View Full Version : S>Devourer Bow of Potency Lv13 2xPara

02-23-2016, 07:18 AM
Dev Bow of Pot Lv13 2x PARA
Frigid Pot Set Lv13 4x EYES
Vigo Pot Ring lv13 CLEAN
Eerie Pot Amulet Lv13 GrandWind&EYE
Also selling Nekro's Egg

Eloia Bow Pot Lv16
Ancient/Frigid Pot Set Lv16 4x EYES
PARA/EYE Ring Lv15-16
Eerie Pot Amulet Lv16 2x EYES

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If its possible i can trade my lv13 items to your lv16 items.
My ign: Windyplace