View Full Version : Nerf 46 war arcane sword

Jeremiah-prince Emokpae
03-31-2016, 03:44 AM
Most wars won't admit it because they have been suffering for so long but it needs a nerf
How can I get axed across like 10 lava procs and lose nearly all my life keep in mind I have 1.9k armour and 5.7k HP(rouge)

It procs so much sometimes I can't even see its ridiculous and is ruining 46 pvp.... don't worry people say just go 56 it will die out. What about the people including me who will keep couple chars 46 to twink.

Nerf nerf nerf pls because if any other class had the same'op process wars would also cry. I don't see how its even fun to spam dips, do you guys even enjoy it? Like its just boring.

Best solution for this is to leave it as it is for pve but reduce process rate for pvp

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