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Shaman Pakuna stared across the great hall.The walls were adorned with weaponry and armor of great orc warriors, and talisman of primal power and mysticism. Several other shamans sat in a horseshoe with Shaman Pakuna at its head seating on a high seat signifying her right as High Shaman. At the massive doorway to the chamber were two guardsmen escorting a diminutive crone to the center of the room.

Her face took on a look of distaste as she looked at the orc before her. Even for orcish standards she was filthy. Her wolfskin cloak had scarlet stains with smudges of dirt, her staff was broken and pulsed with forbidden power. But what truly worried Shaman Pakuna was the aura the orc gave off. She could sense the corruption of nature, the twisting of primal spirits, the torture souls of fallen orcs and the strong scent of blood.

"Grub Redstaff," Shaman Pakuna spoke with a voluminous voice,"We hold you here today in account of all your atrocities against your own people and forbidden rituals you have enacted. Have you anything to say?"

Grub sneered at her, "Those are mere accusations O' High Shaman.There is nothing to prove them true."

Shaman Pakuna grimaced. She remembers when this case was first brought forth. Several orcs were missing, found brutally murdered with their corpses horribly dismembered and drained of blood. only one shaman knew of the ancient art of blood magic but there was no proof she was able to perform the arts herself, until now that is. "We have found this on one of the corpses very recently," Shaman Pakuna said, asking for the guards to bring something.

They later entered the room, carrying a wooden box with ancient sigils carved onto it. They placed it in front of Pakuna and left.

Pakuna opened the box, the sigils grew bright green as she did. She brought out a putrid parcel shaped in the form of a miniature orc made of several pieces of orc clothing and orcs. The other shamans looked away as the glanced at the gruesome doll. "What is...that thing!" a shaman cried.

"This," Shaman Pakuna said as she held out the doll for all to see,"Is what became of our fallen brothers and sisters!"

Grub showed the faintest gleam of concern for the briefest of moments.

"They're bodies were brutally massacred and ripped apart, bound together by orcish charms ,which were blessed by the higher spirits, to form this horrendous idol." Pakuna looked at Grub, "similar to that which he found in your hut , as well as the location of the cave where you kept the body parts and ritual altar.

Grub gave a malevolent smile. Pakuna expected Grub to deny everything and weasel her way out with her forked tongue, what happened was far worse. With an insane glimmer shining in her eyes and maniacal smile Grub spoke," Yes, I did it."

Gasps rang out like a clichéd movie scene. Grub continued, "I am amazed at how you finally managed to prove it true. You took less time than I expected,so it looks like I'm short handed." She said as she quickly waved her hand, ripping out a torrent of red from one of the shaman, who fell back with yelp.

Orc warriors charged in bearing the insignia of a long forgotten cult, The Fallen King.

Shaman Pakuna glared angrily at Grub,"What heresy is this!"

Grub gave her a malicious smile,"I have perfected the art of blood magic and soon we will be able to resurrect the great king for his eternal reign."

Guards rushed in and soon the hall was aflame in battle as cult warriors fought with crazed fervor and bloodlust with the guards as the shamans tried to take down Grub and her acolytes as they unleashed the horrors of blood magic with their own mastery of magic.

The Hall was now drowned in the crimson liquid, bodies littered the floor as only a ragtag bunch of cultists stood standing with an equally few number of guards. Pakuna was the only shaman left standing staring against Grub, now alone with all her disciples slain.

Grub laughed crazily . Blood lifted from the ground, and ripped out from the bodies, as it swirled around her in a scarlet maelstrom. She was using her own allies as fuel to power herself. "You were all idiots in trying to commune and be in harmony with the spirits! Life flows in the blood not the spirit! I will take it from all and let it fuel my eternal thirst!"

Pakuna could see Insanity in Grub's scarlet eyes as her being was being ripped apart by the magic she wielded. Pakuna pleaded with the higher spirits to give her the strength to end this madness. She slammed her staff into the ground and chanted , harnessing the primordial arcane power sleeping within the natural world.

Then Pakuna unleashed a bolt of pure arcane energy as Grub also unleashed her tide of blood. Both beams met each other in a blinding supernova, that sent dust flying out.

As the dust cleared, a gigantic rift stood in the place of collision crackling with energy as it collapsed inwards sucking everything in. Cultist flew in along side weapons and furniture. Grub scrabbled for to get her grip

"Grub! Take my hand!" Pakuna's voice screeched holding out her hand. Grub stared at her for a long moment she could see a faint glimmer of hope in Pakuna's eyes although they both knew it was too late.

Grub let go, and got sucked into the portal.

"Good bye, teacher." Her last words rang in Pakuna's ears as the rift closed.
End of Part1

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Grub wandered aimlessly under the shade of the evergreen thickets.Thoughts flew around in her disoriented mind.

Where am I?she wondered is she had crossed to the land of her ancestors but she knew a person like her did not deserve to be among them.

How long was I here? An eternity for all she could tell.

Then it all came back to her. The murders, the court, the rift opening. How had it all come to this? She tried to remember her childhood.Alone No family, no friends. She was taken in under the watch of the Shaman Council and raised in its mystic ways under the tutelage of Pakuna herself. She had a place to stay and many things to do to sate her curious mind. She was happy there.Then what went wrong?

She bumped into a tree.

She shook her head as she was brought back into the present. Green wisps hovered over her, watching her. She could sense their fear and unease. She walked away, knowing these spirits were feisty and she had not the energy to combat them.

More time passed and the sky grew dark. She had to find a place to rest soon.

She eventually sat under the shade of a massive tree. She had enough energy to create a fire to keep her warm for the night. The land around her was silent. There were no howls or cries of wildlife. She now noticed the ground she sat on had a pale sickly purple shade to it. Whatever happened here must have purged he land of its fertility.

She leaned back against the trunk of the tree. She looked into the palm of her wrinkled purple-skinned hand. She snapped her fingers and thin stream of blood manifested and swirled in a small circle.

She thought about her strange power and how she had attained it. Her family had descended from a line of blood shamans, the same ones who served Northal in his seemingly eternal reign.

Later, blood magic was banned as it was disturbing the peace between the realms. After a great war Northal fell and his reign ended but some of his followers remained and formed the fallen cult believing in the blood prophecy that one day Northal shall return.

In her spirit trial, a ceremony where all young orcs go through to mark their entrance into adulthood, she discovered her abilities as she accidentally ripped the blood out of one of the orcs.

Rumors spread of this strange occurence and Grub grew to be an outcast.

Words then reached the cult and they urged her to join. They welcomed her with open arms and made her feel like one of them but Grub knew all they wanted was her magic.

She felt the wrongness in her art but she had to do it. It has been said that Grub practiced it for the selfish desire to earn immortality herself because she feared death. That was only partly true. She was not afraid of death but of a lonely one.

She accepted that she would never have a friend for all her life she had been hrown around and abandoned, unwanted by anyone. So the only she could do was stop death from coming entirely.

Grub looked up at the stars and made a silent prayer to the spirits to guide her. Then she closed her eyes , sleep slowly overcoming her....


An arrow embedded itself on the trunk just a few inches above her head.

She scrambled to get to ger feet and ran as more arrows flew into the night. She hurried on, unsure of where she was headed and stepped on every dead twig on the ground. She turned to see nimble fast-moving silhouettes. hunting her down, jumping from tree to tree and shooting arrows.

Grub looked forward again and this time she saw a small green wisp floating in a direction and pulsing brightly as if to get her attention. She followed it. It led her through a tunnel made of bent trees. She turned to see her pursuers get whacked by moving branches and grappled down by roots.

Grub sighed in relief. Maybe the spirits were listening.

She walked in the dark for sometime, the wisp her only companion. She begun questioning herself of her motives and desires.
All she wanted was a friend. Was that too much to ask for? How could I have a friend, no one likes a monster.

What if she changed? For them? They never liked me. Even before the blood-magic, they hated me! Why should I change for them!

Strange, that didn't sound like Grub.

This curse it is their fault. They made me do this!

Noooo, it is a gift to bring life back to give strenght. You must embrace it!

Grub looked at the wisp leading her to a clearing where treants gathered around a large mound. The treants paid no heed to her as she walked closer. The closer the she got she could make out the growth of purple fungus and long grass on the yellowish surface of the mound. Then she realised, the grass was hair and the mound was the body of colossal troll. The arms and legs confirmed her theory.

She looked at the treants. They had an expectant look on their faces as if they wanted her to do something. She felt that something was amiss. The treants bodies were malformed and their eyes lacked the shine of intelligence that natural entities have. Maybe they were vicitms of the corruption that spread here.

She then looked at the troll. His body had several wounds on it, from swords, staves, arrows and was even burned in someplaces by arcane power.

Then she realized what they wanted. The troll was their fallen leader and they wanted her to help him. She felt sympathy and decided that she should resurrect the fallen troll.

She begun chanting as blood for her body whirled around her and entered the troll she could feel the thoughts of him. The horror, the corruption, the monstrosities that he intends to unleash horrified Grub. She tried to stop but the transfusion already went too far in. Soon her blood has polluted by the corrupted essence of the troll. It tore her soul and consumed her the last strands of humanity within her.

The ritual ended. Grub dropped her staff and shuddered. The earth shook as the troll got up and looked around the clearing then at Grub,"Name yourself!"

She gave him a malignant smile. Grub, the sad orc who just wanted a friend was now gone, replaced by this fiend who desired destruction and decay. "Bloodgrub'" she renamed herself, "I am here to spread the creeping rot. "

The End

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Lady Helena sat on the branch of great oak tree,her bow at her side, a song spoken from her lips. She spread out her palm, where a green wisp fleeted around moving to the tune of her entrancing voice. Her voice was drowned by the sound of the earth shaking as a titanic troll march his way towards her.

"Lady Helena,"he said as he faced her.

The wisp disappeared.She bowed her head in respect,"Lord Ursoth." She raised her head and gave the disreputable troll a smile,"How are you experiencing this new life?"

He swung his club and took down several trees,"Took you long enough. I was starting to rot."

Helena managed to hold her composure.You're so filthy and covered in fungus, I thought you already were rotten.Helena thought as she summoned the wisp back in her hand, "I was waiting for the right time, my lord. I had to wait till she was vulnerable and confused enough so my whisper can break through her easily. Her will was weak to begin with so it wasn't too much of a problem to break her. Oh, but the rangers! they drove fear in her heart and made much easier and much more fun to twist her."

"Heh, I hope you enjoyed your little games with your play thing," Ursoth replied

"Though I do worry my lord," Helena said, the wisp disappearing and a look of concern on her face,"The orc's magic is strong. She can force her will upon others with ease if she realizes it, with your essence within her being, she is much more powerful...." She was tempted to also mention much more wicked and twisted.

"Worry not for her, she is a pawn under my command," Ursoth said as he touched a tree and watched as the bark turned black and crumbled, "Come now, we have much destruction to spread."

Bloodgrub watched this from the distance, an orb of blood turning in her hands and her eyes red with hatred,"I am a pawn to no one." she said as she faced them and did what Helena feared.


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