View Full Version : Past and Present

04-13-2016, 09:03 PM
Before, I wanted a Malison.

Now, I wanted a Nekro. Good thing I have found a cheaper Nekro. Thanks for the seller. Hahaha!

Before, I wanted a Himingleva Set.

Now, I wanted a Glintstone Set. :( still can't craft it. the materials are too many that made this expensive.

Before, I wanted a LVL31 Mythic Bow. (Sorry, forgot the name.)

Now, I wanted an Arcane Daggers which I already got :> Yehey!

Before, I wanted a winter star ring or an Archon Ring.

Now, I wanted a Rendtail. Unfortunately, still dont have it. :(

Before, I wanted a Paragon Title.

Now, Infamous. :'> Which I already have.


They said, be contented what you already have. What I say is, I am already contented. But, if you can still make some more, better than what you have, aim for it. Do not be hopeless. Try and try until you succeed. But please, still don't forget your studies, work and family! HAHAHA! You might keep on aiming for your game but you can't give time for what is more important in life. Fortune favours the bold. :D keep smiling!

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