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06-11-2016, 01:52 PM
If you didn't know yet, Twitch is a site /app where you can livestream games and more.
Twitch could be a nice place where the players of Arcane Legends can build up a community and watch others playing AL live.
I myself streamed some too, as you may know, so I thought I make a guide to explain how you could stream Arcane Legends live on Twitch tv!


1. What you need
2. Setting up the quality
3. Make your stream look good
>3.1 Add Follower notifications
>3.2 Add a chatbox
4. Chat bots
5. What is Twitch good for?

1. What you need
To stream on Twitch tv, you will need a decent PC or laptop.
My specs are: Intel Pentium CPU B980 @ 2.4GHz / 4GB RAM / Intel HD Graphics, and It's possible for me to stream on medium-low quality.

On your PC/laptop, you have to download a streaming software.
Most popular streaming softwares are OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) and Xsplit. I use OBS and so this guide will be OBS related.
You will need the 64 bit OBS client, wich is OBS + CLR browser source. This version is better and provides CLR browser. Download OBS here (be sure that you are downloading 'OBS+CLR browser source', not 'Download OBS') : https://obsproject.com/download

You can choose to stream with voice and cam, or not. If you want to stream with voice, you will need a build-in/extern microphone. To stream with facecam you will need a build-in/extern camera.

You also need a Twitch account to get your Stream Key. Making a twitch account is free. (www.twitch.tv/signup)

2. Setting up the quality
Once you have installed and opened OBS, you can set up you livestream.
Setting up your quality can be complicated. So here is what I recommend:
Open you OBS client and click on Settings.

Settings for Encoding:
Low PC specs: Encoder x264 is checked / Use CBR is unchecked / Quality Balance is 3-5 / Use Custom Buffer Size is checked / Max Bitrate is 700-1200 / Buffer Size is 700-800 / Codec AAC / Format 44.1KHz / Bitrate 64 / Channel Mono
High PC specs: Encoder x264 is checked / Use CBR is unchecked / Quality Balance is 6-10 / Use Custom Buffer Size is checked / Max Bitrate is 1800-2500 / Buffer Size is 1800-2500 / Codec AAC / Format 48KHz / Bitrate 128 / Channel Mono (You can also try to keep CBR checked)

Settings for Video
Resolution: 1280 x 720 (you need to have a 16:9 resolution, this is the recommended 16:9 resolution)
You can lower your resolution with the Resolution Downscale option.
Setting this option to 3.00 would make your stream look awful.
Setting this option to 'none' or 1.25 would make your stream look amazing.
FPS: 20 FPS is normal, use 25-30 FPS for good PC specs.

Setting for Broadcast Settings
Mode: Livestream
Streaming service: Twitch
Server: Choose the server that is the closest to your location.
Stream Key: You can get your stream key when you have registered a Twitch account. To get the stream key, go to twitch.tv / Click on your username (up right) / Dashboard / Streamcode / Show code. Paste this code to OBS.

Other settings are not that important to change.
If the settings do not work for you, try searching for different options on google. There is many possibilities to set up your quality.

3. Make your stream look good
When you are done with setting up your settings, you can build the scene of your stream.
If you want to stream the screen of Arcane Legends, you will need to add a monitor capture.
In the (empty) list of Sources, right click and click on Add. Choose monitor capture.
Now you can choose the window of Arcane Legends. In the monitor capture settings, check subregion. Now you will be able to click on Select Region. Click on it and choose your region. (When you move your chrome browser with Arcane Legends your screen might change. You need to find a position that you can find every time if you minimize your browser, or just keep your chrome at fullscreen. Otherwise you might need to change the region every time that your going to stream)
Once you have chose your screen, click on preview stream to see how it looks. Here, you can click on edit scene and change the position and size of the screen in your scene.
How to add a background: Right click on Sources list / Add / Picture. Choose your background. I recommend you to do: right click on your background in the source list / position/size / fit in screen, so the background fits in your scene.

>3.1 Add Follower notifications
In Twitch, you can 'Follow' channels. This is the same as subscribing to youtube channels. Once someone follows you, he can turn on notifications to see when you stream.
You can make a picture/GIF appear on your scene when someone follows you, so that you can thank the follower and the follower gets 'rewarded' for following because his/her name pops up in the livestream for a few seconds.
To add this function you will need to go to: https://www.twitchalerts.com / Click on Launch Twitchalerts / Login with your Twitch account / Go to Alert Box in the menu at the left. Here you can set up 'alerts' for follows, donations, and subscriptions. (A subscription is a $4.99 payment/donation that goes to the streamer and Twitch. Only big Twitch channels gets this feature)
Once you have set up your own alerts, click on save settings. Now copy the link that appears beneath 'How To',NOT THE BROWSER LINK.
Go back to OBS and: Right click on sources list / Add / CLR Browser. Paste your link here and set the width to 640 and height to 480. (If there is no CLR Browser in the list, you have downloaded the wrong version, check step 1 again)
By clicking on edit scene, you can change the position and size of your follower alert.
Now every time someone follows your channel while your streaming a pop up will appear with you follower alert!

>3.2 Add a chatbox
You can also add the Twitch chatbox.
To do this: Go to https://nightdev.com/kapchat / Click on Download for OBS / Click on Next, as you've already downloaded OBS / Fill in the 'form' and click on next / Copy the Hosted URL, NOT THE BROWSER LINK.
Do the same with the follower alerts, add a CLR Browser. Paste the link.
Now you and your viewers can see the chat on screen too!

4. Chat bots
There are many 'bots' that you can add to your chat. Those bots are there to make your Twitch stream more fun. For example: your viewers can collect points with those points, they could participate in a giveaway (if you host one) with the points so you viewers would be more motivated to watch your stream, or gamble with points to have a race about 'who has the most points'. You can also add commands for your bot. For example: when a viewer writes !hi , the bot will say Hi back. You can make your channel original with those bots.
Those are the bots that I recommend for you to use:
This is a totaly free bot with a lot of possibilities in it. You can make your viewers request YouTube songs, add a points and 'heist' system and alot of more originality that you can do. I personally like this bot a lot and is the best bot out there for twitch, but it's a bit complicated.
Download link: http://marcinswierzowski.com/Gallery/Projects/AnkhBotR2/
This is a very simple bot, but less possibilities. It is a very good one for hosting giveaways, as it includes a point system and giveaway raffles, but that's pretty much it. It's totally free. No download required.
Link: https://www.revlo.co
This bot has a bit more possibilities than Revlobot. With Branebot you can add commands aswell and there some more cool stuff. It's free, but you can pay to get more possibilities. No download required
Link: http://branebot.com/Home

5. What is Twitch good for?
As I said in the beginning, Twitch is an awesome way to build up a community. You could use it to host house parties, giveaways, farming parties and many more things.
And who knows... maybe you'll get famous and the money would roll in every minute?

Need help or have questions? Pm here or IGN: Flairiousyt

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Good guide :)

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