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The Rise of Syrillax, Part 1
By Tippertwo

A long time ago, on a mountaintop filled with snow, there lived five dragons, the mother, the father, and three dragonlings. They lived in a hole in the side of a mountain, where they lived for centuries. The wind whipped the snow off the mountain and down into Arlor. The people of Arlor were forced to take shelter from this wind and snow, seeking shelter in their houses, and not returning until the weather became warmer.

The mother was curled up next to her dragonlings, keeping them warm so they wouldn't freeze to death. They were born not too long ago, in his hole they called home. There was a gray-colored dragon, who was named Finn, and a purple colored dragon, who the mother named as Ali. And then there was Syrillax … who had the color of no one in particular—not her father, who was gray, or her mother, who was purple. She was an icy-colored dragon, and considered herself as plan ordinary. No one would want a dragon who didn't match her parents' scales. Her mother said that in such whether as this, she would camouflage perfectly against the piles of snow and ice. But Syrillax believed that she'd never be special.

Time flew by with her thinking this, and soon enough she was one year old, able to fly and walk and talk and everything. In dragon years, one year old meant four, and four was considered to people, a teenager. By this time it was still snowing. Her parents were growing old, too old to walk and move like they used to, with their joints aching, and they couldn't go outside, especially in the snow, like they used to. The wind had never stopped, and the people of Arlor were freezing and starving, with the stores closing down for the weather.

One day Syrillax asked her parents if she could go outside and play for a bit. They said she could as long as she didn't go tumbling down into Arlor and scare the people, and if she took her siblings. Syrillax was devastated. She wanted some alone-time, away from the cave and from her family. But she agreed half-heartedly and took Finn and Ali outside to get some exercise.

Finn and Ali took off, flying in circles and doing twists and turns, while Syrillax stood below on a ledge overlooking all of Arlor and watched them, sulkingly.

Suddenly this huge form covered the ground. Syrillax heard her siblings' shrieks and glanced up, expecting them to fall down to their death. But instead Finn and Ali looked fine, but scared. They flew down toward Syrillax and huddled beneath her. The form continued to cover up the sky, blocking out the last bit of sun that dared shine from all the snow.

Syrillax turned toward her sisters and whispered, "Get into the cave."

Too scared to argue, Finn and Ali scrambled up the side of the cave, pushing snow on Syrillax's head in an effort to do as their sister commanded.

The shape continued to move in the same direction. With a sinking feeling inside, Syrillax noticed that it was headed for the cave! Terrified, Syrillax scrambled up the side of the cave just as her sisters had done a few minutes ago, and stopped, staring at the sight that lay before her. Blood lay everywhere, staining the cave walls and the floor beneath her. Spots of blood lay on the ground, here and there. She went over and sniffed it, laid her paw in it. It rubbed off on her paw. She whipped it off and just glanced around. The blood was fresh, which meant that something had happened a moment ago, like a murder. She glanced around again and realized ... her family was gone! Her mother and father and her siblings were all gone! All that was left was blood.

With a sinking feeling, Syrillax noticed that the shape that was blocking out the sun only a moment ago was gone. She flew toward the edge of the cliff and came to an abrupt halt. She black-dragon shape was flying away. She squinted and saw that her parents, old and feeble, vulnerable to creatures, were in the giant claws of that monster, being carried away. Wounds covered their body, and blood leaked out from the gashes on their bodies. They looked to be almost dead. And beside the black dragon were her sisters, who were flying away with it. But why would they fly away with that creature? Unless it was against their own will, of course.

A conclusion sprung inside her head. Who was that dragon? She'd seen him before, she just didn't know where. She recognized that shape, the wingspan ... she just didn't know who that was. Then she knew who that was; it was Tarlok, evil dragon of the North. And it just stole her parents.

Something inside of her seemed to break. Maybe it was her heart, she didn't know. But her heart felt crushed, and all she felt toward Tarlok was anger and bitterness. She dug her claws into the cave and gazed out at the disappearing shape as it flew away. She made a solemn promise to herself; that she'd find her family and get revenge on Tarlok, and she wouldn't rest until he was defeated and she had her normal life back, however long that took.

Continued in Part 2...

Please note that this is only a fictional story, and that STS probably made a real story behind Syrillax :)

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Wait a moment, yeah, I haven't participated with the Winter Event yet... but isn't Syrillax bigger than Tarlok?

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nice story waiting for the next part

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