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01-03-2016, 04:22 AM
So you think it's just "Buy Low Sell High" huh? Well it is but let's dig Deeper on how to be the big S (successful)

1. Locations: Before you sell and buy stuff (or merch) you need to know WHERE to merch, I have a list of the best places:

(Twink, or lvl 25-41) Armor and Weapons: Paradise Pier
For expensive and very high leveled items: Expedition Camp
Merchants with a rather low budget: Travelers Outpost
General selling but not too much merchants there: Kraag

2. High Tides and Low Tides "High tides and low tides" basically means sometimes the price is high and sometimes it is low. Here are the best tips:

Don't buy when there is only 1 item in auc
Don't buy useless items because you can use them if no one buys it (becuz of the tides)
Discounts are essential for the tides, Ex:

Seller: Selling item for 25k
Buyer: *Checks auction and sees it's worth 30k*
Buyer: 20k
Seller: 24k
Buyer: 22k
Seller: Deal
Buyer: *Sells it for 27k in auction*

If the price becomes 28k yours will still get bought, better than buying it at 25k and selling it at 29k

3. Friends and Guildmates When someone randomly wants to be your friend, accept it (if he/she is high leveled) might give you gold for farming, or even better he/she might buy your stuff. And guildmates is self-explanatory (get a good guild to earn money with).

4. Seasonal Items: I'll just make it short for this thread, buy event armors and vanities and sell them when the event is over. It becomes more rare overtime so be patient.

Ok that's it for this thread. Tell me if I missed anything and i'll add it once I see it. GL on Merching!

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Nice ! I never lucky in merch tho

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Good points

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wait....so the auction house isn't all one big auction house??

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Yeah, what he said? I thought the auction house was one big store, not multiple stores?

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Yah .... i think he means ....... face to face selling ........ not through auction

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Ah.....Then that makes more sense.

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Very nice guide

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Nice guide:eagerness:

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A great guide for selling items, thanks!

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Great guide!

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Helpful :applause:

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Nice! I'll have to keep this in mind when in the auction house and I'll make sure i keep an eye on the chat. I'm sure instances like that add up to big profit over time!

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Thank you man

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