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08-19-2011, 08:21 PM
I have seen sooooo many people say how stupid the crown of persistence is, or that the long haul to 56 is just for a vanity helm. While I love the way it looks, I think it is underrated by people who say that. While it does break up set bonuses, I thought it would be helpful to some to see how I used the helm for dual spec. For those who are new to dual speccing, something that I only recently started experimenting with, the main idea is to only use just enough points as you need for any one attribute that allows you to equip the high level items, while leaving enough points to do the same for another attribute.

I made a bow bear and pally using the str COP and this is how:

Base stats

Base stats + Fortified COP

Str Loadout 1
Fortified COP, Pharaoh's Sword of Osiris, Mynas Plate Mail of Osiris, Screaming Skull Shield of the Rift
Str Loadout 2
Fortified COP, Bodyguard's Gem Battle Axe, Fury Fighter's Gemstone Plate, Bodyguard's Gemstone Shield

I sometimes use the Screaming Skull Shield of the Rift to increase my Hit%

With the Bodygueard's Shield, hit % is much less

Int Loadout 1
Cyber Skull of the Cosmos, Sewer Queen Gemstone Staff, Sewer Queen Robes
Int Loadout 2
Fortified COP, SQ Gemstone Staff, SQ Robes

Using the Fortified COP allows me to have a much higher defense than I could ever have with an int helm

Bow Bear:

Base Stats

Base Stats + Fortified COP

Str Loadout 1
Fortified COP, Djinn Spear of Osiris, Cyber Armor of the Rift,Cyber Kite Shield of the Rift
Str Loadout 2
Fortified COP, Fortified gemstone Sword, Fury Fighter's Gemstone Plate, Bodyguard's Gemstone Shield


Dex Loadout 1
Fortified COP, Shivering Ice Dagger, Croc Scale Leather of the Eagle, Shivering Frosty Snowbird Wing
Dex Loadout 2
Fortified COP, Quickstrike Talon of Fortune, Henchman's Gemstone Leather, Force Wing of the Void


I highly recommend that talons and shields are used to build up dex stats. A bow can then be equipped once it is boosted.


Using the autocrossbow allows for a little more defense and longer range for your bow attack. I like to tank with my bow so I often use the autocrossbow


I'm sure that many people have much better equips than me :-( and there are many other ways to dual spec. The fortified COP is like a dream for me because it gives my bear enough defense that I can tank with a bow and my elf enough defense so that I only die half the times I pull I a Leeroy Jenkins with my int gear. I tend to get a little offended when people knock the COP. Using it let's me keep my strenghth relatively low for my base stats and put a lot more of my attribute points to intelligence, which is important for an elf. When I use my intelligence gear, I also have the option to use the strength COP to boost my defense (which I do generally in PUGs) or equip an intelligence helm (which I do when running with friends). In the same respect, I can use the strength COP on my bear to boost my defense when I decide to tank with my dexterity gear (when I am the only bear), or equip a dexterity helm (if there is another tank in the group). With this build for the bear, no matter what gear I am using, I have found that my hit % is high enough that aggro skills are very effective. Hit % has been more of a problem when I use my elf. With strength gear, I like having the option of equipping some lower level gear (such as the cyber skull of the rift), which gives a recognizable increase in spell hit % (especially noticeable when using AOE spells). Even though this drops my defense a bit, I just need to keep a little closer of an eye on my health. With intelligence gear, a wand can be equipped to allow the use of a shield to boost hit %. The biggest issue I have had with using strength gear on my elf is the lack of mana regen. Please let me known if anyone reading has any insight or other recommendations. Hope this helps at least one person!

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Nice guide^^

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Edited original post to include a little more detail on my reasoning for using different equipment in different situations in last paragraph. Also added a little general information in opening paragraph. Hope the extra detail is insightful!

08-25-2011, 03:06 AM
COPs are really optimal stat boosters. On my Dual-spec bear (STR/DEX: 142/142) I use these sets:

STR Booster: Fortified COP, Iceberg Black Axe/Frozen Shield, Battleforged Plate of Destiny (178 STR at end)
STR Loadout: Royal Sewer Helm/Plate, FF Sword, Bellows Shield (yes, I love dodge on STR set)

DEX Booster: Customized COP, Shivering Black-Ice Dagger/Force Wing of Void, Mynas Plate of Horus (182 DEX at end)
DEX Loadout: Customized Recurve set

The high stat booster of COP allows to wear the dual handed Customized Recurve directly from loadout - quick switch!

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really nice guide man

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Thanks, hope it was helpful! I plan to update as time goes on.

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Great job! Keep the good work up! Very helpful also!

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Great Job Newt!

Off topic- whats "passage booked on UCS blackstar mean"??

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Can a customized cop complete a custom dex set?

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