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Pocket Legends: Alterra at War
Episode 4: One Step Forward
Chapter 2: The Stronghold

The whole group of soldiers marched out of the ruined brick wall. A giant white mansion with golden, ruined roof tiles that was partially destroyed by Silknight’s soldiers since there giant holes and flames surrounding the mansion. We knew that the Dark Alterrans are inside, using it as a stronghold, packed with sandbags and large cannons. Suddenly, arrows shot from the stronghold by the Rogue archers. Also, there were huge fireballs coming straight at one of the ruined buildings. Huge flames kept licking in each building, each room.
Mikhailov: “That huge mansion over there is the Elf Queen’s home, the Harmony Mansion! Those disgusting vermins are hiding inside! We must wipe them out for the Elf Queen!”
Luckily, we were defended by a wall of armored cars, ruined furniture, and a wall of sandbags.
UUSR Soldier: “Our armored cars can’t move up by the stronghold!”
Mikhailov: “Once we clear the courtyard, there will be a bloodbath for them!”
Using walls of sandbags for cover, one by one, I shot every soldier in every window, and every hole in the ruined mansion. Few of the rooms inside were painted with blood by the corpses. Several soldiers were heading towards the main entrance as they kept shooting. Later, it seems that there were no more Rogue mages and archers left from the shooting.
Mikhailov: “To the stronghold! There are still soldiers remaining in the mansion, so watch out!”
As we ran on the rusty grass, our boots stepped on the grass as they crunched. In the entrance, most of the bushes were crumbled into ashes during the invasion of Dark Alterra. The few of them survived, but they had no leaves. The gate was locked, but one of the Rushians climbed over and kicked the gate so hard, CLANG! The Rushians cheered as they charged to the mansion doors. The entry hall, surrounded by pure marble, was transformed into holes of giant walls, demolished pillars, and broken pieces of expensive furniture. As we went inside, the whole troops splitted up to see if there are remaining DA soldiers left. As we ran upstairs on the ruined marble staircase, Mikhailov lead to the right.
Mikhailov: “The Elf Queen’s home was once a mansion filled with harmony, but now, it’s partially demolished by those disgusting roaches. This way, follow me!”
We passed many large rooms, but they have been destroyed during the invasion of Balefort. The floor was littered with dirt, large pieces of marble walls. There was also blood stains on walls, including at the dirty, marble floor. Outside of the mansion, a large courtyard, packed with brown leaves, dead trees, a dried riverbed, and finally, a floor of gray grass. Suddenly, Rogue archers appeared at the rooftops and shot right at us. Marcus and I ran to one of the corridors outside as we hid behind the wall.
Mikhailov: “Rogue Archers! Comrade, take them out!”
POK! POK! POK! The lying archers tumbled as they rolled down in the ruined golden roof tiles and sank into the marble floor. The Rushians kept shooting as they used the trees and the dead bushes for cover, while the archers were being gunned down by bolt action rifles. One of the troops, with a Rogue enchantress, was about to aim at our soldiers by using fireballs with her hands.
Mikhailov: “MAGE! Shoot her!”
BANG! BANG! BANG! The bullets fired at the dark, magic shield that surrounded the Rogue mage, but as they hit them, they fell.
Mikhailov: “Use the pumpkin chunker!”
Quickly, I equipped the pumpkin chunker from the fallen Rushian soldier and- BOOM! The pumpkin grenade went straight at the mage and the DA archers and a dark-crimson explosion appeared, as demolished pieces of roof tiles and marble walls flew everywhere. The smoke disappeared and the DA that were fighting on the roof, vanished. That moment was like a bandit using a smoke bomb and after the smoke vanishes, so did he.
Mikhailov: “Comrades, be more like him! Just like I said earlier, no mercy will be given to them. This way, once we will take over the stronghold, we will march again!”
The troops began charging to the destroyed door as they jumped over empty windows. Inside, all that remains were destroyed furnitures, giant holes from marble walls, and a fallen, golden, destroyed chandelier.
Mikhailov: “This way, Ursans. Upstairs!
As we went up the second floor, a giant hole appeared with a slide of bricks and dirt. Mikhailov stopped and ordered his following soldiers.
Mikhailov: “All of you soldiers must check every room to see if those beasts are still alive in the stronghold. *looks at me* Comrade, sit down in one of the chairs. You’ve earned your rest.”
About a minute later, one of the soldiers came upstairs as he saluted Mikhailov.
UUSR Soldier: “Commander, there is not a single DA soldier remaining alive! Also, reinforcements are coming right now!”
Right at that moment, loud gunshots erupted my ears. Quickly, I took a peek at the giant broken window. Several armored cars were driving in the middle of the street, while hundreds of soldiers were charging as they passed the heavy armored vehicles.
Mikhailov: “They said they will keep us fighting, and now they are here!”

To Be Continued...

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