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Helfdane wiped his hands on the front of his mail shirt ,and lifted his ax from the corpse of Ursoth. Trim as usual was still scouring for loot hoping to find a chest or maybe those squirrel eggs. Shadox just followed Trim behind as Nat, sat idly on the ground of the elondrian grove clearing, dry-shooting with her bow.The burly warrior turned to look at the portal where the ranger was standing.

"This event was lame." Nat said as she got up, slinging her bow back. There was a sudden rustle in the bushes and a familiar face popped up.
"Hullo." Winstrom greeted, twigs and leaves stuck on his hat," I heard someone say something was 'lame'."

"Good to see you Winstrom and thanks for the heart attack." Helfdane replied coldly.

"I've got to admit the prize of platinum tier this year was lackluster. It was only a stupid druid title." Trim said, returning from his scavenger hunt to meet his old friend. Memories and marks of their previous adventure still remain fresh on this young nott.

"Son, you should be honored to be titled as a druid. You don't know what they went through."

"Like you do?", retorted Nat sharply, the comment nearly cutting through Winstrom's carefree facade.

"Yes, I do my fair lady," Winstrom replied jokingly,"How about it all? Take a little trip to deep ends of Elondria, meet the locals, eat the freshest catch.What do you say!"

"Well I'm game!" Shadox exclaimed loudly,"I was getting bored anyways."
"Me too!," Trim enjoined.
"Someone has to make sure you morons don't kill yourselves,count me in." Helfdane said as he strolled towards Winstrom. He turned and gestured to Nat,"you coming?"

"Are you sure we can trust this clown?", Nat replied hesitant to follow. Helfdane nodded, realizing how he had the same reaction as Nat when Winstrom took them on their trek through Oaken-bridge. Reluctantly she followed suit as Winstrom turned and began to walk through the brush to a secret path concealed before his arrival.

"Where are you going?",the ranger asked as she began to nock an arrow on her bow.

"To Bromgar's Stand." Winstrom replied as he brought out his violin and placed the bow gently on the strings.

"I can't let you go." The ranger replied drawing back the arrow on her bow.


The sharp note echoed through the corrupted grove, our heroes covering their ears from the wretched noise, as the ranger fell to the ground dropping the bow she had poised to disable Winstrom. He approached the body, knelt and touched the neck," She's alive. We better leave or I'll get into trouble with Silmarwen and Crimson Court...again."He got up nimbly and scurried back to the concealed path.

"Why'd she want to stop us?" Shadox cried, stupefied as to the events that took place.
"Their sacred places were defiled by that smelly old troll.You'd think they'd let more people in to go about in a picnic?" Helfdane replied, as Shadox nodded at the rational explanation.

"Yeah..what he said," Winstrom replied.With Winstrom there was nothing straight-forward and they knew he was hiding something crucial.

"You sure can still trust him?", Nat whispered as she ran beside Helfdane. The warrior didn't know what to think as Winstrom took them deeper into the heartlands of Elondria, unexplored by Arlor.

(Continues in part 2)

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