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Russel Dapat
02-28-2016, 05:30 AM
the elf queen had been watching the generals of her army training with the band of adventurers and new recruits

are the adventurers almost finished with their training? asked Captain Burthis
they are near completion, replied the elf queen
are you sure they can handle the skeleton cult? asked Captain Burthis
yes, their presence is heroic replied the elf queen

Silknight had cancelled the idea of hiding, instead Silknight had thought that if her attack were to be swift and powerful it would destroy Alterra quickly, Silknight did not hesitate to summon evil back unto the land of Alterra
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she had made a deal with Onyx, to transport Onyx to the Dragon's lair, summoned zombies and sent femme fieran necromancers to aid in the battle against Nuri's fair, The bandit king and queen had told her that the apprentices were getting killed due to the fact that they were getting hunted down by rangers, so
Silknight had sent the veteran wizards of the femme fieras, Silknight had sent the veterans because she knew that the veterans were skilled and capable of destroying elfguard, enchantresses and stealing, now one last thing was needed before they could do what their new plan was, they needed to help the goblin shamans in Humania, but to do so she needed to travel there, she put Krystal in charge again, she had thought of teleporting there, but it would be risky, since to teleport she would be sensed by the nearby adventurers, so she were to travel using a disguise
because she had seen the mount fang residents before, she had to keep down her magic while travelling to prevent her dark magical presence from being felt, she travelled from snowpeak mountain to Humania, though she had been tired while walking she still made it.

The elf queen had been sending patrols to watch over the townes, though there had been reports of evil surrounding Alterra she was not worried, for the heroes of the realm were almost ready to fend off the evil and monsters that had been cast, and there were also a few heroes that were already fighting, those heroes were doing what they could to make the progress of the femme fieras slower.

what brings you here? Silknight asked an goblin
i would like to aid you, if you were to agree to my terms and conditions... replied Silknight
and what may your aid bring unto us? asked the goblin
i will summon golems and i will give you ritual totems for the ritual your kind always wanted to conduct, replied silknight
the ritual of ho'opi'opi'o? asked the goblin
Yes replied silknight
what will the price be? asked the goblin
i want your alliance, and i need your kind to harass Humans replied Silknight
Very well, I agree to your terms, replied the goblin

Silknight had then traveled once more to return home victorious with the deal.