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02-17-2016, 08:17 PM
Pocket Legends: Alterra at War
Episode 2: Turning Point
Chapter 2: Iron Blood

The Rushian soldiers charged armed their rifles with their bayonets attached headed towards the trenches for cover. Few of the Rushians got shot by the surviving DA mercenaries with their longbows. The remaining Rushians in the trenches tried shooting at them, while the armored cars kept shooting at the gate.
UUSR Soldier: “Commander, the DA seems to be retreating, and the gate is almost destroyed!”
Mikhailov: “Our armored cars will wipe anyone in our path. Keep moving!”
RAT-TAT-TAT-TAT-TAT! The armored car’s machine gun fired rapidly at the damaged gate. One of the mages on the wall fired an explosive projectile with her staff. BOOM! The trench rumbled for a second with dirt and dust flying everywhere.
Mikhailov: “Comrade, use the pumpkin chunker! Destroy the gate to let the cars through!” *pointing next to me*
A big, orange crossbow with a explosive pumpkin grenade attached. It’s basically like a grenade launcher that shoots pumpkins. I quickly grabbed at looked at the scope.
Mikhailov: “First, fire at the soldiers on the wall! Every one of them must be wiped out.”
I pulled the trigger with the finger, and- BOOM! The pumpkin went straight flying at the soldiers. The pumpkin now transformed into an explosion as the DA troops fallen into the trenches with flames in their armor.
Mikhailov: “Again!”
I quickly reloaded it and did the same process until there were no more.
Mikhailov: “Fire it at the gate!”
Aiming perfectly at the gate, the pumpkin grenade went flying through the portcullis. KA-BOOM! The gate had blown into pieces of burnt scraps of metal. Behind me, a group of Rushians and Mikhailov suddenly got out of the trenches and charged. Also, the armored cars were passing the big wall (which was the gate to Dark Forest).
Mikhailov: “We have now crossed the border of Dark Forest! Now’s the opportunity to defeat those foul animals!”
As I followed him, behind me, the soldiers that supported me ran up the stairs of the wall and cheering for victory.
Mikhailov: “You see how it is, comrade? *laughs* They will have nowhere to go once we will arrive at Balefort for a battle party!”
Marcus was leading the battle, while I was supporting him, while the soldiers were supporting me, too! Suddenly, Mikhailov ran and took cover behind the brick fence from the explosion. I was next to him and so of my companions.
Mikhailov: “Still using the elves for artillery again! *signals me to come* Snipe them just like we defended Forest Haven!”
Looking at my iron sight, I pulled the trigger and it directly hit at the elve’s head. With blood spraying on her head, I did the same method at the another mage.
Mikhailov: “Comrades, fire! Wipe those filthy elves out!”
BANG! BANG! BANG! Bullets went flying over the air and some of them were placing ammo clips into the bolt. Few of them threw molotov cocktails as they crashed into the earth. Seems to me that all of the mages were deceased since there were no more explosions. Mikhailov quickly passed to an another building which was a barn as we followed him. He ordered two Rushians to open the barn door.
Mikhailov: “Open the door! There will be no place for them to hide!”
But it wasn’t the DA soldiers, because right they unlocked the door, the door smashed into wooden bits as two of them went flying and smacked to the ground, dead. Suddenly, an green enormous crocodile with a giant-like body crashed through the barn, and roared at us as green saliva went flying everywhere.

To Be Continued...