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Pocket Legends: Alterra at War
Episode 5: Domination
Chapter 2: Victory or Death

Before we were about to go into the the tunnel, there was a huge wooden sign on the cobblestone that said: “The Sewers are ruled by the Bandit Boys! Criminal savages of the greedy demon who calls himself “Gold Fever!”
Mikhailov: “They are only trying to scare us, but we never take one step back! To the heart of Alterra!”
As we kept running, our faces were sweating and we were breathing heavily. Our bolt-action rifles were wet because our sweaty hands were holding them while running. Torches on the wall were still burning as rats moved around the sewers. The green sewer river looked next to us reeked like rotten fish as skeletons floated like a boat.
Mikhailov: “Halt!”
All of us crouched down as we aimed our rifles at the small hallway, ready to shoot the charging rebels. FSSSHHHT! White smoke burst from the pipes and the whole hallway was nothing but a huge cloud of smoke. The whole soldiers were complaining, except me. They were coughing and were furious. The officers tried wiping the smoke off with their hands. Suddenly, the smoke vanished.
Mikhailov: “Don’t worry. It’s just smoke gas! They’re not chemical weapons! They must’ve-”
A war cry erupted and suddenly, DA soldiers and the armed Bandit Boys were charging with their swords, daggers, and their spears from the right hallway.
The soldiers with the heavy machine guns ran back and prone, aiming down at the iron sights. The riflemen were into position as they crouched down, including me. I was next in front of Mikhailov and the rest of the officers.
Mikhailov: “Wait for my command!”
My face kept sweating faster than every second. The rifle attached to a bayonet I was holding was shaking a little bit. Fear and determination rose up as more Silknight’s troops kept charging. All of us are going to die, but we’re going to be remembered as honored soldiers. Maybe not all of us. The next thing I knew, Mikhailov equipped his blade from his sword belt.
All: “URAAAH!!!”
Our bayonets stabbed their bloody hearts as their black armor splattered out blood. On the cobblestone floor, blood was everywhere. Most of our comrades had fallen, but we kept fighting. One of the Rushians punched one of the DA soldiers with their big paws heavily. Others grabbed their bayonets from the rifles and stabbed one of the Bandit Boy’s throats. Roaring for victory, Mikhailov's sabre stabbed and sliced the Dark Alterran troops. As I kept shooting at them, the enemy soldiers felled into the river. The Rushians that were using the heavy machine guns kept firing at the hallway. POK! POK! POK! POK! POK! There were piles of dead soldiers bloodied from the ammunition. After a bloody ambush, the comrades checked to see if our soldiers were killed.
UUSR Officer: “We’ve only lost 15 men, commander!”
Mikhailov: “About 10 of you carry the fallen back to the Muck Hovel. After we cleared the sewers, you will come with us!”
The medic soldiers were lucky. They didn’t need to fight. Anyway, they placed the corpses in the stretchers and marched out of the sewers.
Mikhailov: “Move out, comrades!”
We headed to the sewer hallway, leaving the murdered DA soldiers behind. As we marched, cobwebs, skeletons, and empty treasure chests surrounded us. Also, the sewers and the conditions were horrible and all of us are sweating like mad.
Mikhailov: “Check around! See if there are any survivors!”
All of the troops split up into three groups as they searched the whole area. Most of the soldiers opened chests, but all they found was swords and daggers. Few of them were guarding the entrance of the hallway to see if the DA soldiers came or not. Mikhailov and the rest of the soldiers kept searching. Suddenly, he spotted a single Dark Alterran soldier with four prisoners. They weren’t civilians, but the rebels of Alterra’s Diamonds, a rebel alliance that served the Elf Queen. We stood back, eavesdropping the Dark Alterran knight behind us.
DA Soldier: “You filthy soldiers. Did you really think that the reds are going to save you wretched lives?!”
Suddenly, he grabbed one of the prisoners and was about to slice his throat with his dagger.
Quickly, I ran to the Dark Alterran soldier equipped with my bayonet without notice. I grabbed him and I stabbed his throat multiple times as he kept screaming.
DA Soldier: “AAARGH!!! *choking and spitting out blood*
Later, he stopped moving and I let him go, crashing him in the floor with his helmet, bloodstained.
The rest of the comrades came and cut the ropes from the AD prisoners.
AD Soldier #1: “Thank the Elf Queen! Without you, Rushians, we would’ve been dead by now!”
AD Soldier #2: “Are we winning the war?”
Mikhailov: “You can thank us, later. Right now, tell us what the DA are doing right now.”
*Looks back at the comrades*
Mikhailov: “Go on, comrades! The rest of you officers, can stay with me. I will meet you there at the exit.”
Without further ado, the Rushians marched out of the room. Mikhailov kept questioning the AD soldier.
Mikhailov: “Report us about the DA, and we will let you go.”
UUSR Officer: “Tell us why those beasts invaded our Motherland?”
AD Soldier #1: “Well, Silknight thought that she did not have enough land. So she started invading Dark Forest, and then Forest Haven…”
AD Soldier # 2: “Her plan failed because your ultimate weapon, the rocket artillery, frightened her troops. Our Majesty is pleased of you strong Ursans.”
AD Soldier # 3: “Now, Silknight’s infuriated because her troops failed her. Now she has nowhere to go since your soldiers surrounded the capital.”
AD Soldier # 4: “I’m guessing that the DA’s building their final stronghold in the Elf Queen’s palace.”
UUSR Officer: “Anything else?”
*AD Soldier shakes his head*
Mikhailov: “Release them.”
The AD soldiers ran from the room and that was the last time we saw them.
Mikhailov: “Let’s go, comrades!”
We marched out of the room, leaving the bleeding corpse behind. As we ran into the tunnel, we saw light in front of us. As we marched out of the tunnel, there was a big group of Rushians, armed with rifles and double barreled shotguns. One of the officers noticed Mikhailov and saluted him.
UUSR Officer: “Commander Mikhailov, thank Alterra! We need your help.”
The officer walked to the big gate, chained with metal locks. Frustrated, the officer kicked it.
UUSR Officer: “We must find a way to bust this thing out!”
Looking around, I suddenly saw five oil barrels at the corner which was next to the empty tent. I ran to there and carried one of the oil barrels. Mikhailov saw me carrying a oil barrel and ran to me.
Mikhailov: “What are you doing, comrade?” *looks at oil barrels* “You’re a genius! *calls* “Comrades, help him carry the oil barrels!”
About ten Rushians came to help me. They carried the oil barrels as they placed at the locked gate.
UUSR Officer: “We’re going to blast the gate? Well, I hope this works…”
Mikhailov: “Go on, comrade.”
I only have a single molotov cocktail left. I ignited with a match and as the wick of the molotov burst into flames and threw it at the oil barrels. BOOM! The oil barrels bursted into a giant pool of flames and the gate door busted out and broke into flaming pieces. There was a cobblestone stairway that lead out of the Sewers. All the Rushians cheered, but Mikhailov grabbed his revolver from his gun pouch and-BANG!
Marcus: “Save your huzzah! Once the flames cool down, we’ll get out of here.”
Suddenly, there was a echoing shout from the dark tunnel.

To Be Continued…

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