View Full Version : Flames of Insantity - Stun chance higher with each level?

09-01-2011, 11:00 AM
Has anyone conclusively tested whether Flames of Insanity's chance to stun gets stronger with more levels? For example, are there bosses or mini-bosses that might be immune to the stun component when FoI is ononly at level 1, but at level 4+ it will now effectively stun that boss/miniboss?

Seems easy to test for any level 19+ who's willing to spend the plat on 6 re-skills: try each boss/miniboss all the way up to The Guardian with FoI at level 1, then do it again with FoI at level 2, etc. My opi isn't that high yet so can't test for myself.

Although I'm not sure about Guardian in general, honestly. For all the times I've run against him with my Engy, I can never tell if my Pain is stunning him or not, so he's either immune to stun, or it takes more than 1 point in Pain to stun him, or its just hard to tell when/if he's stunned. I can't really test whether 6 points in Pain would stun Guardian because I can't think of something I could steal 5 points from without gimping myself as the healer. For operators it's a different story; I could see builds with 6 points in FoI that would still be very functional.

09-05-2011, 04:29 PM
I want to roll an op. Im also curious about this skill..bump.