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Russel Dapat
02-27-2016, 05:13 AM
The elf queen had been quite worried about the state of snowpeak mountain, would it be overrun by the rogues, demons and yetis? she had sent an letter to Vangelina the leader of the frost-enchantresses' clan, which is connected to the enchantresses you normally see in townes, except snow peak mountain of course, the frost enchantresses do more ice magic than the enchantresses, Sela is an exceptionally talented enchantress and devoted to doing magic for the greater good of Alterra.

Silknight had planned where to if they were to be found, they would temporarily hide in the shadow caves until they would have the chance to transport onyx to blacksmoke mountain, she knew of this information due to tomes in her possession, tomes that had information about many kinds of creatures, including types of demons, trolls, yeti, golems and etc. she had planned to use the crystals she had infused her evil magic with to aid Onyx's power, with this she thought would cause problems to the elf queen and cause her much more agony, Silknight's mind had been polluted with her own sadistic and evil desire to rid of the elf queen, The founder of the femme fieras is no other than Marlow, the evil enchantress that had betrayed the elf queen, it was through Marlow's actions the Femme fiera's pride and goal were obtained. power, knowledge and evil magics were all the femme fiera needed in order to win the war they were waging against all the enchantresses that followed the path of the light, it was through Marlow the Avians could not fly, could not be free to fly away, the Femme Fiera also wanted to learn of her dark art, her magic no one had been able to fully master yet.

the elf queen had been expecting the vixens and paladins to come to Alterra, she knew that if they were to aid her with fighting they would surely have the upper hand, but now she would have to worry about finding their hideout. months passed while the elf queen waited for news about the femme fieras' hideout

My queen, the femme fieras has been spotted at snowpeak mountain, an elfguard ranger said
the femme fiera are doing demon summons again, but this time they summoned the ice king, an very powerful ice demon, the elfguard ranger added.
Thank you, i must write a message to Vangelina straight away, replied the elf queen

The elf queen had sent another letter to Vangelica, but she also received a letter for Vangelica telling her she's doing her best to restrict more frost enchantresses from becoming rogue, the elf queen had become more distressed then, would this act anger silknight and cause her to shower her wrath all over snowpeak mountain? just then an group of adventurers came to the elf queen's palace.

My Queen! we will defeat the evil frost enchantresses, ice demons and yetis for you! said an Elven adventurer
But, would that not be too much of a task for you? asked the elf queen
No, we'll be able to do it, replied an Avian adventurer
Then i must do all i can to help! said the elf queen

The elf queen then came to her library of Alchemy, and searched for elixir recipes to aid the adventurers in their quest, The elf queen announced her elixir gifting to be an Daily Blessing given to Heroes, the elf queen's were powerful and potent, but with a catch, if the heroes were not to get it when the elf queen had finished brewing the elixir, it would slowly Waste away.

Hawken, an trader, he would slay demons, rogues and etc. for their weapons, armor, demon eyes, and etc. Hawken would sell his items at forest haven to Ellie the enchantress, and as well as some other townes, Silknight knew that if she were to kidnap Hawken, it would stop the flow of weapons from the elfguard and enchantresses.

Mistress silknight! said an femme fieras mage
what brings you to my presence? asked Silknight
my sources tell me that the frost enchantresses know of our presence replied the femme fieras mage
and that adventurers are killing some of our frost enchantress allies and the ice demons as well, added the femme fieras mage
Very well, you are dismissed replied Silknight, the femme fieras mage leaves Silknight's room
now... how do i stop those gold-hungry goody-goods? Silknight asked herself

Silknight then went to the femme fieras elders to counsel her next move was

elders, we have been founded by the elfguard and enchantresses what should i do? asked Silknight
you must plan according to what the frost enchantresses and adventurers do, replied the swamp hag
you should also cause mayhem unto other townes to make the adventurers wander there, added the animator
then we must summon demons throughout Alterra, replied Silknight
You could also aid the bandit king and queen, said the swamp hag
they could use some of our femme fieras mages, added the animator
thank you elders, replied silknight

Silknight had sent some femme fieras to aid the bandit king and queen under the sewers, the bandit king and queen agreed to fight on the femme fieras' side
the bandit king and queen had sent their new femme fieras mages, rogue archers, and rogue warriors to steal from balefort castle everyday.

The adventurers were practicing fighting techniques, they trained long and hard, for many months, The elf queen had heard many of the adventurer's doing she thought that Alterra still had an ray of hope, The elf queen had sent armies to confront the femme fieras but it had seemed that the femme fieras had overpowered her troops, with the ice demons, yetis and the olde guarde on the femme fieras' side they could surely destroy her troops with ease, the elf queen had thought of even more battle tactics, even though she was hundreds of years old, she was still in confusion of what the femme fieras were planning to do.