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Russel Dapat
02-19-2016, 08:01 PM
Silknight had been gone for a few months, Krystal wondered, was she captured by the elf queen, was she killed on her way or was she training hard? the entire femme fieras clan wondered, how would they survive if their strongest and most powerful leader were to be defeated, Krystal was very worried, her training wasn't complete, she didn't know how to lead the femme fieras into victory, how would they survive if even a single clue would show their location and make the clan be forgotten forever, how would she be able to harness the dark arts then? Krystal searched in Silknight's dorm, se searched for her plans and found one, it was to assassinate the elf queen, she wanted to prove Silknight that she was worthy of the throne after she died, Krystal knew that even one mistake would make them be in ruins, but she was still determined to kill the elf queen, she then seeked the femme fieran elder's guidance.

elders! i need assistance, said Krystal
and what may that be? replied the animator
should i send the femme fieras to assassinate the elf queen? asked Krystal
there are risks to that young one, warned the swamp hag
i'm willing to take the risks, replied Krystal
why? do you want us to be wiped out of the face of the earth? asked Frogmar
No, i want to prove my worth to Silknight, replied Krystal

the elf queen travelled from the Fair to the forest haven, the elf queen needed to appoint and discuss matters with Sirin.

my queen! how can i be of help? asked Sirin
Sirin, i have things to discuss with you, replied the elf queen
Sirin, i need you to help me find where the femme fiera are added the elf queen
but, that can take years! replied Sirin
i know but the femme fiera must be defeated before they become stronger, said the elf queen
how do you know about this? asked Sirin
Nuri prophesied for me, she told me that if we don't beat them while they are still weakened, we will be defeated in the war they are planning, replied the elf queen
Very well then, i shall send spies and scouts to look for even a trace of them, said Sirin

Sirin did so, the spies searched for the femme fieras but to no avail, meanwhile Silknight was in Arlor training one of the most darkest magic, death magic, she was taught the art through the necromancers, and finished learning the art, the magic was devastating, for when she would summon the dead to her bidding, they lasted for more than a month, silknight was filled with the perverse enjoyment of this dark magic, Silknight was returning to Alterra, Krystal knew of this, but she wanted to surprise her.

i want to announce something to all femme fiera, announced Krystal
the femme fieras payed Krystal attention
The strongest of the femme fieras will be given chance to have the honor of killing the elf queen herself, since silknight already gave you the new weapons i will travel with the strongest now, added Krystal

the strongest of the femme fieras and Krystal travelled to forest manor, the elf queen was there, she was expecting them but wanted them to be lured into her trap, she had the elfguard hiding in her manor, as the femme fieras came into the elf queen's house, they were already in, the elf queen trapped them, to Krystal's surprise the femme fieras had already blasted the elfqueen into her throne, the throne had been broken and exploded due to the barrels being there, the elf queen stood up seeming unharmed, she shielded herself from the femme fieras' blasts of dark magic, the femme fieras then focused attacking on the elfguard defending the elf queen, since the strongest of the femme fieras recieved the evilest and strongest items in the femme fieras' clan (such as the voodoo staff, Chiroptera staff, bad mojo staff etc. etc. etc.), yet even if the femme fieras had weapons stronger than before, Krystal remained faithful to her ice staff they had overpowered the elfguard and the elfguard were forced into fleeing, the elf queen knew what had to be done, she did one of her strongest magic spells, she had blasted the femme fieras out of the castle, even though the castle fell into ruins, she was still alright due to her possessing to power of the orb of nature, Krystal thew an icebolt at the elf queen's face, this was what Krystal had been waiting for a duel with the elf queen herself, Krystal and the elf queen fought long and hard, while the other femme fieras were fending off the avian and Ursan forces mercilessly, the femme fieras had electrocuted the avians blinding their vision and snapping their bows and talons in half, the avians had fled from the fight completely, the ursan however remained vigilant and fought the femme fieras with all their strength, before the elf queen could order the ursan to lead the other femme fieras to more ursans, Krystal froze her, and with a blast shattered the ice, she was damaged, but she remained strong, she waited for the group of femme fieras to line up, and then she blasted them away into the sky, landing in a place not known to the elf queen, but before Krystal could be blasted away she had weakened the elf queen by entombing her in ice, that's when the elfguard and enchantresses knew that this war would not be easy to win, weeks later the elf queen was alright, but her magic was still drastically weakened, Silknight heard of the news.

Krystal what have you done? why did you disobey me!? asked silknight
M-master i just wanted to prove my worth to you replied Krystal
Indeed you have, thanks to you, she has been weakened and this has caused the elfguard and avians to focus on her healing and not finding us, praised Silknight
thank you Krystal, with this i'll be able to travel to the underworld easier, added Silknight

Silknight travelled to the underworld the very next day, Krystal had been proud of what she had done, and the femme fieras were filled with perverse joy.

(F.Y.I: the Krystal in the caves is different from Krystal the witch)