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07-31-2011, 11:57 PM

It is a bit unclear to some players what "farming" or "merchanting" means and moreover, how to conduct these practices efficiently and effectively to generate wealth in Pocket Legends.
This is a basic guide providing several ways for new players to make enough gold to buy gear and support themselves.
Let's start with some basic concepts.

What does CS mean? What is the CS? How does it work?
CS stands for Consignment Shoppe.
The CS is located in Balefort Castle.
You can walk to the CS Room in Balefort Castle by going into the top leftmost room in the towne.

There will be three bird NPCs and a mage NPC.
The mage NPC, Darada, is used for Stash.
You can tap on any of the three bird NPCs to access your CS.
You can check prices, buy items from other players, sell your own items, check your current listings, and claim your sales.

You will sell all the items you have farmed or gotten through this CS service.
When you sell an item, you will have to go through a short and simple process.

First, select the item from your inventory.
Choose a price.
You can price the item to whatever amount you want, with two rules.
1. The price of the item must be higher than the listing fee.
2. The price of the item cannot exceed 9,999,999 gold.

Next, you will need to select a time period to list the item for:
3 Hour, 11 Hour, 23 Hour, and 3 Day.

Recommended time periods:
3 Hour for popular/hot items that sell fast, crafting materials
11 Hour for common items that sell quickly
23 Hour for general pinks and purples
3 Day for scaled items, holiday rares, valuable and endgame pinks and elites

There will be a small listing fee for each item you want to sell.
The listing fee is based on two factors.
1. The listing fee will be a small fraction of the price that you want to list the item for. The higher you wish to price an item at, the more it will cost you.
2. The listing fee will increase based on time periods. Longer time periods will add more gold to the fee.

After all this, you simply hit confirm and your item will be listed to the CS.
Now all you do is wait for the item to sell!

You will have 1 default CS "auction bay" per character. You will get 10 extra CS slots through purchasing a Premium Character Package, offered at the price of 45 Platinum, which grants you a total of 11 slots (10 extra slots). You can purchase more CS slots for Platinum by speaking to one of the CS Birds.

The CS will be vital in making money throughout your PL career. Make sure to use it!

What is farming?

Farming is basically known to be running a dungeon or boss over and over in search of objects to sell for gold or just direct gold.

There is no such thing as a good farmer.
There is, however, something called a dedicated and experienced farmer.
If you want to farm, you cannot just expect to get dozens of pinks by only doing a few runs and then spending the rest of your time in the Alien Oasis Spa. You must dedicate much time and energy to keep running the dungeon.
One can say you can farm anywhere. That is true.
However, common sense would say, who would farm level 10 orange-colored items?

Thus, in order to be a dedicated and experienced farmer, four core things are required.

1. Time
You must have some time on your hands to be able to farm. Sure, a few minutes every day seems fair and you just might get a pink, but for real farming an hour should be a minimum.

2. A good party
For higher level dungeons, you MUST have a good party that is just as patient as you. When you solo low level dungeons, remember to passcode lock so you do not have to boot unnecessarily.

3. Patience and perseverance
Whenever you see a pink drop to someone else, don't give up and rage quit. Simply keep farming and you will get your share eventually.

4. Good Focus/Knowledge
When you farm, it is not Monkey-See Monkey-Do. You CANNOT efficiently execute farming runs by talking to buddies every ten seconds or so. You must be focused as well, especially when it comes to high level or endgame runs, where you may even die every so often. The other key fact is knowledge. You want to know about what you are farming! You need to find the most efficient place and STAY WITH IT. Don't do one sewer run, then switch to Forest Haven, then to Alien Oasis- with that kind of dedication, you won’t get anything unless you are super lucky.

Current Farming Hotspots

This is a list that will be updated every month or so with a list of the current best farming spots in terms of efficiency and speed.
Farming spots will be listed along with what you will be aiming to farm for in each location. The full description can be found in the rest of the guide.

1. Nuri's Platinum Mini-Dungeon
-This dungeon requires 3 Platinum a pop but it has all five Nuri's Hallows bosses along with an increased drop rate of pinks and crafting materials. What you are mainly aiming for are the Glyphic Blade Steels, an orange crafting material. Make sure you do not have a luck re-roll elixir on, as it will sometimes re-roll your orange into a green and negate the drop. You must be at least level 60+ to loot Glyphic Blade Steels. The other crafting components can also drop here and they sell for some quick but small amount of gold on CS. There are also the new Prestidigitator and Merrymaker pinks which can sell for a decent amount on CS as well. Another option is to farm this dungeon with a L56 to loot scaled versions of those pinks or the regular Nuri's Hallows campaign "Glyph" pinks, but then you are unable to loot Glyphic Blade Steels.

->If you don't have any Plat to spend, an alternative would be the normal, free version of Nuri's Funhouse where you can still farm for Glyphic Blade Steels at a lower drop rate. Glyph pinks still drop as normal, so you can consider farming with a L56 character for scaled drops. However, again, you will be unable to loot Glyphic Blade Steels on a character below level 60. Furthermore, the free version does not drop the new Prestidigitator/Merrymaker pinks.

Focus: All Bosses
Drops: (mainly [L60+] Glyphic Blade Steels, L56/L60 Glyph/Prestidigitator/Merrymaker Pinks, L60 Recipes, Para Amid Components, Glyphic Weapon Woods

2. The Vampire Feast (Free Version)
-People run this with a combo elixir in hopes of looting the valuable Dragon Vanity pinks. These sell for a great amount on CS and are always in high demand. However, the Dragon Vanities have a very low drop rate and will take lots of time and effort to loot one. Make sure to run with a high level party of L70+ (L75+ endgame preferably) to farm with efficient speed. L61 scaled farming of the Sanguine, Lilith and Orlok campaign pinks is also recommended, as L61s can also loot Dragon Vanities. Since you will be doing a lot of these runs and there is no difference in loot tables between the free and paid version, you are better off running the free Vampire Feast.

Focus: All Bosses
Drops: L60 Dragon Vanities, L61 Sanguine, Lilith and Orlok Pinks

3. Blacksmoke Dungeons and Elite Dungeon- Red Dragon Slayer

Endgame is always a great place to farm for valuable and constantly in demand pinks and elites!
Red Dragon Slayer is great for anyone at L76 with a combo elixir (3x preferably) and the elite Red Dragon boss drops all campaign pinks, crafting materials and L76 elite weapons.
The alternative for L75 and lower is the rest of the dungeons (Magma Fields, Dragon's Nest and Red Dragon's Lair).
Magma Fields is notably farmed for its boss, KOAL, which drops the valuable L75 craftable set armors.

Focus: (Normal Dungeons: All Minibosses and Bosses), (Elite Dungeon: Red Dragon- Elite Boss)
Drops: (Normal Dungeons: L75 Blacksmoke Campaign Pinks, Crafting Materials, L75 Recipes), (Elite Dungeon: L76 Elite Weapons, L75 Blacksmoke Campagn Pinks, Crafting Materials, L75 Recipes)

4. Indirect Farming: Plasma Pyramid and Pentacle of Pain

These dungeons yield guaranteed gold rather than a chance to get lucky with looting a valuable item. These are always great places to farm for indirect gold or items to liquidate for fast gold by yourself or with a group. Refer to below for specific farming techniques.

Farming Methods
Every good farmer must have his methods of farming.
Here are a few places that I normally use for farming.
Listed below is the “focus”, or target of your farming runs, along with some special tips and strategies.
Remember, as I said before, you can farm anywhere, or you can choose some efficient places that are worth farming.

Indirect Profit:From Common Farming Places

1. Bank Vault
Note: This method was considered effective only during the level 56 cap. In later caps, the Sewer Recipes have severely dropped in value, making this method inefficient.
Do fast runs by killing only the Beargular. You want to keep some HP pots at bay, you'll have few mobs attacking you too. Liquidate the orange/green/purple drops for quick gold. If they are level 53 or 51, list them on the CS. To enter this map, you need the daily quest from Agent Smith. After you grab his quest in Balefort Sewers, you can access the portal to the Bank Vault through Bandit Boys’ Hideout.
After killing Beargular, run out of the entrance and re-enter.
The best combination is a Fortified Bear to tank and an Enchanted Mage or Custom Bird for damage.
Focus: Beargular
Drops: All Sewer Recipes

2. Frozen Nightmares- Return of Tha' King/Snowball
This is a difficult dungeon for low levels, but endgame players should find that a party of two mages and a bird is sufficient. You will encounter Yetis that hit hard, so bring HP pots or high armor equipment. Pinks drop pretty often, so they sell for cheaper prices. However, the drops accumulate quickly enough to make a decent profit. Liquidate the non-pink drops for gold.
Focus: Ice Trolls (mini-bosses), Snowball (boss), The Frost King (boss)
Drops: (Brain-Freeze, Shivering, Iceberg) Level 30 Pink Sets

3. Ancient Swamps- Bayou Boss Brawl
This map is simple; get a level 45 or any character that can solo this dungeon with ease.
Just wipe every monster if your way, but don't go back if you miss one.
Kill all bosses, the drop rate here is a bit low, but pinks sell for a decent price.
Focus: All Bosses
Drops: (Copperhead and Voodoo) - Ancient Swamp Pinks

4. Croc Feud - Homesteads
This place is easily farmable with one method, and is most easily farmed with a mage.
The method to be used is:
Simply run past all enemies to the mini-bosses and the boss. For mages, freeze any crocs in your way or just knock with firestorm. For birds, Thorn Root and Thorn Wall should be spammed a lot. Repulse also helps, and the Evade Buff can help, too. For bears, Evasion helps as well. Use Beckon and Stomp to keep enemies stunned for a while and make time for you to push on forward.
Focus: Boss and two Mini-Bosses
Drops: Croc Feud Pinks (Poles, Blunderbuss, Frog Weapons, Lizard Weapons, Banjos, Brews, Hooches (Dex Shields), Swamp Juices, Washboards, Croc Heads)

5. Sandstone Caves- All dungeons except Boss Gauntlet
Just go clear enough mobs to get to boss and follow through with the specific boss technique.
Focus: Clear enough mobs to make boss spawn, then kill boss
Drops: Sandstone Cave Pinks (Onyx, Crystalline, Earthquake)

6. Forest Haven- Skeleton Cult Crypts
Kill bosses on the left and right side, then remake. Just walk through mobs or kill them.
Focus: Skeller Krunch and Meathead
Drops: Pink Doom Weapons, L5/L15 Crafting Recipes

Indirect Profit: From Uncommon Farming Places
Here are some places to farm if you are bored and are not ready for some extreme farming.

1. The Forbidden Crypt
You can enter the Forbidden Crypt through an entrance in Balefort Castle Towne. The portal leads you to Ye’ Olde Cemetery Road; take the first right and you will arrive at the Forbidden Crypt. Your goal is to farm one type of item here from Vyxnaar, a yellow bull-like monster with a yellow orb surrounding it. Vyxnaar has a random spawn rate: it can be located anywhere throughout the map and may spawn throughout any period of time. Furthermore, Vyxnaar may not even have spawned in any specific instance of Forbidden Crypt. If you have searched the entire map for a few minutes and still do not see him, exit and re-enter the map.
Focus: Vyxnaar
Drops: Conqueror's Vyxnaar Helm L.25 Pink, Vyxnaar Helm of Legend L.25 Pink

2. Forest Haven Gauntlet
Simple, just kill all bosses. Remember to passcode lock.
Focus: All Bosses
Drops: L5/L15 Crafting Recipes, Fiery Weapons of Doom

3. Lost Expedition- A Hidden Ice Cave
You are looking to farm rare level 32 pinks which players that twink at levels 30-35 buy. The pinks comprise three weapons, one for each stat.
These pinks have the same appearance as the level 30 Elite Frozen Nightmare Weapons except for their main color scheme.
The pinks are coined as "Green Ice Pinks" by the community because of their green ice instead of the regular blue ice which the respective level 30 versions have. These pinks have a very low drop rate and are even more difficult to farm because of the boss that drops them. To enter the Hidden Ice Cave, go behind Ryom in the Lost Expedition "Frost Hollow" Towne and you will find an Icy Grate. Climb down, clear the dungeon to the end and you will see a boss called "Fridge". He hits very hard, so kite him. After killing him, enter the sparkle of light and you will be teleported back to "Frost Hallow". Just remake over and over. You cannot boot here so if a low-level joins, either play with him and share the loot or don’t risk it and simply find another version of this dungeon.
Focus: "Fridge"
Drops: Level 32 Pink Iceberg Frozen Longsword/Brain Freeze Ice Blast Staff/Shivering Ice Auto-Crossbow

4. The Sarcophagus
Just enter the Fathom Crypt Towne and enter the black box. You will need to complete all the Fathom Crypt quests before being able to enter the Sarcophagus. Clear through the winding path and get to the end where you will see one boss. Kill it, and another spawns. Kill this one, and a final third boss appears. After you finish off that one, go through the portal and remake.
Focus: Three Bosses at End Room: Meathead/Xaxis/Skeller Krunch
Drops: Level 25 (Purple) Demon Claw of the Eagle, Level 25 (Pink) Sniper's Demon Claw, Level 25 Steel Block Shields

5. Forgotten Treasures
Note: This dungeon has been removed from the game and can no longer be farmed for its drops. Its drops have, as of now, been discontinued.
Enter the Forgotten Treasures Dungeon through a portal in Forest Haven.
You can smash the chests within the dungeon for EXP or kill mobs. There will be a boss named FRAGX who drops Forgotten Weapons.
Bring some health pots as FRAGX deals high melee damage.
These weapons come in a rarity of pink or purple and can be scaled from any level between 10 and 71, inclusive.
The weapons are overpowered in terms of raw damage output, but are lacking in other stats and are superseded by items that give set bonuses starting with level 50 and above.
However, the Forgotten Bow Weapon also has the ability to inflict a Blinding Proc, which decreases the opponent's Hit Rate for a certain amount of time.
For its superior damage output at lower levels and its debuff ability, the Forgotten Bow Weapons are valued by twinks for PvP.

Focus: FRAGX and other bosses
Drops: All scaled Forgotten Bows, Blades and Staffs (Pink and purple)

Indirect Farming: Party Dungeons
You'll need a full party for these dungeons, preferably two mages, two birds and one bear, all pure spec’d.

1. Balefort Sewers- Catacombs, Hideout, Stronghold, Motel, Swill Pits
Grab a good fast level 55 or above party of five and kill on a straight path to mini-boss and boss. Kill the Quest Mini-Boss if it spawns. Bring HP pots.
Focus: Mini-Boss, Boss, Quest Mini-Boss
Drops: Sewer Pinks, Recipes

2. Alien Oasis 3- Victory Lap
Grab a party of level 50 or above and farm in this order: Keeper, Mynas(optional), Gurgox, and then Overlord. Make sure the party knows how to kill Gurgox and Overlord correctly. Clear mobs on the way to boss for extra drops to liquidate. Bring HP pots to counter damage being dealt.
Focus: Keeper, Mynas(optional), Gurgox, Overlord
Drops: Alien Oasis 3 Elite Pinks

3. Nuri's Hallows- The Haunted Symphony, The House of Pain, The Lion's Den, Boggy Waters, Nuri's Madness, Nuri's Funhouse

This campaign is mainly farmed for Glyph Pinks. These pinks drop at an uncommon rate so it should take a bit of time to farm them. Bring HP/mana pots. Some bosses require a special strategy to be defeated efficiently. All bosses drop crafting components. Mini-bosses will ONLY drop "Generic Level 60 Pinks" but you can still loot crafting components from them.

Focus: Panto the Mime, Gustav the Strongman, Alessandro the Tamer & Lion, Snake Charmer, Nuri the Gypsy Queen
Drops: Glyph Pinks, Para Amid Scraps, Glyphic Blade Steels, Glyphic Weapon Wood

4. Shadow Caves- Elite Dungeon
Grab a party of mostly level 55 or higher. You will need two mages, two birds, and one bear or two mages, two bears, and one bird to survive this place. This is an elite dungeon, and will have high-damage hitting bosses. Mages should constantly buff, mana shield, heal and revive. Bears, defense and tanking is key to keeping your party alive. Birds are the primary damage output and should unload their damage onto the mini-boss/boss. This is one of the more difficult dungeons to farm.
Focus: Boss/Mini-Boss
Drops: Boss drops Shadow Cave Elite Sets Items- Hate, Death, and Shadows. It is unconfirmed whether mini-boss drops any Shadow Cave Elite Sets Items.

5. Mount Fang- Mining Area, Crypt, First, Second, Third Floors, The Vampire Feast
This campaign is mostly farmed for level 65 pink items, of the denominations as well as Dragon Vanity drops.
-Lilith (for Mage)
-Sanguine (for Bird)
-Orlok (for Bear)
These dungeons are similar to the layout of Balefort Castle and Fathom Crypt.
Expect many high-HP mobs and mages that can heal enemies.
You will need a good team of five players, with at least two birds for damage and two mages for backup heals and revives.
Each boss requires a special tactic/trick to be defeated quickly, but if you get lucky and get a good pink, the rewards are worth it.

You can also have the chance to loot one of the very rare pink Dragon Mystery vanity Helms/Armors, see below.
If you are farming The Vampire Feast, be sure to have a combo elixir to be able to swiftly move throughout the dungeon; the added luck bonus really helps with re-rolls.
All the bosses can drop Dragon Vanities.
Focus: Duke Edward, Aunt Emma, Baron, (farm all bosses if in The Vampire Feast)
Drops: L60 Dragon Vanity Pinks, as well as L65 campaign premium pinks

6. Isle of Humania- South Pointe Village, Loko Beach, Coco's Cabanas, Sandbar Lagoon, Devil's Coast
Humania is a series of vast, wide, and long dungeons.
Kill mobs with a party to the boss; there are no mini-bosses, except for two quest bosses in Devil's Coast. Elixirs are not necessary, but will speed things up.
The dungeon is rather easy to farm, regular mobs are weak and fragile; do watch out for the superior mobs: Trolls, Yetis and Tiki Golems, which have the ability to hit very high melee damage.
You will be farming the bosses for the level 70 Humania Pinks, the rare pink crafting material Ocean Blue Diamond, and some crafting recipes.

Focus: Boo Gee, Lucky, Koko Krunch, Big Kahuna, Tiki God (all bosses)
Drops: Level 70 Humania Pinks, Ocean Blue Diamond, Level 70 Crafting Recipes

7. Elite Humania Dungeon: Mystery Mash
Note: This dungeon is no longer accessible as it has been removed following the release of the level 76 Blacksmoke Dungeon cap.
You will need to be level 71 and have the Monarch Helm of Humania to enter this dungeon/host this dungeon.
This is an ELITE dungeon; HP and Mana potions will not be available for you.
You can use elixirs, though, and a 2x Combo or better is HIGHLY recommended.

This dungeon has one enemy, the elite boss Guru Aych Tu Oh.
The boss is in one large square room.
The guru boss fight requires a whole party; it cannot be reasonably soloed.
The guru will deal very heavy melee close-range damage to members of your party.
Every 20-30 seconds, Guru will scream and run to one of four appearing towers in the room.
If the Guru gets to one of the towers, he will fully heal.
You must then perform a MEGA COMBO on him or all hell breaks loose. Since it is hard to coordinate a MEGA COMBO intentionally, most parties just kill the boss within the first fifteen to twenty seconds before he heals.
Skeletal mobs will also be summoned from all sides of the room when the Guru screams.
These mobs come in overwhelming numbers from each corner and they will wipe your team out.
It is very difficult to complete this dungeon, so for farming efficiently, you need a fully Thrashed team (3x damage and armor).
You will be aiming to loot one of the three Elite "dark-pink" rarity weapons: Elite Sea Blaster, Elite Marlin Sword, Elite Wave Twister.
These are the first Elite-type weapons and will sell for a high amount.
The drop rate for the Elite is VERY LOW, far lower than pinks, so you will want to use a Shamrock 100% re-roll elixir. With this elixir, your chance of looting an elite drop is now your chance of looting a pink drop; any pink obtained will be re-rolled into one of the three elites.
The farming will be tough and rigorous, requiring the party to continuously debuff and spam skills at the boss to kill it before the first full heal at 20-30 seconds.
However, if you do manage to receive an Elite weapon, it is quite worth it.

Focus: Guru Aych Tu Oh
Drops: Level 71 Elites: Elite Sea Blaster, Elite Marlin Sword, Elite Wave Twister

8. Blacksmoke Mountain Level 71 Elite Dungeon: Fire Forest
Note: This dungeon is no longer accessible as it has been removed following the release of the level 76 Blacksmoke Dungeon cap.
You need to have the Monarch Helm of Humania (assuming the level 71 requirement), (but not necessarily have it equipped), in order to enter Fire Forest.
Fire Forest consists of a bunch of lava golems and shadow mobs. Go through these and you'll end up at the boss room.
Kill all the mobs and face off Dragonet and the Monolith.
Dragonet is frequently healed by the Monolith, so you will need to either destroy the monolith first, or kill the Dragonet through brute force.
Using brute force can easily be achieved by a Thrasher party.
Near the Monolith is a lava pit. Standing on this will inflict a constant negative-HP regeneration effect to you.
Once you step out of the lava pit and get healed, the effect will go away.
You are farming for the pink Black Dragon helms and armors, which individually sell for millions.
Focus: Dragonet (and Monolith)
Drops: Black Dragon Helms and Armors

9. Blacksmoke Mountain- Magma Fields, Dragon's Nest, Red Dragon's Lair

A high level, endgame dungeon. Mobs hit hard, so make sure to bring potions. Using elixirs is recommended- make sure to take advantage of those Daily Combo Blessings!
The loot here drops at a very low rate, but if you manage to obtain one, it may be worth it!
Make sure to have at least one bear to tank, one mage to revive and heal, and a few birds to dish out damage.
Bosses and even mini-bosses have a chance to drop campaign premium pinks and crafting materials.

Focus: KOAL, Dragonito/Dragona/Dragone, Red Dragon (all bosses), and mini-bosses
Drops: Level 75 Blacksmoke Pinks, Natural Red Diamonds, L75 Crafting Recipes

10. Blacksmoke Mountain- ELITE Dungeon: Red Dragon Slayer

This Elite Dungeon centers around the boss "Red Dragon". You cannot use any potions, but elixirs are allowed.
The Red Dragon will be able to summon waves of mobs that will quickly deplete your health.
Make sure to have a standard or modified version of the 1/2/2 (Bear/Mage/Bird) party ratio.
It is highly recommended to use 3x Combo or Daily Combo Blessings to defeat this boss.
The boss drops all L75 Blacksmoke Campaign Premium Pinks as well as a chance to drop a L76 Elite Weapon.

Focus: Red Dragon
Drops: L76 Elite Weapons (Smouldering Boulder, Burning Bush Branch, Bow of Phoenix), L75 Blacksmoke Pinks, Natural Red Diamonds, L75 Crafting Recipes

Special Vanities and Holiday Farming

There are a few special/valuable trade-able vanities that can be farmed in Pocket Legends.

Dragon Mystery Vanities

The Dragon Mystery Vanities can only be farmed in Mount Fang dungeons.
They are permanent as drops and will stay as drops for the future.
The Dragon Mystery Vanities require a minimal level of 60 to be equipped.
Any Mount Fang dungeon boss can drop any Dragon Mystery Vanity.
These vanities have an incredibly low drop rate.
The Vampire Feast is preferred as a farming spot, as it has multiple bosses within one dungeon.

-Green Dragon Mystery Helm
-Green Dragon Mystery Armor
-Red Dragon Mystery Helm
-Red Dragon Mystery Armor
-Blue Dragon Mystery Helm
-Blue Dragon Mystery Armor
-Golden Dragon Mystery Helm
-Golden Dragon Mystery Armor

Focus: All Mount Fang Bosses (The Vampire Feast preferred as farming spot)
Drops: L60 Dragon Mystery Vanities

Hooch Hats
Hooch Hats drop from Croc Feud- Still Farms.
There will be a random mini-boss spawn that you can kill.
This miniboss will spawn at a low rate, but when killed, yields a 100% Hooch Hat drop for all party members present during the kill.
The Hooch Hats can be dropped in variants of Red, Blue, or Orange/Brown color.
Hooch Hats are blue-titled head vanities and are often sold on the CS.
Hooch Hats are equip-able at level 1. They will stay as drops for the future.

Focus: Random Spawn Boss (in Croc Feud Still Farms)
Drops: Hooch Hats

Easter Event Rabbit Ears
These are blue-titled vanities.
There are three counterparts of each rabbit ear: 2011, 2012 and 2013 versions.
The 2011 and 2012 versions are titled exactly the same but there is a way to distinguish between them.
The 2012 versions will have a slightly-bent down ear, while the 2011 versions have both ears going straight up with no significant bend.
The 2013 versions look like the 2012 versions but have a "2013" at the end of the item name.
The 2011 versions are worth/valued the most out of all three versions due to time inflation.
The rabbit ears only drop during annual Easter Event.
The rabbit ears drop from all bosses during the Easter Event.
The rabbit ears are blue-titled vanities that cover your whole head, but your face is still visible.
They are equip-able at level 1.

The most common farming spot during the Easter Events is Return of Skeller Krunch- The Pentacle of Pain! because of the dungeon having multiple bosses.
The method here is to have each party member drag a boss from each direction to the center and kill together, causing quick drops.

The rabbit ears are as follows:
Flame Rabbit Ears
Bone Rabbit Ears
Icy Rabbit Ears
Flame Rabbit Ears 2013
Bone Rabbit Ears 2013
Icy Rabbit Ears 2013

Focus: All Pocket Legends Bosses (Pentacle of Pain is preferred farming spot)
Drops: Rabbit Ears

Winter Festival and Hallow's Eve Special Event Map Drops

The Winter Festival and Hallow's Eve Events both give a special map that you can enter to kill a boss that will drop a special event-only item.
These items are very unique and valued, as they can only be farmed during the event.
The event map will completely disappear when the event ends.
The items can be looted at the rarity levels of green, purple, and pink (rare, epic, and legendary).
All of the special drops can be scaled every five levels (starting with level 10), so twinks can also farm at the maps to loot their respective level's drops.
These special items can only be looted during the respective event periods.

Winter Festival
There are two different categories.
The WF 2010, WF 2011 and WF 2012.
The WF 2010 yielded a series of pinks, purples, and greens.
These are valued a LOT because they did not return for WF 2011.
The WF 2011 yielded a different and new loot table of pinks, purples, and greens, which were repeated during WF 2012.

Focus: Winter Festival Dungeon Boss
Drops: Winter Festival Pinks, Purples and Greens

Halloween/Hallow's Eve
For both years of 2010 and 2011, the drops were the same in the event map.
Only during Halloween 2012 were new holiday drops introduced to the event.
Because of this, the rares from Halloween are not very expensive.

Focus: Halloween Dungeon Boss
Drops: Halloween Pinks, Purples and Greens

Twink Farming: Indirect Profit
Twinks are low level characters with super gear for their level.
Many twinks are for farming under leveled items.
Bring some HP pots and a Damage Elixir helps speed up things.
Note: To be able to attain the correct level under-level drops, you must check the threat level of the monster to see if it will drop the item you are farming for.
For more a more detailed description of how Threat Level affects drop rate, check out Lovenus' Threat Level Guide (http://www.spacetimestudios.com/showthread.php?16108-Know-thy-self-know-thy-enemy.-A-thousand-battles-a-thousand-victories.&highlight=Threat+levels).

1. Shalestone Rock Valley: for level 15 twinks
Kill mobs until you have 17 remaining, then kill the boss which spawns near the Gravestone NPC.
Focus: Kill enough mobs to spawn boss, Boulderfist
Drops: Level 15 Pink Weapons and gear

2. Secret Passageway in Dark Forest: for Level 10-12 twinks
Be sure to be the only one there. Just enter an empty Dark Forest towne, go to the grate and enter.
Take the right path straight to boss. After the first boss dies, another one with some new mobs will spawn, so be careful.
Focus: Two Bosses
Drops: Level 10,12, and above pink armors

3. Sandstone Cave- all dungeons except Boss Gauntlet: for Level 21/22 Twinks
Get a group to farm, and just clear mobs to make boss spawn, then go kill boss.
Focus: Bosses
Drops: Level 21 Sandstone Cave Pink Sets

4. Sewer Farming: for level 51/52 twinks and 53/54 twinks
Farm the mini-bosses or bosses, bank vault also works
Focus: Mini-Boss, Boss
Drops: Level 51/53 sewer oranges/greens/purples/pinks

5. AO3 Farming: Level 45 Twinks
Go kill mobs and such to get a good drop.
Focus: Mobs/Mini-Boss/Boss
Drops: Level 45 AO3 Pinks

6. Nuri's Hallows Farming: for Level 56 Twinks
Dungeons here will drop the very rare and hard-to-obtain L.56 Scaled Glyph Set and other level 56 campaign-exclusive pinks.
Demonic Crafting Items are also good to loot.
Focus: Bosses
Drops: Level 56 Glyph Set and Level 56 Pinks, Demonic Crafting Materials

7. Croc Feuds Farming: for Level 30 Twinks
You will be farming the Homesteads and McCroc Still Farm to loot the level 30 versions of the Croc Feud pinks. Be sure to kill the mini-bosses as they can also drop pinks.
Focus: Two Mini-bosses and Boss in Homesteads, Swamp Hag in McCroc's Still Farm
Drops: Level 30 Pinks: Rolling Pins, Lizard Weps, Poles, Banjos, Washboards, Croc Head Wings, Swamp Hooches, Brews and Juices, Blunderbusses, Frog Weps

8. Mount Fang Farming: for level 61 Twinks
You'll be farming for the level 61 scaled Lilith, Orlok, and Sanguine set pieces.
Mobs will have lots of HP and bosses will be dangerous, so look to run with a full party for best hopes of survival and efficiency.
Focus: Duke Edward, Aunt Emma, Baron
Drops: Level 61 Sanguine, Lilith, Orlok pinks, other campaign-exclusive pinks

Direct Profit Farming: From Gold/NPC Drops

1. Plasma Pyramid/Sandstorm
Sandstorm: Clear all mobs, don't waste time on bosses.
Plasma Pyramid: Clear all mobs up to the intersection, choose right and clear the first room, then remake.

2. Crush the Keeper!
Crush the Keeper!- An AO3 Dungeon
Just kill the mobs, get the greens, pinks, and regular pinks that drop and liquidate for fast gold. Do not go to boss.

3. The Pentacle of Pain!
Have party members drag bosses to center and kill. The drops give a decent amount of gold when liquidated. For even more gold, ask your party members to give your their drops at the end of the farming session.

Platinum-Paid Dungeons: Boss Dungeons
There are some dungeons that offer a one-time run for 3 Platinum.
Upon purchasing dungeon access for 3 Plat, you will receive an elixir that will expire after a boss is killed in the paid dungeon.
Each paid dungeon has a few mobs along with every boss from the dungeon's respective campaign.
Paid dungeons cannot be hosted via Dungeon Creation feature from the main menu.
You must walk to each respective paid dungeon in the town and purchase the access elixir to enter.
You may join friends in the paid dungeon if you have the access elixir.

Using an elixir is suggested for improved speed and efficiency.
Nuri's Hallow's Mini Dungeon:
This dungeon has all five Nuri's Hallow's campaign bosses, and each boss can drop its normal loot.
The dungeon looks exactly like the unpaid Nuri's Funhouse dungeon.
There is also the chance to loot a super-rare Prestidigitator and Merrymaker pink.

Mount Fang's Epic Vampire Feast:
This is a paid version of the normal Vampire Feast and has all five Mount Fang's campaign bosses.
Unlike the unpaid Vampire Feast, each boss can drop premium pinks!

Humania's Monster Bash:
This is a paid dungeon that has all five Humania's campaign bosses.
Each boss can drop premium pinks and crafting materials.
It is recommended to use a 100% re-roll elixir while running this dungeon because purples tend to drop from bosses often and can be re-rolled into a pink.

Blacksmoke's Platinum Dungeon:
This dungeon takes 3 Plat a run and has all of Blacksmoke's bosses.
The dungeon can drop the L75 Premium Campaign pinks and crafting materials.

Be smart, buy low, sell normal.
You should have a lot of CS slots and be a smart marketer.
As Evolt said, buy 'em all. This is just like Pokemon.

When merchanting you want to merchant popular demand items. You want to be able to make at least 10% more from the buying amount. You also want to think about not overbuying, unless you know for certain that you can sell the stock.
Make sure to constantly watch the market price values, or else you'll get a whole stock crashing down on you.
For a more detailed and complimentary guide on merchanting from an experienced merchant, visit Evolt's Guide to Becoming a Merchant (http://www.spacetimestudios.com/showthread.php?32250-EVOLT-S-Guide-to-Becoming-a-Merchant).

Here is a list of items to merchant, organized from low to high level.
All Winter Festival 2010 Items [Green/Purple/Pink]
Halloween 2012 Reapers, Paws, 0.9 Speed High DMG Chunkers, Evidence Bracers [Green/Purple/Pink]
L10-51 Forgotten Bows [Purple/Pink]
L10 Doom Weapons [Pink]
L21/23/25 Earthquake/Onyx/Crystalline Set Pieces [Pink]
L25 Vyxnaar Helms [Pink]
L25 Demon Claws/Steel Block Shields [Purple/Pink]
L30 Shivering/Brain Freeze/Iceberg [Pink]
L30/33/35 Croc Feud Premium Pinks- Poles, Blunderbusses, Frogs, Lizards, Banjos, Rolling Pins, Hooch Shields, Juices, Brews, Croc Heads, Washboards [Pink]
L32 Green Ice Weapons [Pink]
L35 Voodoo Sets/Swamp Rat Sets/Copperhead Sets [Pink]
L37/39/40 AO1 Pinks
L45 Shock Lances [Pink]
L45 Scaled AO3 Pinks
L50 Rift, Cosmos, Void Sets [Pink]
L50 Premium Shadows, Death, Hate Sets [Pink]
L51 Scaled Royal Sewer, Sewer King, Sewer Queen, Mega Mage, Raid Roach, Fury Fighter Pinks
L55 Royal Sewer Sewer King, Sewer Queen, Mega Mage, Raid Roach, Fury Fighter Pinks
L55 Customized, Fortified, and Enchanted Sets (Pink)
L56 Glyph Sets (Obedience, Charmin' and Strongman's) and Pinks
L56/60 Prestidigitator, Merrymaker Sets [Pink]
L60 Glyph Sets (Obedience, Charmin' and Strongman's) [Pink]
L60 (Crafted) Demonic Sets [Pink]
L61 Sanguine, Lilith and Orlok Sets [Pink]
L65 Sanguine, Lilith and Orlok Sets [Pink]
L65 Crafted Sanguine, Crafted Lilith and Crafted Orlok Sets [Pink]
L66-70 Humanian Helms, Armors and Shields [Pink]
L66/70 Sun God, Islander's and Of Humanity Sets [Pink]
L70 Sand Goddess, Sand Walker (Crusher) and Sand Skipper (Phantom) Sets [Pink]
L71 Elite Weapons- Wave Twister, Sea Blaster, and Marlin Sword
L71 Black Dragon Pieces [Pink]
L71/73/75 Beastly, Sharp and Flying Sets [Pink]
L75 (Crafted) Savage, Fiery, and Swift Sets [Pink]
L76 Elite Weapons- Burning Bush Branch, Bow of Phoenix and Smoldering Boulder
Hooch Hats
Ancient Coin Shields
Green/Red/Blue/Golden Dragon Mystery Vanity Armors
2011/2012/2013 Flame, Bone and Icy Rabbit Ears
Glyphic Blade Steels/Glyphic Weapon Woods
Para Amid Leather Scraps
Natural Red Diamonds
Ocean Blue Diamonds

Some common abbreviations to know [for merchanting]:

OBD= Ocean Blue Diamond
NRD= Natural Red Diamond
GBS= Glyphic Blade Steel
Dem,Demo= Demonic
Forg= Forgotten
Fbow,fbow= Forgotten Bow
SK/SQ/RS= Sewer King/Sewer Queen/Royal Sewer
Coin Shield= Ancient Coin Shield
Hooch= [Vanity] Hooch Hat
Vyx= Vyxnaar Helm
Doom= Doom Weapons
Exp,Expert/Art,Artisan= Expert's Reinforced Leather/Artisan's Reinforced Leather
0.9 Chunker,High DMG Chunker= 2012 Halloween Chunker weapon, has 0.9 speed and higher damage than previous versions
Paw= 2012 Halloween Monkey Paw
Drag= Dragon
RR/FF/MM= Raid Roach/Fury Fighter/Mega Mage
Crush Set,Crusher Set= L70 Tribal Tiki Crusher Set
Phant Set,Phantom Set= L70 Phantom Crossbow Set
Xbow= Crossbow,X-bow
Green Ice= L32 Pink Ice Weapons with green-colored ice
Obe/Charm/SM/BT= Obedience/Charmin'/Strongman's/Of Big Top
Lili,Lilith/Sang/Orlok= Lilith/Sanguine/Orlok
Pres= Prestidigitator
AO= Alien Oasis
Cust,Custom/Fort= Customized/Fortified
Ear,Ears= Rabbit Ears
ESB/EWT/EMS= L71: Elite Sea Blaster/Elite Wave Twister/Elite Marlin Sword
SSC= Sandstone Cave
EQ,Earth/Cryst= Earthquake/Crystalline
SBL= Snowball Launcher
BSM= Blacksmoke Mountain (campaign)
Swift/Sav,Savage/Fiery= L75 crafted sets
Beastly/Sharp/Flying= uncrafted BSM pinks
Rift/Cosmos/Void= L50 AO3 pinks
Shadows/Death/Hate= L50 Shadow Caves premium pinks
Shotty Set/Hax Set/Shadow Wand Set= Sentinel's Shotgun (of Death) Set/Hate Hax Set/Shadow's Wand Set

Daily and 3-Day Quests- Forest Haven, Sandstone Caves, Alien Oasis, Balefort Sewers, Mount Fang, Humania

Daily quests are quests that are given in townes by NPCs that give a crafting item as the reward for completing the quest.
The quests in each towne can be completed by fulfilling objectives in the appropriate dungeon.
You can do these quests once a day.

3-Day quests are quests that can be completed once per every 3 days, mainly because of how long the quest takes to be completed.
One such quest is the Ocean Blue Diamond quest, which asks you to obtain 50 Fur Gee Balls.
(Example: Fur Gee Balls can be obtained from killing Boo Gee, the boss of South Pointe Village, (granting 1 Fur Gee Ball), Boo Gee from the Monster Bash, (granting multiple Fur Gee Balls), or the super-rare spawning Fur Gee mini-boss in Lost Villas.)

As the name implies, daily or 1-Day quests can be completed once every day.

Purchasing Gold with Platinum
There is the option to purchase gold with platinum; find Tori the Teller in Balefort Castle or simply go to the platinum shop and select the Gold option.

Buy 2500 Gold For: 15 Plat
Buy 10000 Gold For: 50 Plat
Buy 50000 Gold For: 225 Plat
Buy 160000 Gold For: 600 Plat
Buy 250000 Gold For: 700 Plat

As you can see, the Platinum-to-Gold rates are very unrealistic, so unless you have an abundance of real money to spare, this solution is NOT recommended.

Special Event Rares and Hoarding

One last case of making gold is called hoarding.

Basically you just farm an item from a special event and wait until it becomes limited in quantity and in demand.
The item's value will now rise, causing an inflation of its price.

Take one example:
During the Winter Festival Event, you farm lots of level 10 Holiday Weapons.
The stock is very huge, so the price for a single unit is as low as 50,000.
Wait a few months and it rises to 300,000. Wait another few months and it nearly doubles, 500,000.
However wait another few months, and the price deflates to 100,000 and you lose out.
Why? Maybe because the item is once again obtainable as the Winter Festival Event returns annually.

To make gold successfully, you must know when to sell and buy, and what value each item possesses.
An example is that currently, the Winter Festival 2010 items have risen in value, due to no repeat of the 2010's drops in 2011's Winter Festival.
If you are able to hoard your items right, you can generate a lot of eventual income!

Some items that were successfully "hoarded":

Green/Red/Blue Dragon Sets
L60 Demonic Sets
L71 Elite Weapons
L71 Black Dragon Armors and Helms
Forgotten Bows L10-49
Winter Festival 2010 Pinks


Well, that's all I can tell you.
I've gone through all the techniques that are used in PL, so it's up to you to choose which one fits you best.
And in the end, what matters most is how much time and effort you can dedicate to earning the gold you need.
Because everything is the way it was meant to be.

Good luck!

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For twink farming, you have to specify that level appropriate players and enemies remaining / threat level need to be checked in order to drop the proper level items.

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08-01-2011, 11:38 AM
Kinda new how would I make a Mage twink and where could I run for gear? And could anyone run with me if so add me plz IGN:yasurisu I'll be on all night
You can either buy gear or farm it. First you have to tell me what level the twink will be.

08-01-2011, 11:39 AM
For sandstone maps, is the last map you are referring to the map with all the bosses? Why wouldnt' you play this map to kill all the bosses for pink drops?
Yes the last map I refer to is the one with all bosses. Basically this is a map that drops only 2 pinks- gem staff of mastery and the war hammer. Sandstone cave pinks do not drop here so you don't want to farm there.

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I was wondering about that, thanks for the info...only 5 or so hours wasted...

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08-01-2011, 12:29 PM
Also, if you're farming DF for pink armors, you have to keep in mind that L12 can drop in DF1-3, L11 can drop in DF1-2, L10 can only drop in DF1.

Disclaimer: Farming L10 pink armors is really not recommended for your average farmer.

08-01-2011, 04:10 PM
You can either buy gear or farm it. First you have to tell me what level the twink will be.
Idk dude like I said I'm new haha but what is an easier lvl twink?

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Added a few more places.
A few recent threads have been popping up about farming and making money, so hopefully this will help.

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That will help drive the price of torches up so you can make even more money!

09-22-2011, 05:28 PM
Actually I'll have to edit out that.
What I originally read was the Torch's ATTACK SPEED.
It said "speed", so I assumed it to be running speed.
However, I do notice being able to run a bit faster with a Torch...or is ot just my imagination?0.0

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-Added farming information on CRAFTING COMPONENTS(ORANGE)
-Made various changes and corrections

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Actually I suggest doing Frozen Nightmares Chapter 5- Return of Tha' King.

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Stay tuned.

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What do you mean "sell to NPC".

01-03-2012, 07:10 PM
"Sell to NPC" is the term used in most games as selling or reselling useless gear to NPCs, or towne venders.
In PL, this means simply Liquidating the item.

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I understand the boring in "farming".

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Which one do you advice to farm?
I like Frozen Nightmares and Sandstone Caves a lot for quick cash.
I usually do Sewers, Green Ice, Shadow Caves and Mount Fang with top-geared friends over the weekends.
I also do a lot of level 21 scaled Sandstone Cave Pink farming as well with a few level 60+s to help.

That Is an Amazing Guide! Btw how long did it take you to do this? ;)
It took one day to type it up. It took several months of experience in farming to plan it out.

Nice signature as well.

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Update (5/27/2012):

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I'll be adding loot tables and farming strategies for EACH area over the summer.
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Another way of making gold is by joining tournaments through the forums or winning contests on the forums which is quite popular!

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But it's not actually a dependable source of income.
Let's say I decided to depend on winning the next contest to earn gold.
Although farming with no pinks dropping can also be sort of undependable.

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Current information for Humania:

Sandbar Lagoon+Devil's Coast's bosses:Big Kahuna ad Tiki God appear to drop pinks.
Monster Bash appears to drop pinks.

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