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06-13-2010, 12:57 PM

Im sorry if those questions are already asked, but with the search function i cant find an answer.

so : how to get the most EXP? Soloing or grouping
should i own alone or with 1 friend or with a full group of 4 other members? and what does this means if i choose a game and there is :

maybe forest heaven population 2 and level 11 what does level 11 mean? .

my second question is: Do ya guys know what is the best in-app purchase item set for archer ( frosty , flamming..ect.)

and my 3 question is there are always empty slots on pvp i bought the in-app 3vs3 and 5vs5 but its always empty and if i start a new game noone enter it i heard about that i just cant fight ppl same level as me so i see just games with lvel 15 players? in pvp or what i heard about that pvp is unbalanced and so on but i think its funny though and we should play it ^^ maybe then an update comes out for pvp

thanks and sorry for the bad english

06-13-2010, 01:37 PM
1) I recommend earning the most exp by working together in a group. Together, you kill enemies MUCH faster, and earn exp MUCH faster.

2) The level is the campaign that the people are currently in (I believe) out of the whole dungeon.

3) TBH, the in-app Armor that can be bought with Plat is pretty krappy. I'd just work for my gear in campaigns. Plus, instead of buying Plat armor/weapons, buy some respecs. IMO, that is something that you are bound to use eventually.

4) Well, you basically heard right. PvP is very unbalanced at the moment, and so, many people don't play it. Plus, you are currently under the level cap. People usually don't play PvP at all until they atleast reach the level cap. There, you will most likely find a few more games. Not many, but a few every now and then.

Hope these help!