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Russel Dapat
06-10-2016, 05:05 AM
before the inquisitions Silknight had already taken the Elf queen as her prisoner and she had disguised herself as the elf queen, the Femme Fieras helped Silknight with cloning herself
152137 by using Illusionary Magic...
the clone was the one fending off the hunters while Silknight possessed the throne she used the clone as a distraction and commanded the Femme Fieras to hypnotize enchantresses into thinking they were Femme Fieras sorcerers thus activating the inquisitions while the real Femme Fieras were safe.

Covenhag along with other people were forced into hiding because of Silknight's evil deed, Silknight had already been killing thousands of innocent Alterrans through the inquisitions, the rogues even disguised themselves as normal Alterran guards just to torture the innocent.

even though Alterra seemed to be ruled by a iron fist, the Alterrans remained brave and started an Anarchy against "the new elf queen"
Silknight commanded the elf guard to oppress the Alterrans to be able to do her other plans, Assassinating the neighboring kingdom's leaders and to make the most infamous villains join her ranks.

the Elf queen was somewhere in an unknown place tied to a wall...
Tell me where the orbs are! boomed Silknight
Never! said The Elf queen
then ill have to take it by force! said Silknight

Silknight then began to charge electricity in her hands and threw it to the elf queen, The Elf Queen felt agonizing pain throughout her body, but the elf queen reflected the attack causing Silknight to be thrown across the room.

You'll Pay for that! but not now. said Silknight

Silknight vanished in a cloud of black smoke only to appear at the outskirts of balefort castle as the Elf queen Silknight smirked as she walked on the road to Balefort Castle knowing she could do anything as long as she had the throne.

Zade ware
11-23-2016, 08:27 AM
covenhag in your signature lmao