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Wong Pua Fong Meifong
11-24-2015, 07:38 AM
Rutger,when he was 16years old,he left home and live in freedom. One day,he visited great city,kraag. "Who are you mighty one?" Said a Mage. "Iam Krobox,leader of this great city." "Iam Rutger,son of the mighty legend,Uller." Rutger replied. "YOU!! ARE....SON OF.....ULLER?!" Said Krobox. By some reasons,Rutger now is the captain of the kraag commandos,doing his duty as usually. One day,he meet a girl,named Anne. He brought Anne to the kraag,but..... "RUTGER! WHO IS THAT GIRL!?" Krobox angry. "Sire,this is Anne,my lady." Rutger replied. "Becarefull,that girl maybe an undead." Krobox's whisper Rutger. One day, Anne visited Dead City,by Rutger's permission. She betrayed Rutger and become an undead. The Treasure Hunter,Anne. Hearing that,Rutger seeking how to make Anne back. But,Captain Rutger has a plan to use the arlorians to kill Anne. Why? Seek The Part 2!

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