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06-24-2015, 07:15 PM

Hello there!

Have you wondered how to post a picture on these message boards? You've come to the right place. Click the links below to get started!

Table of Contents:

1. PC/Mac (http://www.spacetimestudios.com/showthread.php?240581-Guide-How-to-Post-a-Picture-on-the-Forums&p=2197696&viewfull=1#post2197696)

A. From Computer to Forum Post
B. From Site to Forum Post
C. From Computer to Private Message/Group Discussion
D. From Site to Private Message/Group Discussion

2. Android (mobile) (http://www.spacetimestudios.com/showthread.php?240581-Guide-How-to-Post-a-Picture-on-the-Forums&p=2197698&viewfull=1#post2197698)
3. iOS (mobile) (http://www.spacetimestudios.com/showthread.php?240581-Guide-How-to-Post-a-Picture-on-the-Forums&p=2197699&viewfull=1#post2197699)
4. Tapatalk (http://www.spacetimestudios.com/showthread.php?240581-Guide-How-to-Post-a-Picture-on-the-Forums&p=2197703&viewfull=1#post2197703)
A. iOS
B. Android

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM! :)