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03-20-2016, 07:40 PM
'Ello, everyone! I am making a series called 'Noobs of Alor'. Not much else to say but sit back and enjoy the four noobs find their way!

The Main Noob
The Wise Noob
The Temmie Noob
and staring THE CAPS LOCK NOOB

Only was it recently these four gamers came to Arcane Legends and Spacetime Studios a whole. In real life, these four noobs don't know each other but who knows? Maybe they will soon team up, I don't know man! Now less chit chat, let us start this ADVENTUREE!
The Main Noob logs into Arcane Legends normally. He starts thinking, "Well, this ain't SO bad!". He compeletes the 'tutoriel' and goes in the inn like normal. He accepts Jordan's quest and off he went to save Windmoore from those evil NASTY goblins! "Alright, seems pretty straight foward, 'Kill untill you reach exit lul.'." he thought. He also encountered some other players like 'Douwanabad' and 'Itsjustafleshwound". At the same exact time he started the quest to kill goblins, someone also has logged in, a man who knew what to do, one who knew only a bit about the game but is a high level anyways...
The Wise Noob logs into Arcane Legends normally, he seems to be in Kragg doing just about nothing. He is level 14. "Alright I'm bored, lets do something fun! Think Jim, THINK!" he thought about in his head. Suddenly a idea rushed into his head! He can stal--no, too creepy. He can...He can...Oh forget it, he had nothing to do! "I guess I can do that questline." he said in his head. So he got up his butt, and went to the Dead City. He starts the questline, 'Kill till u reach the end lul'. So he did. He killed those skeletons like a Sliver Hand fighting the Scourge in World of Warcraft! At the end, he finished the quest and went on to the next zone, Dead City. But when he goes in, he is kicked out because he needs to clean up his inventory. When that happens, a new player logs on for the first time...
"H0i, im TEMMMIE" the noob said to everyone in the inn. "LOLOLLL JUST A RANDUM OUTBURST! XDXD!" he said. Everyone sighed. This noob hasen't even started the questline and he is annoying everyone! One of the players, 'Opplienobbie', called them the 'Temmie Noob'. Of course he likes the name but calls noob newb. "oh well, tiem to start dem quest!" he said. So he starts the quest and goes into the forest to kill the goblins. While in there, he meets up with Main Noob. He invites him into a party...Accidently. Main Noob accepts it. "So uh, hi." Main Noob says. "HOIIII HI MY NAME IS TEMMIE NEWB!!!!LOLOLLXD!!!111" Temmie Noob says. Main Noob is disgusted but hey, he invited him to a party so who cares? Free XP for both of them! At that exact time, another new player logs on , ready to play this great game!
This noob is awfully silent, but he seems really good at Arcane Legends. Almost for him to not be a noob? Nope. Anyways, he begins his quest in the forest and starts killing goblins for the quest hes doing. Main Noob and Temmie noob already left the zone, so this noob is alone. For a moment this zone was empty...Untill a guy joined the zone. The player 'Loopiefive' invites him to a group. "so hiya, i like your playstyle" Loopie said. "Thanks, I really LIKE YOUR PLAYSTYLE TOO, WE SHOULD BE FRIENDS!" The Noob said. Loopie stops fighting for a second. "hey uh, your caps lock is on..." he said nervously. "I DON'T THINK SO, ARE YOU SURE YOU AIN'T FIBBIN'?" The noob says. Then it came to him, his caps lock is broken! "OH NO, MY CAPS LOCK IS BROKEN! I KNEW I SHOULD I GOTTEN A BETTER KEYBOARD!" he screams. Loopie does a tell to him, "i will call you....caps lock noob." he said. "I GUESS THAT'S OKAY!" he screams. After that little talk, CAPS LOCK NOOB and Loopie level up together. That was Day 1 of our great adventure of noobs! Hopefully they will all do good, right? RIGHTTT??


(This might have bad formating, so sorry 'bout that because I'm on Tapatalk.)

(Also, I will keep posting parts/days in this one thread.)


(You can also request to be in the story, too!)

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Sorry guys that I havent made a sequal. I got some family things going on so you gotta wait for the next part. Sorry! Untill now, RESERVED.

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07-31-2016, 09:38 PM
Lol the temmie noob, Undertale reference much?

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