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07-10-2015, 09:39 AM
Hey all, i wanna tell yall my story and its sort of a journal... and im sorry that this story includes some character trading, very long to read, and bad english. Dont ban me sts :o

-Part 1. First start
Around the start of 2014, i started playing as a warr... named it Themistokeles. When i started i was in the middle of goblin event, no idea it was an event i thought its normal gameplay and thought littleridge was a part of brackenridge xD. I joined gladiators of indonesia guild and leveled up.. that guild held lots of events and trivia so im lucky enuf to have some money to buy lepre and extra money. In that guild i saw many low lvld char with OP stuff so i asked them what do they do and then i begun my pvp experience.

-Part 2. First twink
When i was lv30 I made a lv8 mage named Johanxpvp with 400k worth of gears and dova which i got from ursoth. I thought mage was great because of the high dmg. I joined god army. I realized mages suck so i sold all the gears, abandoned the mage and moved on.

Back then i was playing Clash of Clans and AL (both are very addictive games) until someone wanted to buy my coc account for some AL stuff. I decided to quit coc because it gets boring after some time. Unfortunately my coc was linked to AL char so i had to sell it both. He traded them for a lv40 mage with around 40 pets. As a noob i felt wow thats a very good deal and accepted.

-Part 3. First endgame
So i have a lv40 mage, felt pro even that i didnt know anything about pve mage. I played this mage for 6 or more months. As a full pink mage, i saw many mages with 600+ dmg and myth set, wanted to have one and someone from my guild wanted to sell his myth rogue char, i tried to buy it with blinky egg, lunar some gold archon... basically all i got. And i got scammed. I felt hopeless and need some money to gear back up. I saw my stable and saw my 50+ pets so i sold my char to a trusted friend for 800k. Made new char.

-Part 4. Second start.
Still had no idea that warr sucks. Made another warr, Bedmaster (thats how i got my forum name, even that this char is no longer mine and my current ign is very different) used the money to level up and buy gears wisely. Wont repeat the mistake with my first warr where i spent money on vanities instead of gears. When i was lv25 i missed twinking so i bought a twink char for 500k and again, got scammed. This is becoming a bad habit.

-Part 5. Third start
At this point i knew warrs suck so i played again with johanxpvp char. Joined the stone with nicflamel as gm :). The money i got from events are useful, until the urge to twink came to me again so i re geared my bedmaster char to twink at 31 until im bored and sold all gears again. At that time i finally had enough of twinking. Then i also found that mages sucks, and a friend gave me plaviskz char, lv33 rogue. What a coincidence xD

-Part 6. Second endgame
Grinded all the way to 41, i left the stone and joined acceptance, a very warm guild. Made some money there after grinding events and guild events. Then i missed being with indonesians... so i left and joined little family (where i am now) made even more money here and made a twink again, lv10 mage idiotism. Bored, sold gears. Re-geared Johanxpvp, was lv25 at that time and geared it up (wont waste the dova xD) was a success until im bored again, sold gears, blahblahblah, made lv6 warr goodsyntax (sorry kalizza xD) bored again, sold, made lv10 rogue eventgrinder,bored,sold again. Ok now im sick of pvp lol, sold Bedmaster and Johanxpvp char, focusing on endgame until i felt veerryy bored and helpless, wanted to quit, gave stuff to friend and deleted char.

-Part 7. Third endgame
A friend got surprised, told (kinda forced) me not to quit and gave me an account with mythic set mage and mythic set warr (hell yeah :D), Vrao and Bjzg, and he also gave me some starting money and my other friend gave me all my rogue stuff back. Ok so AL wont get out of my life (not a bad news). Sold the rogue stuff, geared mage and warr up, and thats it, present day. Still selling some rogue equips which wont get off auc to gear mage. Looks like my destiny is to be a mage, and this time it finally have mythic set xD

Thats it, my tl;dr story. I wish i could have only one char to focus since the beginning but im cool with this. Thx for reading and write ur story here :)

07-21-2015, 05:00 PM
cool story i like it ahahaha :)