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06-14-2011, 01:25 PM
For most new Users,money is the most important compenent in PL.
How to save them and buy for cheap?
To save you're money (gold) or platinum,you might check first CS in Balefort Castel,for the Item main price,e.g:Vyxnaar Helmet Of Legend wich is about 350k.Do not Buy Directly from CS,Wait till the price goes down,Beware sertenly from beeing Ripped Off, Suggestion:Ask a Friend (high lvl's have more experiences)about the Cost of the Item you are buying...To save Platinum Just Do Not Waste them at emotes (exept if you want them) or L10-20-30-40 Packs,And Never buy Weapons with Plat they are Worthless. if you are a high lvl player you may farm for The Items.If you dont know where to farm just go to Yanis's Guides :
Well there is not much to say about Potions :P but one way to get more if you dont wanna spend money for them:
1.Put all you're Pots in you're Stash
2.Go to forest heaven and kill "Bad Guys"
3.You will earn 25 by 25 Pots
4.Stash them back and start over XD
Two types to get Elixir : Gold and Platinum
People usually use the Platinum version because the gold version Doesn't give much (1.5x)
as for low lvls (1-33) Elixirs shudn't get used much tho because they arent important,they can lvl up as fast as elixirs can help you out.Luck Elixirs aren't available (as gold) anymore,you can only get the 1.5x one for 7000 (combo) from store.Altho Never buy Experience Elixir in maps that you don't earn xp in it anymore XD
Most Easiest to let two accounts grow (or more)
There is a Way Called TeamWork:as much as you and you're friend would like to earn money thats the easy way to get Tons! :
1.One of you Both Will go to Forest Heaven (Skeleton Crypts) : kill Meat Head and Skeller krunch then rmk
2.Meanwhile the Higher lvl player go farm In Sandstone Or For hooch hats in Mc croc
3.First one find something tell he other to join
4.Sell it with the high lvl one (better reputation ;) ) and both get 50% of the money

Thank you Guys for reading my Second Guide ;) Please feel free to post if it is helpful or Offensive :) Thank you soo much for Reading :D
Rmk: Remake game,host again.

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This is gonna help new players a lot :)

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This is gonna help new players a lot :)
Thanks :) I thot It'll be Hopeless lol.

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If anythhing i shud add please tell me.

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small little guide +1

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Farming pots isn't very feasible at low levels unless you're farming SSC. They just don't drop fast enough.
At low levels, there's no need to use any elixirs at all. The levels come fast enough as long as you stick to full groups and watch your threat level (which isn't mentioned anywhere in your guide).
Hooch hats aren't worth farming. Rush/farm Ma McCroc or Hag instead.
If you're going to just have links in your spoilers, just make a regular link that links.

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Thanks :) I thot It'll be Hopeless lol.

My whole life is hopeless...nah I'm just kidding! You did a good job...

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My whole life is hopeless...nah I'm just kidding! You did a good job...
Yup thx,btw I think you are lol jk.

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Looks like nobody needs that guide :/

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Hey bro i kno how long uve been working on this, im pretty impressed i can assure u tht this will be great for new players!:D

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Ohh by the way john u should explain wht "rmk" is becuz most new players wont kno
Which means tht the current dungeon uve been doing will be remade and will be redoing tht dungeon for a certain purpose

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Hey bro i kno how long uve been working on this, im pretty impressed i can assure u tht this will be great for new players!:D
Thanks bro :)

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Nice guide! That will help new players a lot. :D

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yay! thnx! ;) :cool:

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Lol ty for bumping the thread up, btw welcome to the forums :) altho do not double post please

07-27-2011, 09:38 AM
So...hooch hats. How exactly do you get them?

07-27-2011, 09:44 AM
So...hooch hats. How exactly do you get them?

You have to kill Billybob McCroc I believe. He doesn't always spawn, but when he does and is killed everyone in the room gets a hooch.

Oh and I find potion farming is better when farming Plasma Pyramid for gold, you get potions faster than FH and you get decent gold while you're at it! (levels 50+ only of course if you want to solo though)

07-27-2011, 10:01 AM
I find that, for farming pots, I do it best at ao2 (Alien Oasis) plasma pyramid., while at the same time, farming gold. I put all my potions in my stash and start the run with 0 potions lol, I easily get 25/25 health and mana potions by the time I get to Anubis (well the room before that).
But I doubt this will work for lower level toons. I usually wear gear that gives good health regeneration and mainly just spam the mana potions.
The main purpose of my ao2 runs are gold however. Just something to do on the side :). You can save up all the pots you've farmed and sell them for a cheaper price haha.

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