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Pocket Legends: Alterra at War
Episode 1: Vindicta
Chapter 1: Friendship

After the fall of Alterra, the Elf Queen was taken as a prisoner by Dark Alterra, a group of armed rebels led by Silknight the Witch. They said they will soon take over the whole world, and exterminate anything that’s in their way. Years later, a group of bears known as the “Rushians”, created a powerful organization called, “Union of Ursan Socialist Republics” (UUSR). Their mission was to destroy Dark Alterra, and reconquer the capital. This conflict was known as the Alterran Civil War. Millions of soldiers and citizens died during this horrific war. In the first episode, we will see the two rebel soldiers who saved the world from danger…

Mikhailov: “The rebels of Silknight have already taken Alterra and the Elf Queen. They’ve murdered thousands of innocent civilians and spilled destruction on us. Our first battle was when we tried invading Balefort to claim our victory, but as the result, this… was our worst battle ever…”

Forest Haven Cemetery, Alterra
The grass was smooth like hair and cold like ice. As I escaped from death, my eyes were opening and closing like doors. When my eyes were wide open, I saw as if I was in a nightmare. Bloody Rushian corpses littered everywhere. Even their eyes were wide open after they were killed. Seemed to me the Dark Alterrans were gone, so I crawled like a baby, desperately famished for milk. The tombstones and corpses surrounded me as I kept crawling. Suddenly, I heard a shush. Shocked, I thought it was them, but it was actually a commander, slouching on an old tombstone. Mikhailov.
Mikhailov: “Shh… I need your help.”
Good. Now, I had little company.
Mikhailov: “Stay with me, and we can escape from this situation…”
As we crawled, we hid behind a big bush.
Mikhailov: “I can’t no longer snipe. You’ll do it for me, and watch the path.”
He handed me a scoped bolt action rifle as a group of soldiers, armed with swords and spears, headed to meet the enchantress, with a dark robe and the mask of death.
Mikhailov: “That cruel witch, Silknight, is the one who caused the downfall of Alterra. She was once an assistant with the Elf Queen, now she started this. She will soon meet her death just like the rest of our fallen soldiers. Don’t shoot yet. By the time the group is gone, we’ll go to Dark Forest to meet with the UUSR.”
It seemed to me that it’ll take forever for them to leave, but it was actually a minute. Or so it seemed…
Mikhailov: “They’re gone. Now’s our chance to go!”
We quietly slipped like wolves hunting for their prey. There was an another path that directed us to an old mausoleum. Checking that the coast was clear, Mikhailov opened the rusty gate.
Mikhailov: “This way… It’s dark, but it’s our way to home!”

To Be Continued...

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