewel - Lowest and the first level of jewels (mostly). Their Level is one. These are lv1 jewels.
Damaged Jewels - These are lv1 jewels too, but one damaged jewel equals to 3x Cracked jewel.
Weak Jewels - These are also lv1 jewels, Weak jewels equal to 3x Damaged jewels
Standard Jewels - These are lv10 jewels, standard jewels equal to 3x Weak jewels.
Fortified Jewels - These are lv15 jewels, fortified jewels equals to 3x Standard jewels.
Excellent Jewels - These are lv20 jewels, Excellent jewel equals to 3x fortified jewels.
Superb Jewels - These are lv25 jewels, superb jewels equals to 3x excellent jewels
Noble Jewels - The highest level of all jewels is a noble jewel. This is the maxed out version of X type of jewel. Their minimum level to socket them into any piece of equipment is lv30. It takes 3x superb jewel to create one noble jewel.

Jewel Info:

Nature: These jewels add Health
Water: These jewels add Mana
Fury: These jewels add STR (strength)
Finesse: These jewels add DEX (dexterity)
Mind: These jewels add INT (Intelligence)
Chaos: These jewels add damage (No boost on first jewel, JUST ADDS DMG)
Lightning: These jewels add %Crit (Critical)
Diamond: These jewels add Armor

Jewel Drop Locations:

Fury - Shuyal, Tindirin, Rengol maps
Finesse - Shuyal, Tindirin, Rengol maps
Mind - Shuyal,Tindirin, Rengol maps
Lightning - Tindirin, Shuyal, Rengol maps
Chaos - Ren'gol Crates, Rengol maps
Diamond - Almost Everywhere
Nature - Almost Everywhere
Water - Almost Everywhere

Estimated gold-only values of the jewels. So if you see a jewel less than that price, it may be better to buy it rather than craft your own. Or if you want to craft your own jewel, make sure you've set aside enough gold.

0 - Cracked Jewel - 10g
1 - Damaged Jewel - 30g
2 - Weak Jewel - 100g + (30g x 3) = 190g
3 - Standard Jewel - 300g + (190g x 3) = 870g
4 - Fortified Jewel - 700g + (870g x 3) = 3,310g
5 - Excellent Jewel - 1,500g + (3,310g x 3) = 11,430g
6 - Superb Jewel - 3,400g + (1,1430g x 3) = 37,690g
7 - Noble Jewel - 10,500g + (37,690g x 3) = 123,570g

How to remove a Jewel?

Firstly, ensure your piece of equipment has a jewel in it (making sure it is NOT A GEM). Go to your crafting statition and select "Upgrades". Select the item that has a jewel. Now you have the ability to remove the jewel. Jewels can be removed for a certain cost of gold.

Step 1: Go to your craft Menu
Step 2: Select the upgrades section and search for the item that has the jewel you want to get removed
Step 3: Select the item and hit the "Select item" button on the lower right corner of the screen.
Step 4: Ensure you have sufficient gold, hit the remove jewel button and then the jewel will be in your inventory. The jewel will be removed IMMIDIATELY.


Craft & Gears


Through farming in the various regions of the new expansion you will come across several new crafting elements, some more rare than others. If you collect enough of each, you will be able to team up with the brilliant Artificer Rovohn and the town Blacksmith to construct 2 different sets of gear including: Helm, Armor, Ring and Amulet!

Legendary Orcslaying Armor

The Legendary Orcslaying Armor Set, gained by collecting:


Which turn into....


Orcslaying Stats

GlintStone Mythics!
Thanks to sfubi's efforts of making a chart for the entire quest line, here is an image!

Mobs & Bosses


Thanks to Jirikjurasek's efforts, he has made this guide on mobs (http://www.spacetimestudios.com/showthread.php?246943-Guide-The-Ren-gol-Bestiary), their skills & etc. (too lazy to explain :p)


Shaman Pakuna:
10% Damage debuffs - Lava Fissures

Pool - Snares
Note: Alot of his moves make you bleed if youre hit.

Koragar Goretusk:
Nothing. Except his deflecting skill that has blades surounding him like a shield.

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Ive updated the guide, Please let me know what you think....More coming...

To-Do's List

Artificer Rovohns Quests
Buffs & Debuffs from Bosses (only Bosses lol)
Insignias + ingots for orcslaying pieces
Elite Daily Quests
ELITE ren'gol mythic stuff.

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Can u also add stuff about the thing purchase able from token things...people like me who didn't get time to play test server are confused I read something about craft able sets but just too confused...and also about newer gear?

07-07-2015, 11:31 AM
Can u also add stuff about the thing purchase able from token things...people like me who didn't get time to play test server are confused I read something about craft able sets but just too confused...and also about newer gear?

Ill add that to my to-do's list.

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Nice guide should help players struggling :)

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Good job waza! Too bad your too slow!
I has dibs on using this guide for ebil purposes!
Sowwie for already getting a sticky!

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Here's a little compensation


Is the three quests by Fribbels the only quest story line you need to get the dailies? thought you needed to complete the quests by Elvene and Stallon before they turned into a daily for level 46's.

I think so far thats how you get the dailies, finishing them and maybe at 46 they do give the quest, ill add that maybe. Im working on more stuff lol. Bit busy in game and irl :O

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What more are you working?o_o Hope its a nomerite helm, i wants to see stats on that :-)

I am working on it, i just updated the jewel system and i am going to edit it, forgot something to add on. Youre online in game? If so we can assist each other haha. Im lacking the need of a partner. And theres alot of stuff to add as well.

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Nice guide Waz
But aren't there rings and amulets too that drop in Ren'gol map ?

07-08-2015, 05:05 AM
Nice guide Waz
But aren't there rings and amulets too that drop in Ren'gol map ?

Ive so far only looted rings. Never looted an Amulet.

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Added Mythic stuff, Let me know about them - i cannot confirm if the other 2 ingredients for the Mythic Glinstone Set drops from Gold Orcish Chests too :/

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Prospector amulets drop in the new maps :encouragement:

07-10-2015, 02:27 AM
Prospector amulets drop in the new maps :encouragement:

i think i have a bad luck lol. STS hates me testing new content :/

Edit: Ive done alot of runs and looted armors helms and rings. Could you post a screenshot if you have looted?

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Stats for Orcslaying added (via Remiems Post)

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Just read the whole guide, Massive yet so helpful! :D

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The Gold Orcist Chest are tradable.

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The Gold Orcist Chest are tradable.

yeah, i need to edit this thread a bit. Ill edit em all out now.

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