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09-21-2015, 11:26 PM
Part 2: Bromgar's sacrifice

our group made their way through the concealed passage.The scenery changed drastically as the twisted yet evergreen trees hollowed out into dark black gnarled husks, the branches poking out like begging arms asking for respite.The ground took a sickly shade of purple, and strange sap coated the outer edges of the path.The grim sight forced a shudder out of the resilient of hearts. Nervously Nat risked a glance towards the sides of the road, through the gaps in between the trees she saw purple and red lights, glowing faint and wispy.They must have been elondrian spirits as their mournful and tortured cries were heard through the aid of the ward.

"Did you hear that too?", Nat asked.

"Mmhhhmm'', Trim nervously nodded as the entire journey till now began to chill him thought his hunched spine. Helfdane nodded stoically whereas Shadox was just too overwhelmed by the corruption to even speak.

"Where are we now Winstrom?",Helfdane spoke the question that was on everyone's mind. Winstrom looked around with a wondering face then answered.
"I believe we are currently in the Grimwood, a large stretch of forest that encompasses most of central Elondria. Originally it was named the Verdantwood. This was the last natural bastion that the nature of Elondria sat up for Ursoth."
"I presume it failed?", Helfdane inserted. Winstrom nodded regretfully as he kept on walking. After a few more more hours and many dead trees later, the party grew antsy .

"Winstrom, you told us we were visiting Bromgar's stand. Who is Bromgar and why is he so special?", Trim asked as the atmosphere made him grow even wearier.
"You will learn soon enough, old chum! Oh, look! We're nearly there.", they emerged into a clearing, the sun, although very dim and muffled by the thick tainted air, still was a welcoming sight from that somber tunnel. They all looked behind as they a cluster of glowing spirits at the mouth of the way as they began to dissipate with a wail."Glad to be out of that mess."

They kept on walking the corrupted ground until Winstrom halted. The party hurriedly milled about for a second as they suddenly stopped.They looked up and saw a colossal arch made from a large trunk of a tree, twisted and reinforced with gnarled vines and thick clawing roots.The ground was covered with a strange lively green blade of grass, unlike the corrupted ground which the previously treaded upon.A large figure was prominent beneath the arch."Come on!" Winstrom shouted as he eagerly ran with the party following him.

The figure was carved out of marble, now tinted green with moss and creepers sprouting upon it. Upon a large block serving as a pedestal, the 10 foot tall figure, a massive brute wearing the traditional wooden armor ,but with a carved cloak etched like bearskin and a large helm with antlers protruding from the forehead.The eyes seemed to glow green as if it contained the primordial powers of Elondria."I guess that's Bromgar..." Shadox observed as he stood in awe of the massive monument. Even Nat couldn't help but be amazed.

"Quite an impressive fellow,he is ", Winstrom said.
"Wait, you said 'is'. Shouldn't it be 'was' ?", Helfdane inquired, paying close attention to Winstrom's words, wondering if Winstrom was talking about Bromgar as if he was stilll alive.

Winstrom chuckled softly as he faced his friend, his eyes in a soft shade of blue. "Observant as always, my hungry friend. But you forgot that Elondrians don't simply die. Their spirits depart ,as their previous bodies return to the earth, looking for a new host in their cycle."

"Like that ranger who used to be a flower and a squirrel!" Trim interrupted.

"Yes, exactly like that ranger. After Ursoth's first invasion was thwarted, the land was safe enough for the elves to go out and assess the situation. They took the time to memorialize Bromgar's sacrifice ,as he stood against the bulwark of Ursoth's forces and united the many druids of Elondria, and bound his spirit to the land", Winstrom said solemnly.

"Nevertheless he failed, and it was up to us to stop him," Nat interjected.

An awkward silence hovered in the air as the party stood around taking in the sights.Trim decided to busy himself by taking some pictures. Shadox spoke up to break the silence," Umm..Winstrom,is there a song about this guy you would incline us to?"

"In due time, first I sense trouble brewing," He indicated to the western horizon as a red glow seemed to advance towards them. "I suggest we leave and get to more safer ground."
"We can probably handle them," Trim argued as he put back his crystal image capturer. As the glow came closer, a pack could be discerned of tall lupine creatures coming faster.

"I say we follow Winstrom, he knows this place and its people better than any of us." Helfdane said as he took his ax in hand
"Very well," Trim conceded. "Where to?" he asked Winstrom who was making his way to the north side of the stand.
"I know an outpost the rangers abandoned , we can probably find refuge there."

Then our heroes set out to venture deeper into Elondria to evade the mysterious pack.

(To be continued in part 3)