View Full Version : pl classes with new skins??

08-05-2011, 06:32 AM
from what ive read about each class, the all sound similar to their pl counterpart? the comando is the bear, the operative the bird abd the engineer the mage? because as the title says arent they like pl calsses with new skins? ik the moves will be different but over all it will still be almost the same as pl, no?

EDIT: wrong place sry meant to go in general discussion

08-05-2011, 07:13 AM
Honestly, if the devs release an event for halloween, and they made costumes the toons could wear, the commando would get the bear costume (the comm has a beckon in the form of gravitational well and a stomp).

The only difference between the bear and the comm is that the comm has range (all moves have at least an 8m range I belive). The same can be said about the operative. The Engineer on the other hand has a totally different feel than its mage counterpart from pl.

Or course, this is all just IMO, and should be taken on a grain of salt. The only true way to see if they are similar, or different, from their pl counterparts is to play each class and test them out for yourself.

Hang in there, the game will be coming out soon enough. :)