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Helfdane sat crossed legged, his back against the cold dark wood watching Winstrom Sing a soothing lullaby, healing Trim's wound and making the big warrior drowsy. After their failed stand at Oaken bridge, the party fled to the forest and into the this barricaded old mill which Winstrom seemed to know his way around. The looked out the small window, wooden planks nail in front of it to keep the skitterers out with only a small slit to view the dangerous environment.

Shadox entered the room, nervously sweating. "We are surrounded by a large horde of skitterers but they have no knowledge we are here." He quickly took a sit on the floor beside his barbaric companion. "So....what now?"

"Now we get answers." Helfdane said in a cold voice staring seriously at Winstrom as he quickly finished his healing. "So who are you, Exactly? How do you know so much about this place? And why were those Goblins speaking freaking Arlorian!?"

Winstrom looked at the warrior, his face bearing no more that mischievous unnerving smile, his eyes settling into a dark stormy grey. Winstrom sighed contentedly and began speaking, "You deserve an answer, after the quagmire I put you and your friends through. Though my abilities allow me to travel to different locations and times, I get guided to specific locations where necessary interactions are required. I help legends snuff out threats of the past, present and sometimes if allowed..the future."

The two members of Winstrom's looked at each other with bewilderment and confusion. Helfdane spoke up, "That's all interesting and all but why did we come here and why us? You mentioned something about Goren Headbutt,you mean the same one Old man Bjorn talks about?"

"It wouldn't be wise to call him old man considering what his done, but yes that same legend. The same threat he had to take on alone is arising and I sensed your boredom and eagerness for action, admit it, you , you all missed the thrill of a adventure, filled with uncertainty and real trials." Winstrom replied nodding solemnly.

"This new threat... who... what is it?" Shadox ask leaning forward inquisitively, his blue ears peeled in attention.
"Let me.." Winstrom began to form that smile ,"Tell you in song." He brought out his guitar and in a soft voice, trying to attract the skitterers' attention, began:

'There was hero known Goren,
Protect of this town of Oaken.
Nestled in the twisted vines of swarming forest,
Stirred a great evil, that stirred great unrest!'

Winstrom plucked softly letting the guitar resonate in the small room and in the minds and hearts of the heroes.

'Summoning forth a swarm of skitters,
Poisoning venom and fatal web.
Forcing the People to scatter,
In fear they ran and from bites they bled.

Standing the swarm was a hero of unusual valor,
Goren Headbutt, farmer that lived in squatter.
With his mighty mace he pushed them away
Letting the villagers escape while keeping them at bay.

He fought with singular talent, smashing, chopping ,wrecking
Pushed back the goblin advance and their leader, the forsaken king!
But the kind would not be denied with tainted blade and bow,
From the venomous skitterers they seeded and sowed.

Their poisonous taint made Goren lose his might,
So he fell back, cradling broken body and pride.
He guided the people in their exodus from the fight,
The goblin will not let them go, for he will not be denied.

The horde ambushed them near Broken tree stead,
Their blades cutting and bleeding them all red.
Goren had to decide on what to do next.
He then felt his brain muscle finally flex.

He turned to the king, armed and mounted.
He charged forth like a ram, a headbutt aiming the king.
Shrugging aside all who opposed leaving them dumbfounded.
With a tremulous force he dismounted the leader, making him wonder what is that thing?

Goren cleared a path for the villagers to advance,
continuing his fight with the king ,a deadly dance!
He mustered all his force ,the rage in his blood preventing the poison,
He shattered the king's ribcage in a fisted explosion.

His deed's scattering the remaining tribe into the dark woods,
For his people , led the way to a path to riches and goods!'

Winstrom looked around expectantly at his comrades grave faces. "It still doesn't explain how they talked properly, I saw only a handful of linguistically skilled goblins back in brackenbridge." ,Shadox eloquently put it.

"Collective intelligence, more goblins, smarter the bunch." Winstrom bluntly replied. "We either kill most of them or..."

"Kill the smartest." ,Helfdane finished.

Winstrom swerved his hand in a There you go! gesture.

"So let's tackle that grimy general that tried to chase us!" ,Shadox enthusiastically suggested.

"If we just kill him, who's to say another bright goblin wouldn't come out?",Helfdane countered "We need to behead the head of this snake, He's probably the one who casted this collective intelligence buff, anyways, I suggest we do what what Goren did, we hit the head straight on, kill the goblin king! What's the name of this creature anyway?"

At that moment , Trim began to stir, he looked around and saw his friends,and Winstrom, "Hey guys, did we win?" he weakly asked, seeing his comrades' grim faces answered a big NO!He scrambled to a sitting position, wanting to take part in this conversation. "So....what'd I miss."

"Our 'friend' here was explaining the situation," Helfdane said mockingly, gesturing to Winstrom. "Go on, tell him."
"I seem to think you don't appreciate what I'm doing for you." Winstrom said, anger arcing his voice, his eyes changing into a dark magenta shade. Both of them stood up and walked towards one another, ready for a confrontation.
"Stop it both of you!" Shadox, unusually acting as the pacifier, "Can't you see we are now falling apart! We need to rally , we need to..."


One of the wall planks snapped a large arthropod leg protruding through it. Helfdane quickly pushed it back with Shadox's assistance. "Great! they've found us!" Trim exclaimed, "Guy we need a plan!" Panic shrilled his voice to that of Winstrom's flute.

"They're right," Winstrom said, "We can't keep quarreling and arguing. Helfdane, trust me and follow to the end of this tale, if you are not clear of my intentions by then; I will leave, you have my word." he pleaded, with serious storm grey eyes that hid no trickery, no guile.

"Fine, what do you propose." Helfdane reluctantly agreed. Winstrom edged closer and slightly whispered something to Helfdane's ears, the two notts watched as Helfdane's eyes reacted with annoyance.

"Mind telling us?", Trim asked.

Winstrom turned,"just uttering the king's name will alert him of your presence ,so I'll herd the horde as you guys get the king."

"Could you tell us his name?", Trim asked, in wondering why Helfdane is only obliged to the information.

"Nope. I already jinxed us by whispering his name to Helfdane, So leave through the other side of the building as soon as I signal I got the horde."

"What should we look for?", Shadox asked.

Winstrom made his unnerving grin, laden with trickery and mischief, "Just wait for the music. And lightning."

(Continues in part 4)

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