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(In case you missed this tale here is the link to part 1 and the link to part 2 is in part 1 and so on: http://www.spacetimestudios.com/showthread.php?258086-Winstrom-s-Tales-1-part-1-New-friends)

The group look at their familiar comfortable surroundings of their guild hall.They take a sit at one of they tables lying around, exhausted from their exhilarating adventure. Helfdane takes a deep chug into a large mug of coffee, Trim was gently fingering and eyeing his newly attained mythic artifact and Shadox just looked a bit shocked at how the crazy adventure ended like its mundane beginning. Winstrom was gently tuning his guitar when he notice all eyes were on him.

"So..," Winstrom started, bit unsure of how he would continue, "Did we all have fun?"

"I'll say!" Trim exclaimed loudly gently rubbing his hand on the smooth surface of the green mythic orb. Eyeing it like gollum with the ring. Helfdane looked disturbed at his friend's new obsession.

"Something's bit bothering me since you explained the king's weakness," Helfdane said, carefully making sure he didn't say the exact name partly because he can't pronounce it and afraid that he might suddenly pop up. "The song you sang about Goran, the king never mutated and their was no relation to the wind."

Winstrom hid a sly grin as he experimentally plucked some notes, "Hmm, interesting point you pose.What do you think?"

"I think you've played more prominent role in the history of the legends than you say.", Helfdane said.

"Or it could be that I just left it out because I wasn't able to get that part to rhyme." Winstrom wittily retorted. Helfdane opened his mouth and then closed it dumbfounded.

Winstrom pushed back his chair and then dramatically bowed deeply,"I bid you farewell, until another song springs to mind.", He turned on his heels and then walked away to the door that led to the guildcastle.

Shadox loudly shouted as the bard walked away," I know you've already answered but still, why us? Why this guild specifically?"

Winstrom lightly chuckled as began to play his guitar softly then answered,"What's the motto of this guild?"

Shadox recited the motto, "To venture all of Arlor, conquer all foes with comrades old and friends new!" Realization dawned on them as Winstrom vanished suddenly just like his appearance.

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Nice :) u like writing these?

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Nice :) u like writing these?

It's a nice break from all the farming