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06-04-2010, 12:24 AM
One thing that I love about the game is that it isn't overly explained and FAQ'ed... you can just jump in and play and learn as you go. However, there are some questions that have come up around various items that just aren't described in the game at all, so I wanted to check here.

First: Hammers. In general I thought that they were just plain worse than 2 handed swords on all fronts- why would you choose one?. Then I read that the Wammo Hammo's had some sort of Stun Proc. that the item description neglects to manage, so I tried it out and I kept the old Demon King in FC stunned for almost a minute while I beat him over the head. Cool! So- do all the other hammers have the stun proc.? Its strange how they tell you on some weapons (like the various Darkness blades), but not on others.

Second: I have had a difficult time even getting information about good green/purple and pink shields between levels 25 and 30? Are there any worth chasing down? I generally try for Ursan or Croc's gear with my Battle Bird, to bump up either his M/S or H/S, but I have neither puled such a shield or seen one for trade or sale. If they exist, what dungeons are they found in?

Thanks for any help with this!

06-04-2010, 07:01 AM
Most weapons that have a 'proc' do not have a word about it in the description. I'm not saying it's good or bad, just that it's not mentioned on most higher level gear (i.e., frozen weapons can freeze, tridents break armor, hammers stun, etc). If you strongly disagree with it, drop a note in the suggestions forum. I'm sure many people will agree with you.

For the shield question, there are no purple or pink shields below level 30. At level 30 there is the frozen shield of legend (pink). There may be a conquerors shield, but i haven't seen it.

Hope this helps!

06-04-2010, 08:54 AM
Thanks for the info. I can't say I strongly disagree with it. Its actually not a bad thing to simply take a weapon because it looks good or has a fun name, so "discovering" some bonus in it later is a nice add-on.