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Russel Dapat
01-29-2016, 05:53 AM
in the midst of being defeated in the war the femme fieras' high sorcerers have an discussion about the next move their army will do. they are in mount fang''s castle tower at the highest floor, and within a room, in that room is a table in which there are chairs that the leaders are sitting on.

curses!, how can we win this war if that band of ACCURSED!!!!!! gold-hunting goody-goodys keep murdering our fellow fiera! said silknight
perhaps we should train more femme fieran sorcerers new tactics replied the swamp hag
nonsense! we shall go to the fathom crypt graveyard to re-animate the dead insisted the animator
no! the fathom crypt has been neutralized by those mercenaries argued the swamp hag
HOW!, how can we be able to find a perfect solution to our most despicable of problems!? silknight complained
*a femme fiera sorcerer enters the room where the femme fiera are discussing*
i have with me news from the war, our fieran brothers and sisters appear to be becoming "lesser" and our army's zombies appear to have vanished from sight, i suppose if we seek to animate creatures from the uncharted places of Alterra we may be able to defeat those mercenaries... the sorcerer said
MARVELOUS!, we may even be able to have an alliance with those goblins... i hear they have learned ancient dark magics, that may seem to boost our army's numbers... said silknight
silknight begins to search for a book in the bookshelf
ahhhh... perfect *silknight throws the book unto the table where they are discussing* the solution that will fix all our problems!, *silknight proceeds to show the other sorcerers a map which shows secret places under alterra* we are forced into hiding until our army rises to it's most powerful of potentials... SOMEONE GET ALL THE FEMME FIERA HERE NOW!! barked silknight
*the femme fieran sorcerer begins the ring the tower's bell*
LISTEN well now my brothers and sisters!, we must be forced into hiding until we are all able to find a way to destroy the elf queen's entire army if we are able to find a way to-
*a loud explosion is heard at the castle's gates*
their army came we must defend at all costs! shouted silknight
*a loud crash is heard from the gates, then the sorcerers begin getting weapons*
ha!, we have you at our grasp now you fiends!, CHARGE! said a familiar voice
dammit! he's with them! everyone block the doors! barked the swamp hag
*the femme fieras begin barricading the door with the bookshelves*
everyone we must go to the swamps now! silknight shouted

and with that the femme fieras disappeared into the swamps' murky waters, until their next attack.

Russel Dapat
01-30-2016, 02:49 AM
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01-31-2016, 05:02 AM
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