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06-04-2011, 09:23 AM
A few days ago a ran into a group of around 6 people standing around one another. One was yelling that another one tried to scam him and to report him. And all the other 4 people were yelling stuff like "YOU SUCK" and "GO DIE" to the "scammer". So i tell the one saying report so and so, "Dont try to get other people who have not seen the attempted scam to report him." I also ask about how long he has been standing there yelling. He says around 20 minuted because he wants the guy banned. I ask the "scammer" if he really scammed. He said no but i doubt it is true.I tell him to just leave and they will stop. I tell the screaming dude to stop because just a few reports from the witnesses is enough. He says "No its not. You need 8 reports to get the guy banned". I just said lol stop its doing anything but being disruptive to other players. I leave and when i come back around 10 minutes later hes gone..
So I am just asking if that would be considered Inappropriate chat because it clutters the chatbox with unneeded chat. And/Or abuse of the Report System because the guy was asking for people who have not witnessed the "scam" to report the person.
Also, I did not report either of them for anything due to lack of info.

06-04-2011, 09:34 AM
Whether it was a scam or not... the said player and his/ her friends standing around slamming inappropriate and harassing comments is against the TOS. If they did report the "scammer", the group could get into just as much trouble.

The whole scamming issue is getting out of hand.

06-04-2011, 09:40 AM
This post probably should be in PL thread as it happened in PL, unless you're not telling us something?! ;)

Just tell who ever has a dispute if they think it's worth it then send to support. Otherwise yelling is not doing anyone any good. It's up to support to ban, not players you could add too. :) "Peace out" is a good sign-off too.

06-04-2011, 09:45 AM
A while back, I was leveling my gf at crush the keeper. Then, some guy came in asking me whether or not we'd kill the keeper. I didn't see his question immediately because of all the crap that drops in that level. Then he started ranting and said he was going to report me. I lol'ed at him and booted him.

I've had other people that said they would report me for the most ridiculous reasons. One guy even demanded all my gold, or he would report me. I reported him of course... Didn't see him around anymore :)

But yes, you got a point here. People reporting other ones because a 'friend' told them to seems common practice nowadays. I can only imagine how much overhead these unnecessary reports cause for the devs.

06-04-2011, 09:45 AM
Harassment is much worse than in-game scamming. You should have told them that if they didn't stop than they would get reported.

I try to report if I think someone is way in the wrong or what they say is derogatory/crude. I give warnings if they say something 'hurtful' and that normally stops it.

I think in certain situations there is extreme over-reporting, but I honestly believe that a lot of the more serious infractions go unreported. Hard to strike a balance when you're relying on mostly hormonal, can be immature, people to keep the community clean.