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Pocket Legends: Alterra at War
Episode 2: Turning Point
Chapter 3: Taste of Victory

Without hesitation, the pumpkin grenade went flying straight forwards to the croc’s head and exploded into bits of mixed burnt flesh, ash, and flames. The headless croc crashed into the earth, shaking the leaves of the trees. The Rushians cheered me for killing the vicious beast, but Mikhailov silenced them.
Mikhailov: “You can celebrate later when we arrive at Balefort. Right now, those crocs must be exterminated before we arrive into the DA camp!”
They nodded and ran to random ruined houses for extra defense, yelling their war cries. Now, Mikhailov and I were on our own. Mikhailov ran to the second story building and we ran up the wooden stairs as the wood creaked. On top of the roof, he advised to stay down and keep quiet.
Mikhailov: “There are still more crocs blocking our way to the camp! Blow them into bits so we can advance!”
I don’t need to repeat him again, so I reloaded the pumpkin chunker and aimed at the giant croc that was near me.
Mikhailov: “FIRE!”
KA-BOOM! The grenade flew into the croc’s chest burst into flames as I reloaded an another pumpkin bomb. This time, one of the crocs noticed the explosion, and glared at front of us. It roared and charged at the house to shred us into little pieces of meat.
Mikhailov: “Look out! Croc incoming!”
As sweat poured into my face like raindrops, PING! The grenade exploded into the croc’s body, and it crashed through the ground, with flames licking on its burnt scales.
Mikhailov: “Impressive! I bet you became a hunter before you joined the Crimson Army!”
I nodded. Hey, he guessed correctly since he noticed my hunting skills when I was young! Suddenly, on the road, more armored cars passed by as they headed towards to the DA camp.
Mikhailov: “Comrade, get on top of one of the cars. You’ll rest since you did your hard work. Everyone else, all of you must march! Follow me!”
I stepped on the steel armored car as I held onto the turret. The road was flooded with rocks and mud, so the ride went bumpy as if you were riding a horse on a carousel. Fearing the mage explosive will destroy the car and me, I quickly got out early. Mikhailov and the rest of the Rushians were marching on the dirt, so I followed him for extra support.
UUSR Soldier: “Commander, our armored cars cannot advance due to the artillery!”
Mikhailov: “We’ll send these filthy animals to the abyss! We’ll advance first before the armored cars! CHARGE!”
As I passed the armored cars, a huge camp, filled with wooded hedgerows, and barbed wire. Many Rushian soldiers roared with courage and anger as they were about to stab the DA soldiers deeply with their sharp bayonets and shoot their brains. One of the Rushians were killed by the camp tower, but was immediately shot down by the armored cars. As I charged with Mikhailov, I noticed biplanes up the sky as they dive bombed at the DA camp, with huge explosions.
Mikhailov: “Yes! *grins* The bombers will drop death on them! We’ll easily take over Dark Forest, and then Balefort!”
As the Rushians charged towards the gate camp, some of them shot the remaining DA troops inside their tents. Others beheaded the corpses and placed them on top of their bayonets, roaring with victory and anger. God, so much for revenge and victory... I noticed a small group of DA soldiers escaping from the camp, due to the armored cars, bombers, and the Ursan Army.
Mikhailov: “Cowards! Shoot them all! They can’t even fight like warriors!”
BANG! BANG! BANG! Blood splattered behind their backs and fell to the earth, while few of them tried to escape by crawling, but was immediately shot by Mikhailov. The roaring of the planes and the rumbling of the armored cars flew up the golden sky and the dirt. Ruined tents, flames, dead DA soldiers, all of them transformed into a big, demolished camp as smoke went up into the sky.
UUSR Soldier: “Commander, the DA are retreating! We’ve won Dark Forest!”
Mikhailov: “They will not come back, not only because they’re scared, but they’ll have more protection at Balefort. When we arrive, there will be mountains of bloody, dead soldiers! On top of the peak, there will be the witch of betrayal and death, Silknight!”
There was a big group of Rushians, cheering for victory as they put their rifles up into the air, with big smiles on their faces. Others shot their rifles up the sky, believing it’ll frighten Dark Alterran army. In front of them, Mikhailov stepped on top of the forthcoming armored car as he made his speech.
Mikhailov: “Comrades, I will thank all of you, for joining the Crimson Army! I know some of you lost your loved ones, but they will pay by sleeping in their graves! When we arrive to Balefort, we will raise our flag to show that Dark Alterra has been wiped forever! Finally, by the help of my friend, *puts arm on my shoulder* I would like to thank him, because if he joined the grave, we wouldn’t win this civil war! From now on, call him as, “Hero of Rushia!”
My seriousness had suddenly transformed into pleasure as the Rushians cheered. All of them were actually thanking me and supporting me! I never felt very happy ever since when I was a little cub.
Mikhailov: “Our armored cars, our planes, and our rifles, will storm in Balefort! Follow me, my fellow comrades! We will win this war! URAAAAA!”

To Be Continued...

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