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a wandering weaver of songs, a virtuoso of vibrant deeds. Yes I'm talking about a minstrel. But Winstrom isn't just any old bard that sends you in a story, as our heroes learn as they face the threats and unsung heroes of Arlor's past,learn the origins of the most powerful beings and learn the secrets of the past,present and even...the future

Helfdane sat quietly in his guild's hall watching his fellow mates, Trim and Shadox quarrel over some stupid topic which is too trivial to describe in Helfdane's eyes.The built barbarian yawned as boredom over came him.

"Mine is bigger!", Trim cried, hoisting his gun and shaking it , in front of Shadox.
"Well mine is even bigger!", Shadox cried , the small blue nott doing exactly what Trim just did " and look it's made from granite, tougher than your thin barreled pea-shooter!"
"I'll have you know this "pea shooter" has a stronger hit than your telescope!",as The other small nott cleverly retorted
"Well I oughta..."

Their argument could've gone on and on, and Helfdane not caring a word these diminutive morons squabbled.He closed his eyes, trying to find solace in slumber.Things have gotten so slow lately and no one wanted to run much with Helfdane... he wondered, What the legends back then were like....


Helfdane snapped awake as he heard Trim cry. He looks and saw a figure standing on top of a table, with a guitar slung on his back ,dressed in a less fluffy but flowing version of the minstrel's clothing and wearing an elaborate hat with a feather sticking out like a warrior's paramour. Helfdane got to his feet, and quickly positioned his giant axe , with it's blood red blade towards the newcomer.

"You either speak buddy, or lose your wind pipe." He said , as the figure turned to face him, shocked.

"No need to get aggressive big fella," he calmly replied and then taking a bow while taking of his hat exposing the short and neatly cut blonde hair. "I am Winstrom, the Wandering and sounds to me like you need an..."


Winstrom fell limp and dropped to the floor, a large bruise made by the hilt of large granite gun on his head.

A few minutes later

"Deth...did I shake your hand again?" Winstrom asked groggily , while stirring from his sleep. he recoiled back slightly as he saw the serious faces of his would-be audience.
"I saw we hit him again." Trim suggested.
"No more hitting!", Winstrom quickly exclaimed while getting to his feet, " Now allow me to..." Winstrom quickly sidestepped as a red axe flew by him and impaled itself into the wall "You people don't really want to listen." A bullet flew past his head nearly grazing his hat.
"How about I sing?"

The group silently conversed about the bards offer. Helfdane looked up at Winstrom. "Sold."

Winstrom quickly un-slung his guitar and started strumming some notes to tune it. "Here I go," He took a quick breath and sung:

"Hello my legends, stop lyin' in yer' sleep,
Don't ya have some evil to beat?
Some treasure to reap?
have an awesome bard sing of your feat?"

He simultaneously plucked notes in quick pace, continuing his little jig in it's joyous mood,

"Well don't just sit there, lookin' at me
Follow me to an adventure and a new story for thee!
There's so much to know ,so much to see
Aren't you gonna make them baddies flee?

So come with me, for a new tale if you wish
See mysteries ,powers, furies unleashed!"

With that last verse he slid across the room in a theatrical finish but lacking the pyrotechnics. "So what'd you think?"

"Who are you again?" Shadox asked, the comment cutting into Winstrom like cold steel.

"I'm Winstrom, I'm here to take on an adventure. And you , I presume are...?"

"Oh I'm Shadox and that's Trim and my man here is Helfdane the Hungry" He said gesturing to each of his companions,with Helfdane grunting slightly in dissatisfaction of his new title.
"An adventure, I'd like that, where're we going?" Trim moved to face Winstrom, shaking with childish eagerness.

Helfdane also moved closer to inspect the minstrel,he looked contemptuously at Winstrom. Winstrom returned a smile with no apparent malice but seemingly unnerving. As he looked into Winstrom's eyes, he saw his pupil change into different shades of vibrant colours. I'll keep an eye on him a bit longer, Helfdane thought as he formed an answer."Where are we going?"

Winstrom smiled, "I thought you'd never ask my hungry friend."
To be continued in Part 2

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I'd like to here your opinion if i should go on with the rest of the story

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Go on!!!! It good!

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Go on!!!! It good!

Thanks, I was worried as this had less views then my last one and the view numbers were progressing slowly

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Here's the link to part 2!
See what sticky situation that Winstrom gets them into