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This is a guide made with combined information said already from several other guides being reworded.

Hello, Whirlz here.
Today I'm gonna explain how to craft a level 55 and where to find the materials.
Go to Balefort Sewers and talk to Farrow the Forger.
Let's take a crafting item and look at it.
We have here a level 55 Enchanted Gemstone Robe for Mages.
The ingredients are:
Mega mage gemstone robe x1
Fine cloth fabric x2
Gemstone setting x1
Cloth thread x1
And don't forget, you also need the recipe!
L.55 enchanted gemstone robe recipe x1

Let's start with the Mega Mage Robe.
This can be found as a drop from Gold Fever in Hideout.
Now you have next two Fine Cloth Fabrics.
These will also be crafted by Farrow the Forger.
The recipe is free so just buy it from him for FREE.
You will need 10 Fine Cloth Scraps in order to craft the two fabrics.
You can receive the Cloth Scraps by doing daily quests in Balefort.
The gemstone setting is next!
Just also craft it at Farrow using 5 Superior Blade Steels. These also come from a daily quest.
Lastly we need to get the recipe. The recipe will drop from any mini-boss or boss from any dungeon.
This includes Bank Vault and all the other Sewer Mini-Dungeons!

For the ingredients of all level 55 crafted gear look to Yanis' Crafting Guide+Sewer Pinks (http://www.spacetimestudios.com/showthread.php?18619-Pinks-with-Stats-and-Pictures-Balefort-Sewers-amp-Crafting)

The recipes and base items will drop from the Sewer Dungeons as noted in Yanis' guide.
The materials are what we will be looking at today, and more importantly, how to farm them most EFFICIENTLY!

Here is a list of materials and how to craft them:
Fine Cloth Fabric- 5x Fine Cloth Scraps
Fine Leather Panel- 5x Fine Leather Scraps
Fine Chain Sheet- 5x Fine Chain Mail Scraps
Fine Plate Mail Panel- 5x Fine Plate Mail Scraps
Crossbow Body Base- 1x Custom Hand Grip, 4x Premium Weapon Wood
Recurve Bow Body Base- 1x Custom Hand Grip, 4x Premium Weapon Wood
Basic Magic Bracer- 1x Custom Hand Grip, 1x Superior Blade Steel, 3x Premium Weapon Wood
Basic Kite Shield- 1x Custom Hand Grip, 1x Superior Blade Steel, 3x Premium Weapon Wood
Basic Wing Shield- 1x Custom Hand Grip, 1x Superior Blade Steel, 3x Premium Weapon Wood
Basic Magician's Staff- 1x Custom Hand Grip, 4x Premium Weapon Wood
Basic Magician's Wand- 1x Custom Hand Grip, 4x Premium Weapon Wood
Gemstone Setting- 5x Superior Blade Steel
Basic 1H Blade- 1x Heavy Duty Hilt, 4x Superior Blade Steel
Basic 2H Blade- 1x Heavy Duty Hilt, 4x Superior Blade Steel

Now that we have the crafting materials listed, we can now list the materials used to craft them:
Superior Blade Steel
Fine Leather Scrap
Fine Cloth Scrap
Fine Chain Mail Scrap
Fine Plate Mail Scrap
Premium Weapon Wood
Heavy Duty Hilt
Custom Hand Grip

These base items come from doing daily quests in Balefort Sewers. The daily quests can be done once a day and are unlocked when you finish the main quest chain given by the NPCs in the towne, (these quests do not include the Crown Quests given by Fallen Prince at level 56).
Please note the mini-dungeon bosses drop all recipes.
Also, Lilly has five rotating quests, which are given by random pick one by one, featuring the five bosses in the Sewers Campaign. Last of all, every daily quest gives a base item along with a very small amount of gold as a quest reward.

The quests will be labelled here in this format:
Quest Name:
Quest Rewards:

Alright let's get started!

Quest Name: The Bank Job
NPC: Agent Smith
Dungeon/Sub-Dungeon: Bandit Boy Hideout/Bank Vault
Quest Rewards: x1 Superior Blade Steel
Tips/Notes: Get a good bear tank and have him beckon and stomp near a wall. Pile on the monsters and one run of the mini-dungeon will complete the quest.

Quest Name: Kidnapped!
NPC: Agent Smith
Dungeon/Sub-Dungeon: Bandit Boy Stronghold/Bandit Cells
Quest Rewards: x1 Fine Chain Mail Scrap
Tips/Notes: Destroy the cells to free the trapped people and kill the monsters that get released. Destroy the last two at the end of the mini-dungeon before the second to last two in order to avoid a spawning boss and some monsters when the last two cells get destroyed.

Quest Name: The Animator
NPC: Mad Martha
Dungeon/Sub-Dungeon: Catacombs/Steam Room
Quest Rewards: x1 Heavy Duty Hilt
Tips/Notes: Clear mobs up till boss and then kill her.*
Three chests will spawn. Have a bird or mage range hit the chests, which will make a powerful mini-boss spawn when opened. Run from one chest to another doing this.

Quest Name: Noxious Times
NPC: Hazmat Investigator
Dungeon/Sub-Dungeon: Roach Motel/Fetid Halls
Quest Rewards: x1 Custom Hand Grip
Tips/Notes: To get to the boss, Dr.Noxious the Int Bear, you will need to have a special shield to pass through all the toxic barrels; otherwise you will die.
To get the shield, do the quest that the NPC in Fetid Halls gives you. Finish the quest by taking the left wing and destroying the tubes. Return and turn in the quest. An option, [Initiate Decontamination Sequence] will be available for you to press. After activating it, go through the right wing and arrive at Dr.Noxious. Kill the mobs around him fast. Then kite him, and bring lots of potions; he hits hard.

Quest Name: The Goblin Ritual
NPC: The Wise Woman
Dungeon/Sub-Dungeon: Swill Pitz/Goblin Tunnels
Quest Rewards: x1 Premium Weapon Wood
Tips/Notes: Kill the Shamans! Be sure to leave a goblin alive and kill the last Shaman before the other regular goblins die to avoid the dungeon complete glitch which doesn't allow you to complete the quest.

Quest Name/s: The Cockroach, The Gold Fever, The Bandit King&Queen, The Goblin King, The Trash Heap
NPC: Lilly
Dungeon/s: Roach Motel, Bandit Boy Hideout, Bandkt Boy Stronghold, Swill Pitz, Catacombs
Quest Rewards: Select ONE from:
Fine Leather Scrap
Fine Cloth Scrap
Fine Plate Mail Scrap
Tips/Notes: Just clear the dungeon until boss spawns. Kill it. You're done.

-So now you know how to get the materials!
-But what about...the last category?
You see stuff such as Cloth Threads and other materials in orange or white as ingredients to crafting items.
These can be bought for Gold from Farrow's shop.
He gives you an option to see a shop when you click on him. Press it.
You will come across these items and prices:

2500 Gold(White Colored Items):
Metal Cable
Cloth Thread
Leather Cord

12500 Gold(Orange Colored Items):
Leather Binding
Metal Screw
Heavy Solder
Wooden Toggle
Wooden Screw

Now you can buy your materials or just quest for them to craft the ultimate gear set!
Hope you enjoyed the guide and as always, "have a good day!"

Whisper Xwhirlz if you have any questions.


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Sticky this! This is great! Could you say where the NPCs for the quests are?? I spent a while looking for the NPC that gives the quest for Superior Blade Steel. And ofc fml, its the last place I check -__-

08-05-2011, 08:09 PM
Yeah, not quite fully done with the guide yet.