View Full Version : Medrumerry story of Death

11-03-2015, 03:16 AM
One day a big strange stone fallen from space in arlor. A warrior called medrum found its pieces, he picked up all of them to wise sorcerer to know about that strange thing. Sorcerer was very clever, he found that all the pieces combined makes a ball. Sorcercer joined it successfully but something was missing in that ball, wise told here daughter merry to go with warrior and bring that part from here he found rest pieces. They were travelling to that location, suddenly a big crew of rendtail arms came now they had to fight with them. They tried to overcome the dark power unfortunately warrior fallen, warrior told that the place is just bit far from here towards north and given his sword to unarmed merry, warrior said if you are in trouble this sword will save your life. Lonely movng to her way finally she recognized the damaged place where stone maybe drop. She did start searching, there was something mysterious in crust and she tried to put it up but she couldn't even move that. Then she remembered the sword from his companion. she just touched that part with sword immediately that part and sword exploded. When she realized now i am ok then she found herself on a strange place it was not arlor. There were no sign of life some strong strange muscle mans bring her to their home. She was terrified on the circumstances because they were flying taking her on back. They give a nut to merry and said just eat it, aftet taking nut she feel rejuvenated and well. They said their country in a big risk and she must stay with them. The ball she had was a dragonball and they told her that it can fulfill any wish amd her sword is now sword of death it can kill anyone by just a single it. An evil insane power called frieza was finding all the dragonball in universe to spread all dark power everywhere and make all universe in his control. She asked "what should i do now?". One person seems leader of thay group Kame replied " Stay with us and do not let dark power touch your ball and sword until we defeat them". She agreed with them and further asked " all right in earth" he replied " No whole universe is facing the frieza destruction you can not go back now, you can teleport to your planet in towncenter only with dragonball whichyou bring inyour bg. And we are saians we do not have enough strength to kill them completely". He warned her about towncerter is now base of frieza and his forces. Saians started their fight next day, they were dying one by one merry was now in doubt that what will happen. She decided to fight with them with the death sword. She was fighting very well killing dark Minotaurs and spacians. Finally she met frieza, now was very overconfident on her sword, she given dragonball to frieza and said "make a wish that you would be immortal then i will kill you". Of course frieza was so intelligent frieza made a wish that convert merry into his mirror with her weapon and send her to arlor to destroy own planet. Mirror-Frieza(merry) took dragonball and warped to arlor because she is now frieza also looks like frieza she started demolishing arlor citizens and armies. From that day arlorians finding way to kill medumerry bad soul of frieza and save saians arlorians also to bring back wise's daughter merry. Medumerry have deathsword and dragonball a shield, one of the saian however came arlor to deliver message to wise that each dragonball have 2 wises if they faint medrumerry and take her ball and touch it with the suspect place crust then all the evil power of frieza will end forever with last wish from dragonball. Hope arlorians can save merry and universe or someone will born to kill him....