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09-09-2016, 09:53 AM
I sell....

Hammer of Frost: 3 fort fury Awaken: +12stg,9stg,8stg/int/dex,75HP IN auc cheap

Arcane Hunter Sword: 2 fort chaos 1 fort fury: 2,5%stg/dex/int,2%stg,4%armor,1%mana ability IN AUC CHEAP

Aegis Might: 2fort fury 1tarlok normal: 10 dex/stg/int, 2,5%stg, 1%stg

Flame Forged Staff of Heycharge: 2fort mind awaken: 2,5%stg/int/dex 1,5%int, 5% luck

Shady 'n' Surge Egg IN AUC

Lev 16 gear:

Icescale Helm of Assault (16): fort fury tarlok rage normal
Supreme Helm of Assault : 2 fort diamond

Hellish Platemail od Assault: fort fury fort diamond

Hauntled Ring od Fitness (15): 2 normal blood
Vigorous Band of Assault: 1 fort fury 1 fort diamond

Eerie of Potency Stg type: 2 fort fury

Level 5 gear:


Dragon Hunter Visor of ***: weak fort weak diam SOLD
Supreme Helm of ***: weak fury XXX
Wicked Dead Armor of ***: 2x weak sold
Vigorous Band of Assault: 2weak diamond
Arc Deary Dim Ring: 1weak diamon,chaos,nature SOLD
(lev 5)
Eloia Bow Lethal: 2x weak chaos awaken: 75 armor, 125 hp
Dragon Hunter Coif of Brut: 1weak nature 1weak diamond SOLD
Dragon Hunter Vest of Brut: 2weak chaos SOLD
Foragers Tunic of Brut: 1weak diamond 1weak nature
Eerie of Potency: 2x eye

(lev 5)
Entomancer Lum of ***: 2weak chaos awaken: 2,5crit 2movement
Jord staff Lethal: 1weak diamond 1weak nature awaken: 50hp, 2%taunt

Supreme Hat of ***: 1weak chaos 1weak diamond SOLD
Foragers Robe of ***: 1weak mind 1weak chaos SOLD

Bloodgrub Staff Banner SOLD

Vanity Set:
Corrupted Set Rogue
Brood Helm and Armor (no wings)
Galen trunk set SOLD

Leave your offers below :)

09-10-2016, 05:02 AM
Still selling